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‘The Bachelor’s Bargain’ by Catherine Palmer

TBB CPSTORY: Can a length of lace—more air than thread—be her family’s salvation?

Housemaid Anne Webster will stop at nothing to save her family from their dire circumstances. Even if it means accepting the proposal of the roguish Ruel Chouteau, Marquess of Blackthorne, who has just returned to England from the Americas under a veil of mystery. Both have their own agendas—she to use his riches, and he to use her lace-making skills—but neither could have dreamed what they would discover on the other side of their scheming.

As always, society tattler Miss Pickworth has a thing or two to say about this scandalous union. Unless they want their plans aired in her column, Anne and Ruel must keep their banter to a minimum and play the role of a happy couple.

He’s handsome and arrogant; she’s smart and obstinate. But can Anne and Ruel put their differences aside to fend off an unexpected foe?

REVIEW: Anne Webster is a housemaid in the home of the Blackthorne family.  The daughter of a radical Luddite now imprisoned for his teachings, she is also a talented lace maker.  In her spare time, Anne has spent a year making an intricate piece of lace that she hopes to sell and make enough money to free her father from prison.

Believed to have been killed in the war in the Americas, Ruel Chouteau, Marquess of Blackthorne, has returned to England to claim his title.  After a bout of drinking with the men in his family and in a fit of foolishness, he proposes marriage to Anne who accepts.  

Ruel has a secret plan to make lace so when he discovers Anne’s lace making talent, he’s really delighted.  However, someone is out to kill Ruel but misses and hits Anne instead.  She becomes very ill but is treated by Ruel’s blacksmith and good friend Walker, who is an American Indian living in England.  Through his ministrations, she is healed.

Anne and Ruel head to France where war is about to break out and they end up involved in the fighting at Waterloo.

This story goes back and forth and while it was interesting, many of the events just seemed so unbelievable to me.  However, if you like a story that keeps constantly moving and doesn’t get boring, this might be just for you.

Connie for b2b

*Book provided by my local Library.

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