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‘Lion’s Heart’ by Tanya Anne Crosby

LH TACSTORY: A passion Elizabet has never known — and the freedom she so fervently craves — waits in the arms of the proud, virile Scotsman who now holds her prisoner.

The illegitimate daughter of a penniless English baron, Elizabet is determined never to relinquish her cherished independence by becoming some man’s “property.” But when she is kidnapped by a rugged clansman in the Scottish highlands, her sensations are awakened as never before. Broc of the McKinnons is only interested in doing what is best for his clan, even if it means holding an enchanting, high-spirited Englishwoman hostage in order to avert a feud. But his growing passion for the exquisitely kissable Elizabet could be his undoing. For keeping her poses a serious risk to Broc’s future, while letting her go poses an even greater risk to his heart.

REVIEW: Broc lost his family and clan to a massacre by the English when he was a child. He swore to never open his heart because it hurt too much to lose someone you love. His only commitment was to his clan that had taken him in when he lost his family.

Elizabet was born to a courtesan and when her mother dies, she goes to live with her father. Several years later her father remarried and his new wife wants Elizabet and her step brother gone, so they are sent to her father’s cousin Piers.

She is determined to never be bound to a man or be dependent upon them like her mother was; she doesn’t want children or a man. She’s content to have Harpy, a dog, as her constant companion.

One day as she’s looking for a runaway Harvey, Elizabet finds Broc with her him and assumes that he is trying to steal it, while the poor man is only trying to rescue it!

They get in a tit for tat argument. He thinks her a sassy shrew and she thinks him a ruthless barbarian. While they’re arguing he spies an Englishman in the woods with an arrow notched and he realizes it’s for her. He sees the man loose the arrow and he hurls himself on her, knocking her to the ground. They get up, he with a knife, and she starts screaming. Her brother John comes to rescue her only to be knocked out by Broc. He doesn’t understand why one of her own is trying to kill her so he pretends he is abducting her. He wants to keep her safe until he can figure out what’s going on. She doesn’t realize she is in danger.

When two deaths occur, the English try to blame Broc. He takes Elizabet off to a friend’s old home that’s no longer in use and tries to keep her safe while unraveling this mystery. They find themselves falling hard for each other but will a secret that Broc holds come between the love she has for him?

This story had me howling in laughter many times. The banter between Broc and Elizabet is top rate! One of the funniest parts is when he comes back to the cairn to find her gone and goes looking for her. Warrior woman, indeed! LOL! One of my favorite quotes is:

” Aye, well, simply because you are possessed of a proud cock does not mean you can leave it to crow in every barn!”

Tanya Anne Crosby never fails to move me with her words. This series has left its footprint on my heart and has brought some wonderful characters to life for me.

Leah for b2b

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