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‘The Conqueror’ by Kris Kennedy

TC KKSTORY: England, 1152. Henry II is king. The country is wracked by bloody civil war. Griffyn Sauvage is a valiant knight with a strict moral code of honor. But when his family’s estate and vast treasures are seized, he becomes hardened by the betrayal. Now he will go to any lengths for vengeance–even if it means forming a union with his most despised enemy by marrying his daughter, Lady Guinevere de l’Ami. Then, Griffyn lays eyes on Gwyn and is completely disarmed. . .

As war strikes, Gwyn is left alone to fight her enemies who want control of her ancestral lands. When Griffyn comes to her rescue, she is grateful that the mysterious, brave knight has risked his life to protect hers. With each passing day, she finds herself drawn to him even as she senses he’s hiding a dark secret from her. And when another dangerous adversary closes in on both of them, Griffyn and Gwyn’s trust in each other will be put to the ultimate test. . .

REVIEW: I highly recommend Kris Kennedy to anyone who loves suspense in their stories as much as they love the romance. If I bit my nails, which thankfully I do not, she would definitely have me doing it throughout the book!

Griffyn “Pagan” Sauvage is a warrior that carries a secret so sacred that men’s lives and hopes depend on him. His task is to prepare England for invasion for Henri fitzEmpress, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy. His personal mission is to destroy the House of de l’Ami and reclaim what is his by birthright. 

Guinevere de l’Ami is the daughter of the Earl of Everoot who has died. Many men are trying to do everything within their power to take her by force and in doing so grasp control of Everoot. She flees only to find herself in the arms of the one person who makes her “feel”. The one person she should avoid at all costs.

This is a story of long-buried secrets that bind these two together. Each holds a key to unlocking these secrets and the journey is a long, hard road filled with treachery, betrayal, pain, and then understanding. As the mystery unfolds, they find their souls entwined so tightly that nothing can tear their destinies apart.

One of my favorite lines….

“Have you a weapon?” he asked.

“A rock.”

“A rock? Do you know how to throw one?”

“Know how to throw one? Perdition! You just… throw it!”

At times, she had me in tears, pulled from my depths as my heart physically breaks; laughter so hard everyone in the house including the animals kept staring at me; hate for the villains so badly I wanted to crawl into the book and stab them myself with a sword! 

I loved the way Ms. Kennedy had my emotions pulled to the max and how she had me live the story right along with the hero and the heroine!

Leah for b2b

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