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Help save “Copper” on BBCA by Carla Ives


Good Monday my bookworms!

Mel here….

This post is a bit personal for me. I’ve actually never done this before…try to bring back a TV show…but I do feel strongly about it, so here goes.

I really don’t watch TV much. I’d rather read a book However, there are some shows that are worthy of me lighting my tube and “COPPER” is just such a show that I thought was well written and executed.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when last month, just before the cliffhanger of the second season, I find out the show had been canceled…WTH?! I mean, really?! In the midst of all these reality shows that we’re inundated with, we finally get a decent show that even men like, and BBCA just yanks it off…I don’t get it! Check out these videos and tell me what you think of the show….

Well, I found like minded people on Facebook and they’re not taking this ‘laying down’ and are willing to try and get the show back on the air….so, I thought to give them a spot today to appeal to some of my faithful readers and followers who either saw the show, or would like to see it, once they bring it back. Please help us sign as many people as we can to these groups so we can bring back this show….

Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Carla and her guest post!

It’s 1865. President Lincoln has been assassinated and John Wilkes Booth, the assassin, is dead. Loyal union soldiers Kevin Corcoran and Major Robert Morehouse, along with former slave Dr. Matthew Freeman, did their part to help bring Booth to justice. They’re back in Five Points and Detective Corcoran gets word that he’s wanted to replace the late General Brendan Donovan in Tammany Hall.

Normally, I would be excited over this type of a season ending. Sadly, for fans of the BBCA show “Copper,” it turned out to be a series ender. The network unexpectedly cancelled this very popular show with little to no reason.

“Copper” has a loyal following and they are very disappointed. Fans want the show brought back and are willing to work at it. Groups have been started to try to sway the producers to bring the show back, if not on BBCA then maybe on another network. Rumor has it that a movie is in the works, but diehard “Copper” fans want their weekly fix of the show that details the life of Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century.

If you loved the show, you can help. Get involved! Here are a number of ways you can do just that. Click on the blue links to access the information.

Email: Write to Tom Fontana. He is on the side of the fans and looking at doing the movie. Let him know you want the show back.

Sign: There is a petition at Change.org, among others. To sign this petition, click HERE.

Tweet: If you have a Twitter account, follow Save Copper TV HERE.

Facebook and Google +: There are many pages set up to save “Copper.”

Bring Back Copper

Copperholics Anonymous


One of the best things you can do is make a fan video. The video can be as simple as talking about why you love the show and think it should have been renewed. You can do this with your phone, a camera or even by creating a Power Point presentation with voiceover. Upload it to You Tube and then use the link to with your emails and page comments for added emphasis. You can upload the video to You Tube HERE.

If enough of us band together, the producers and powers that be have to take notice. The phrase, “There is strength in numbers,” has never been more applicable. If enough of us care, we can get Corky, Francis, Andrew, Major Morehouse and Dr. Freeman back where they belong!


GIVEAWAY by b2b!

“COPPER” Season One DVD to one commenter who signs up the most names to 

Bring Back Copper Facebook page!

*Make sure your friends mention you when they join the group. 

*Contest open until 10/12/13 


??????????????????????Carla Ives is the owner of the Ms. Atlantic City web site and Facebook page, the ultimate guides to casinos, entertainment, restaurants and hotels in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She is sort of a Jill of All Trades, master of a few.

She’s also a ghostwriter, freelance writer, editor and history lover. You can find her strolling on the Boardwalk, sitting on the beach or over at Ms. Atlantic City madly scribbling away. Please contact her HERE with comments, questions and suggestions.

