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‘The Bride Wore Pearls’ by Liz Carlyle

TBWP LKSTORY: Beneath the elegant façade of Victorian high society, the mysterious men of the St. James Society play only by rules of danger and desire.

Rance Welham, the Earl of Lazonby, has survived scandal and disgrace, even evading the Queen’s justice at the end of a hangman’s rope. Now he’s about to gamble everything on something far more dangerous—desire.

An exotic and elegant beauty, Lady Anisha Stafford fled her native India to seek refuge within London’s secretive St. James Society. But accepting protection from someone called a cold-hearted killer is a double-edged sword . . . especially when he’s the most intriguing man Anisha has ever laid eyes upon.

In a world where treachery abounds, no one can be trusted—and no true passion can be denied. Together, these two tempestuous souls will risk their lives for a love that could redeem them . . . or destroy everything they hold dear.

REVIEW: After three years of having this blog and many, MANY reviews under my belt now, I find that for me, the hardest reviews to write are those of the books written by the authors I love.

The reason for that is, either I love the book and in that case I’m afraid to come across as a blubbering sales clerk while I enthusiastically want to convey to all of you how much I loved reading it…OR…I didn’t like the book and in that case I’m afraid to come across as an author hater, while I again, enthusiastically try to convey the reasons behind my dislike of the read material…

I’m a huge, HUGE fan of this author. I believe I have every book she’s ever written on my ‘keeper shelf’. And while I like her writing style, it’s her dialogue through all her books that I love the most.

[“Madam, were I intent on debauching you, I’d have had your drawers round your ankles days ago,” he returned.  “All I did was kiss you—and not entirely without your consent.”- A Deal with the Devil]

[“I’m afraid, Johnny-Boy, that I’ve just made it my concern.” His voice was lethally soft. “Touch her again without her express request, and the next thing you’ll be touching is the trigger on a dueling pistol. And if those clever Cambridge dons of yours gave you any grasp of ballistics, physics, or the laws of probability, then you’ll be pissing down your leg and praying to your Maker when you do it. Because I don’t miss. Now take that bit of wisdom back to Essex, Mr. Ellows, and stuff it up your priggish Papa’s arse.” – The Devil You Know]

[“I do not know, my lord, what sort of witless females you are accustomed to tricking with that tripe of yours, but I shan’t fall for it. I don’t flirt. I won’t be your mistress. And I don’t believe in fairy tales, leprechauns, or fortune-tellers, either. You are arrogant and asinine and you-you—why, you are an arrant rake! And I’m certainly not fool enough to think arrant rakes can be redeemed.”

Grayston grew very still, the glitter slowly leaving his gaze. “My dear Lady Middleton! You are about to run out of insults which begin with A,” he said. “I shall relieve you of your burden before you proceed apace to the B’s. I can only guess which of those you’d hurl first.” – Hunting Season]

You see where I’m going with this?

‘The Bride Wore Pearls’ is part of a Fraternitas series and personally, I was looking forward to it as I liked the first story, but as the series got under way, I was having a hard time getting into it. Its plots became too elaborate and slow developing while the romances left me detached and lukewarm.

The only reason for me to recommend this book would be its main characters. I found both to be very strong, capable and mature, but even their romance felt a bit forced to me.

I’m really torn about this one…I really would like you to read this author because she’s very good at telling beautiful, romantic, sensual and complex stories. It’s just that this one isn’t my cup of tea…

If you’ve never read her before, please find her back list on her website and sample the excerpts. I know you’ll like it.

Melanie for b2b

*Book provided by the publisher through Edelweiss.

6 thoughts on “‘The Bride Wore Pearls’ by Liz Carlyle”

  1. This was a very sweet, honest review. It’s why we love you. Every author can have an off book. I have this and look forward to comparing notes, because I also love her.

    1. hey Mo!
      You gonna make me cry 😦
      Thanks so much. I really give them from the bottom of my heart and they’re always honest….sometimes too honest 🙂



  2. She’s a new author to me, Mel. I’ll check into her books. Thanks for the review. They do say, what is someone’s discard, may be someone else’s treasure!

  3. It is difficult when we get a book by an author we really like and it just doesn’t do it for us, no matter how much we want it to. I think it is more of a let down because the author does write so well and we like their style. The same book by an unknown author or one we don’t like as well might be looked at in a different way. I think it is partially a mater of expectations.

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