Book Review

‘An Unforgettable Rogue’ by Annette Blair

ab aurSTORY: Beauty and the beast trade places. For Better Or Worse…Young and insecure, Alexandra Huntington had married the man she’d adored since childhood–and said goodbye to her war-bound groom on the steps of the church. Of course, Bryceson Wakefield, Duke of Hawksworth, was always too aristocratically elegant for his own good–apparently far too much so to survive Waterloo. As his widow, Alex is penniless because the charming roue neglected to provide for her in his will.

Now she is on her way to the altar once more, hang the fact that her groom is Bryceson’s enemy, the Viscount Chesterfield. But the ceremony is halted by none other than Bryceson himself–limping, bearded, and all the more dear to Alex for it. Though she secretly rejoices at his return, she will not fall into his arms so easily. She intends to show him that she is a grown woman with real passions who will demand that her husband prove his loyalty…and his love.

REVIEW: Bryceson Wakefield, the Fifth Duke of Hawksworth, has just returned from war, scarred, hardened and walking with a cane.  He has been gone for a long time and it was thought he was killed at Waterloo.  He had married Alexandra Huntington and left the church and his new bride as he headed to war.  When he returns, it is to interrupt her marriage to Viscount Chesterfield, an old acquaintance of Bryceson.

Happy to have him back, Alexandra tries to help him to heal from his wounds both physically and mentally.  She is confused about why he never let anyone know he was alive but preferred to be nursed from his injuries far from home.  Bryceson’s pride won’t let him finally consummate their marriage as he feels Alexandra deserves a man who is whole and physically fit.  However, she is a woman who loves her man and sets out to seduce him.

They meet several trials along the way as someone is out to harm them.  They need to uncover who that is and why.

Will Bryceson be able to overcome his stubbornness and will he and Alexandra finally become man and wife?  This was a sweet romance with the typical man who has to be wooed by his woman to make him realize that he truly is worth loving.

*Connie for b2b.

*Book provided by the author.

3 thoughts on “‘An Unforgettable Rogue’ by Annette Blair”

  1. I’m not familiar with this author, but I’ll definitely give this one a try. Love to discover new authors. Thanks for the review.

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