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‘Lessons from a Scandalous Bride’ by Sophie Jordan

LFASB SJSTORY: A life can change in an instant…

No one knows this better than Miss Cleopatra Hadley, who went from poverty to plenty when she discovered one of England’s richest men was her true father who wanted her to share his wealth…if she married into the upper echelons of Society. A high price to pay for someone whose mother taught her just how dangerous a marriage could be.

An imposing yet impoverished Scots nobleman, Lord Logan McKinney knows he must wed some vapid title-hunter with a substantial dowry in order to restore his once-thriving estate. Having the vibrant Cleo nearby, however, makes his task even more unpalatable—for she tempts him like no other woman…just as he’s precisely the sort of man she most fears: exciting, unpredictable, fiercely passionate. But when attraction proves too powerful, they succumb to a kiss that quickly leads to lessons too scandalous for even the darkest nights

REVIEW: Oh my goodness! Talk about a hard luck story! This was such a great rags to riches tale that by the time I finished with it, I could have danced a jig!

One can safely say that Cleopatra Hadley was born under a lucky star but for many years it certainly didn’t feel like it to this wonderful girl. My heart was breaking as much as hers was while she takes yet another stillborn sibling to the undertaker.

As the oldest and one of fourteen living children and many that hadn’t survived, it has always fallen to her to see the ‘wee ones’ berried. She had done this so many times, that she knew for certain, that one day she’ll be burying her own mother next to one of her siblings. Her odious stepfather who only cared for his pleasures never gave a damn for his wife or their many children, and when the opportunity came for him to ‘sell’ his stepdaughter to a father she never knew, he jumped at it.

I liked this story because of its main characters that were operating under their personal miscomprehension of each other.

The hero upon meeting the heroine, thinks her a title grubbing bitch, while she however thinks him a dowry hunting bastard. Naturally, both are wrong, and while they try to dig deeper into each other’s motives, we come to know them for who they really are, just two ordinary people with deep scars that need each other to overcome their fears and problems created by others.

This was a very interesting, entertaining and at times a bit sad story that grabbed my attention because of its plot, and kept me reading because of the wonderful characterization of almost star-crossed lovers.

Highly recommending it!

Melanie for b2b.

*Book provided by the publisher through Edelweiss.

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