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‘Highland Lover’ by Amanda Scott


Ever inquisitive, Lady Alyson MacGillivray embarks on a sea voyage and makes a shocking discovery: The young future king of Scotland is secretly traveling on board. Yet her surprise soon turns to terror when pirates attack the ship, take the boy prince hostage, and leave Lady Alyson to drown.


Known to the world as the The Wolf, Captain Jake Maxwell had been commissioned by the King to follow the prince’s secret transport. When he spies Alyson struggling against a violent sea, he moves swiftly to save her. Soon desire sparks between them, bringing them pleasure-powerful and deep. But the young beauty’s connection to the prince’s abduction puts her in danger. And if their love is to survive, Alyson and Jake must play a game of intrigue with royal-and lethal-consequences.

REVIEW: I read ‘HIGHLAND HERO’ awhile back and knew that I was compelled to follow this immensely interesting medieval world Ms. Scott created for me.

I’m fairly new to Amanda Scott’s work and I’m making sure that changes. I have a few books already queued in and moved closer to the top of my TBR to get myself more acquainted with her work.

This is the second of her books that I’ve read, and a third book of her ‘Scottish Knights’ Trilogy in which men of Brotherhood of St. Andrews find the women who’ll tame them. These men met at St. Andrews while studying under Bishop Traill, the chief bishop of Scotland. To avoid clan fights among the young and hot-headed students, he made them all use nicknames and forbade discussions of family, clans and home territories.

The first book HIGHLAND MASTER was Sir Finlagh Cameron’s story and his nickname was Lion who’s known for his ability with the sword; HIGHLAND HERO is Sir Ivor Mackintosh’s story and he’s known as Hawk with his ability in archery; HIGHLAND LOVER is Captain Jake Maxwell whose nickname is Sea Wolf, named for his skills in sailing.

As a part of the series the author does an excellent job in having it stand all on its own.

Here’s what I liked about the story, besides being well written and researched. I found this story sweet and compelling; engaging and heartwarming; heroine Lady Alyson MacGillivray was sweet, innocent and a perfect match for the hero Sir Jacob Maxwell, the Captain of the Sea Wolf who was Alpha male all the way.

I really enjoyed the pace of this story as it made their romance mixed with the plenty of intrigue, build with anticipation of the happy ever after.

With prose that will take you back in time while the plot will keep you in suspense until the end, she weaves romance  with history and holds my hand making me feel safe as I’m plunged into the whirlwind of this beautifully told tale.

I liked this story and highly recommend it for its romance, history and especially the suspense and intrigue!

Melanie for b2b

*Book provided by publisher through NetGalley.

4 thoughts on “‘Highland Lover’ by Amanda Scott”

    1. LOL!

      You gotta be kidding me!Have you seen my earlier reviews? Just go check them out 😉

      Especially some from Catherine Coulter! I can see the ‘growth’ I’ve gone through from my first post to this one.

      It’s all trial and error and listening to authors and what they are looking for in reviews, because they DO read them, trust me.

  1. Hi Melanie!

    I loved your review of Highland Lover and it reminded me of how much I love Amanda books! I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t picked up more of her books lately and realized it’s because I no longer have bookshelves to look at in a local bookstore!

    I guess that the downfall of only having a Kindle to rely on! I’m going to try to go to Amanda’s website and “catch up” on what I’ve missed!

  2. I’ve read a lot of her earlier work and loved them. It’s been years since I’ve picked one up by her even though I have more sitting on my TBR shelves. I took a hiatus from reading for a few years back in the early 2000s and have so many books by authors that I love just sitting there waiting TBR.

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