15 thoughts on “Help save “Copper” on BBCA by Carla Ives”

  1. I have never been this passionate about a TV show. I had stopped watching TV till Copper came a long..I just could not sit down and waste my time watching mindless reality TV shows. After watching an episode of Copper, I always wanted more..Copper was a breath of fresh air. The show was so good that I found myself researching things that were highlighted on the show..how many TV shows can spur that kind of interest? I can truly say that I learned real historical facts that I had not heard of before. The strong cast of characters, the writing, the costumes, the music..it all beautifully meshed together.. As an American with Irish ancestry, the show made me think about my ancestors and what they went through..trying to assimilate into life here in the USA. Thank you both for posting this blog..you really captured the soul..the very essence of the magnificent show “Copper”

    1. Patti, I’m so glad I ‘stumbled’ onto your FB page:)
      Now, let’s get this show on the road, aye?!


  2. Can’t even describe how I felt when I heard that Copper had been canceled. It left me completely flummoxed, I believe would be the correct word. It was wonderfully written with a superb cast and costumes to die for. The opening music always got me in the mood to sit still and spend an hour of my time knowing that I’d be watching something wroth while. There is no show on T.V. that can match it. All you have to do is watch just one of the clips above to know that it’s a shame that this fantastic show was yank away form us.

    1. Kathleen I am with you 150%! You should have seen my husband’s WTF? face when I told him the show’s been canceled! He thought this show was better then Hell on Wheels, for crying out loud!!! Let’s do whatever it takes to get this show back on the tube!

      Thanks for stopping by, and have your friends sign up for BBC [Bring Back Copper] FB page, and tell them to say Kathleen send me! This way we’ll count your ‘draw’ and enter you in the giveaway of the DVD 🙂



  3. Copper was a rare mix of quality tv that made you feel truly vested in the lives and emotions of the characters. From the costumes, to the scenery, to the very twitches and glean in the in the characters eyes, we were transformed to another place and time. Each and every member of the cast acted with every fiber of their body, and we knew what they were thinking by the smallest movement of their mouth or chin. BBC did both the fans and stars a disservice by leaving us hanging on a balcony with a major cliffhanger. It was a bad faith gesture that needs to be rectified, either by bringing back Copper for a 2 hour movie to finish up the story, or by facilitating Copper’s move to another network to allow this glorious adventure to continue.

    Thank you for giving room in your blog to this fantastic show and our cause to Bring Back Copper!!

  4. I so agree Copper was a breath of fresh air in an overload of reality shows and just bad tv .I am so passionate about this show & truthfully never mourned the cancelation of a show like I have this one.It must come back because it was that great & the cast and crew were that great to have brought it to life and made us fall in love.We Want More Copper ! Carla Ives , you are an extremely lovely lady to do this & this Copper fan thanks you from the bottom of my heart .

  5. Melanie Friedman , A huge thank you to you . You are another angel we have encountered on our journey ! I’m sure I am not the only Copper fan who is grateful for your help . BTW ..love your site , am a bit of a bookworm as well.

    1. Oh Pamela! You’re so sweet…Thanks so much. You’re welcome to follow us any time. We’re a small group, but really passionate about reading and spreading the word about many causes 🙂 this one’s very close to my heart because it was something both my hubby and I watched together and there aren’t any more such shows out there…



    1. OMG! Leah, this was one of the best written shows I’ve seen in a long while, and I’m so bummed for them canceling it 😦 I mean, come on! Why would anyone want to watch a train wreck as Honey Boo-Boo?! I saw a clip of it and I cringed…I literally got sick to my stomach….

      Help a girl out, k? Spread the word, sign up, and please watch the show on Netflix or on Demand….I promise you’ll like it. There’s plenty of romance, but what I loved about it is the History of it….



    1. Oh, and Honey BooBoo….like you, I watched about 10 minutes and couldn’t bear it. I just wanted to see what all the hub bub was about it and still to this day can’t understand, LOL!

  6. There has never been a show on television that left me so engaged. The boys of Five Points are like my own family. I cry when they are sad, I grieve when they are hurt, I laugh when they are scared of a little cat. This show is so beautifully written and acted. TV is a lot sadder without these boyos on my screen.

    Please join the Bring Back Copper fan page on Facebook. Together we can move mountains.

  7. Copper on BBC America and Longmire on A&E are by far and away the best shows on TV…. bring Copper back on BBC America, another TV network, or other means …. at the very least make a movie to finish the series in a proper way


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