Book Review

‘Heiress in Love’ by Christina Brooke

STORY: Jane, Lady Roxdale, has endured one marriage of convenience decreed by the Ministry of Marriage. While she deeply regrets her late husband’s death, she is relieved to be free at last. But when a dissolute rake threatens everything Jane holds dear, she must contemplate marrying a second time… Disgraced libertine Constantine Black inherits his cousin Roxdale’s land… Continue reading ‘Heiress in Love’ by Christina Brooke

Book Review

‘Fair Weather’ by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

STORY: The girl is frightened. Molly cannot see the man, but his voice, barely more than a whisper, seems sinister. Ever since childhood, Molly has been haunted. The place of her involuntary visions is dark and its people are troubled by hunger and poverty. This is the distant past – England of a thousand years ago,… Continue reading ‘Fair Weather’ by Barbara Gaskell Denvil