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‘The Warrior’s Bride’ by Amanda Scott

as twbSTORY: Man On A Mission
Robert MacAulay, heir to the influential Baron of Ardincaple, will risk everything to help his father and his clan. But when Rob becomes involved in a legal tempest stirred by an irresistibly maddening lady, his mission is threatened before it begins . . .

Reckless Lady

Lady Muriella MacFarlan is impulsive, mercurial, and sometimes illogical. She is a spinner, not just of yarns and threads but also of stories. She can gild the lily or tell a half-truth. When her active imagination lands her in the suds, she’s forced to turn to the ever truthful and blunt-spoken Rob for help. Their destinies now entwined, Rob and Muriella may discover that love is one truth that cannot be denied . . .

REVIEW: ‘The Warrior’s Bride’ is the third book in Ms. Scott’s Lairds of the Loch series and it’s Lady Muriella ‘Murie’ MacFarlan’s story. She is youngest daughter of Andrew MacFarlan, and a woman like her sisters, blessed with a ‘gift’ of her own.

Once more I find myself taken back in time of King James I, and an intricate story expertly weaving facts of history with fiction so close to it, that I’m buried deep within its threads.

Once more Ms. Scotts Scottish Highlands and Highlanders come to life with such vivid detail that I find myself hard pressed to leave them and face my 21st Century…

I adored this young woman who had big dreams for herself in a time in which not many dared to dream. 

As for the hero, Robert MacAulay, our heroine couldn’t find a more perfect match if she tried! Rob was a perfect Yin to her Yang [or is it the other way around? I never know with these yangs!] and the saying that ‘opposites attract’ was never truer than with these two.

As I find myself reluctantly saying goodbye to The Lairds of the Loch trilogy, I’m also making sure to load up my Kindle with the first book, which I missed and am glad that I’ll be staying in the world of these strong men and women for just a bit longer.

*Melanie for b2b

*Book provided by the publisher through NetGalley

3 thoughts on “‘The Warrior’s Bride’ by Amanda Scott”

  1. I just checked my Kindle and I only have a few of Amanda’s earlier Regency stories, none of her Scots stories. Oh my, that’s gonna have to change asap! I love Highland stories immensely. I can’t believe I don’t have any by Amanda…as that seems to be her forte. Thanks for this informative post.

  2. Hi Melanie!

    I’ve began reading Amanda’s books back in the 1980’s when I picked up a copy of An Affair of Honor and although I’ve read most of her books but The Warrior’s Bride is one I missed so it probably came out in the 1990’s when my husband and I were working two jobs to come up with more money to help with my sons college payments!

    I was surprised to hear that this was the first book of her’s you had read but once you read one I know you’ll want to read more! All I can say that Kindle’s are wonderful because we now don’t have to worry about the books we’ve missed years past since so many of them are now available on Amazon! went I been amazed at the books that I hadn’t bought when they were released many years ago that are now available and that I’ve been able to get that books I always meant to buy but by the time went to buy it had sold out back in the “old days”!

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