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The Outlander Effect or (in Gàidhlig) “Buaidh Outlander”

Have you read OUTLANDER? Are you planning to watch the series? What an awesome article Mandy wrote! I’m such a fan of Outlander, and everything Scottish. Check it out! To one commenter who never read this wonderful novel, b2b will gift an eCopy of it!

Great Scot!

 Outlander and Scottish tourism

Now that a premiere date for Outlander has been announced, we are slowly yet surely seeing press coverage about the series tick up. One such article published recently got me to thinking. Outlander already has a large and loyal fan base. What impact has there been, if any, on Scotland’s economy and culture? And what can we expect to change after the series starts airing?

First, let me start with the article that intrigued me, published by a site called “We Love Soaps, who bill themselves as the “World’s biggest champion of scripted, serialized storytelling on TV & the web.” I guess the Outlander TV series does fit that description, although I would never call it a Soap! The bit of the article to catch my eye was this:

The fervent on-line fan base totals over a half-million and when the ‘first-look’ photo of Sam Heughan as…

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1 thought on “The Outlander Effect or (in Gàidhlig) “Buaidh Outlander””

  1. I’ve been meaning and meaning to read Outlander for ages. It keeps cropping up on blogs and on Goodreads and loads of people have told me that they think I’d love it. I’m a big history fan, and the idea that this is set in both the forties and centuries ago sounds great – two bits of history for the price of one! I’m slightly daunted by the fact that there seem to be lots of books in the series with no end in sight – I like series to come to a definite conclusion. I didn’t know there was going to be a film though – I’ll definitely have to read it now, I hate seeing films before I read books, or jumping on the bandwagon once a film is out.

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