Book Review

‘On Bended Knee’ by Tanya Anne crosby

OBK TACSTORY: In her dreams, a hearth and a husband… 

With hair shiny black as a moonless night and luscious green eyes as luminescent as a cat’s, Seana has been whispered to be a child of the brownies. But not even a little spritely magic can help her claim what she really wanted-a home and a marriage to a particular handsome clansman who is blind to her wiles. To win his attentions, she will have to strike a bargain with another man: a wickedly handsome rake. Yet, even knowing better than to trust this irrepressible charmer, she finds she is quickly falling under his spell.

In her heart, a rake and a rogue… 

Colin Mac Brodie has the tawny good looks and potent magnetism that leave women weak with anticipation. So when a mischievous beauty asks for his help to woo his best friend, Colin is intrigued. And though it is in his blood to dally with many, once Colin feels the pulse of true love he cannot bear to let another man have Seana. Now he is determines to kneel before this budding temptress who neither cares for nor trusts him–and convince her to be his. ..from this day forward.

REVIEW: Colin Mac Brodie broke Seana’s heart when they were but children. He shunned her because of her weak leg and threw a rock at her. Colin, because of issues he had with his father, finds himself very uncomfortable around anyone that’s anything less than perfection. Years later, she approaches Colin to ask for his aid in helping her woo Broc, Colin’s best friend. He doesn’t recognize her at all. He just knows this woman he is so attracted to, doesn’t seem to want to give him the time of day outside of the help she needs.

He’s finding himself struggling between wanting her for himself and wanting to do what’s right for her. All his life he’s been selfish and through her strength, courage, and love he’s finding himself wanting to give unconditionally.

There is another story going on involving Broc’s cousin, Cameron, and Cameron’s little sister, Constance. My heart was breaking by chapter 12. There is a kidnapping, deceit, two losses that tore at my heart, touches of magic that I believe truly exist in Scotland; laughter and hearts that open to love.

I enjoyed the fact that characters I came to love from the earlier books in this series play major rolls in this story. Tanya Anne Crosby masterfully weaves tales that will leave your heart full and a smile upon your face from the beginning of her tales straight to the end of them. If you love Medieval stories, you just have to read these books.

Leah for b2b

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