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‘Springtime Pleasures’ by Sandra Schwab

SP SSSTORY: Caught between duty …

George Augustus Griffin, Viscount Chanderley has to marry – fast: His father has ordered him to find a suitable wife this very season. Alas, the only woman Griff has eyes for is the very unsuitable Miss Carlotta Stanton, who is not only unbecomingly tall but also wears the ugliest spectacles in all of England. Still, Griff is utterly bewitched by her intense green eyes. Yet however much he feels drawn to her joie de vivre, duty and honor demand that he stay far away from Miss Stanton.

… and desire

Dubbed “the Giantess” because of her unfortunate height, Charlie Stanton finds the London season far less glamorous than she had thought it would be – not the least because she is consigned a place among the wallflowers. But then she becomes acquainted with the very dashing Lord Chanderley, whose life is overshadowed by a terrible tragedy in his past. Ever ready to help others, Charlie is determined to rid him of his Sad Melancholia – even if it means taking on wild boars and highwaymen. However, the biggest challenge might be the elusive viscount himself and his belief that he is beyond all redemption

REVIEW: If I was given one word to describe ‘Springtime Pleasures’ I would choose ‘cute’, but I’m so glad not to have to choose only one word because this is one of those books that will have you smile long after you’re done reading it.

You’ll find many anachronisms [the author admits to them herself]; the plot is predictable and you’ll need to suspend belief on more than one occasion, but none of those mattered as I kept reading and chuckling, from page to page.

Our heroine Charlie is everything that the ‘ton’ despises, but that doesn’t deter our heroine much because she always took to heart what Miss Pinkerton’s Academy for Young Ladies has thought her through the years. She always had faith that the spirit of St. Cuthbert would carry the day.

The hero of this story was a young man who took his station in life seriously and who had to live with a consequence of a family tragedy that touched him deeply.

The author wrote a sweet, lighthearted and very romantic tale. The low-key yet convincing sensual scenes were tasteful and very well done. Without being overly graphic, you could still see and feel the intense and complex emotions of our couple.

What I loved the most about this read were the letters of correspondence between our heroine and multiple secondary characters, such as her best friend from the academy, Emma; her hero’s sister, Isabella and hero’s Aunt and his father. They were having me in stitches laughing!

If traditional Regencies are your cup of tea, you can’t afford to miss this one. If Mary Balogh or Carla Kelly are one of the authors you never have enough of, then this story is right up your alley. I was touched, moved, and totally taken by the story. Highly recommending it to all of you that need a day of respite from some heavy reads…

Melanie for b2b

*Book provided by the author.


5 thoughts on “‘Springtime Pleasures’ by Sandra Schwab”

  1. Sounds like my kind of book. I’ll be adding this one to my list of books to buy. Thanks for the review and for introducing me to another new author. Love it!

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