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‘Lyon’s Gift’ by Tanya Anne Crosby

LG TACSTORY: Piers de Montgomerie, known as “Lyon” for his fierceness in combat, accepts the challenge of the Scottish king, agreeing to quell a troublesome highland feud and to accept the disputed lands as payment But his battle skills are no match for the flashing eyes and barbed tongue of “Mad” Meghan Brodie–the spirited wench he now holds hostage, who fires his blood with her heart-stirring beauty.

Distrustful of men and feigning madness, in truth Meghan is cunning as a fox–and far too loyal to her clan to be swayed by her arrogant captor’s honeyed words and virile charms. She will make the Lyon pay dearly for the “gift” he has so brazenly stolen–even as her own traitorous heart begs her to surrender gladly to the one great love that can heal an injured land.

REVIEW: The prologue starts out with Meghan and her grandminnie in the forest looking for herbs when she spies a face staring at her from behind a tree. She sneaks over and meets Alison and they plan to become friends and meet secretly to play. Everyone thinks Meghan’s grandminnie is a witch and Alison fears her family won’t let her play openly with Meghan.

Piers de Montgomerie is base-born from a King and a whore. He was very inquisitive growing up and was able to study with the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had a thirst for knowledge. They call him Lyon because of his prowess on a battlefield. Because of his skill at arms, he has received a parcel in the highlands for reward. He’s finding his sheep dwindling. Although he is getting irritated he admires the Scots in the way they did battle and in the way they defended their clan to the death. He admires their loyalty.

Meghan’s parent’s died when she was just a child and her grandminnie Fia raised her until her death when Meghan was sixteen. Everyone thought Fia mad, and they thought Meghan was too. She would rather be around her animals for company than to be around people. She never understands why men are muddle brained around her or why women dislike her without knowing her, but she was stunning. So beautiful.

Lyon comes upon Meghan in the forest as she’s walking a lamb and conversing with it. When she realizes that he’s there and is going to take her, she tries to make them believe the stories that she’s mad. She attempts to have them believe the lamb is her grandminnie, Fia.

This chapter had me hee-haw’ing with laughter. Baldwin, Piers’ friend, is hilarious with the banter and what Lyon has him do trying to appease Meghan. Meghan speaks her mind and Lyon loves that about her.

Meghan’s brothers come to take her home and Piers denies them and makes a deal that if after a set time, she wants to go home, he will let her. They are beside themselves with anger. She is so attracted to him but will deny it to the end. She thinks he only wants her for her looks. He has wanted her from the moment he set eyes on her. She makes him feel alive and nothing has brought that out in him for years. He knows it goes deeper than the surface. Lyon’s soul feels lost…. empty…. and only Meghan can bring it peace. He needs her desperately, just as desperately as she needs him.

Much laughter, a lot of soul-searching, misunderstandings, heart-break, and a love so deep and strong nothing will stand in its way. All those things describe this story.

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