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‘Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure’ by Sophie Barnes

LAEA SBSTORY: It’s going to be a wild ride . . .

Lady Alexandra Summersby is not your average society miss. Not only is she more likely to climb a tree than she is to wear a dress, but she has also sworn off marriage. Alex loves taking chances, which is how she finds herself embroiled in a secret mission as she races across the country with the Earl of Trenton. But Alexandra is about to discover that the real danger lies not in duels, but in her completely unexpected reaction to Lord Trenton’s company.

Michael Ashford, Earl of Trenton, is a man of duty. Honorable, charming, and a hit with the ladies, he’s never had trouble staying focused—until now. Lady Alexandra is like no other woman he’s ever met, and suddenly the prospect of marriage seems far more appealing. Now, to convince Alexandra that a life together could be an adventure like no other . . .

REVIEW: This is the first book of The Summersby’s series and I already have the second ‘There’s Something About Lady Mary’ on my Kindle.

As a reviewer, once I’m done reading the book, I do one of two things: if I loved the book, I write my review right away, and if I didn’t care for it, I take my sweet time and debate the matter trying to figure out the reasons behind my dislike of it. The longer I debate, the more I dread writing a review because I am at that point finding too many things I don’t like. It so happens to be the case with this book.

First, I understand what Ms. Sophie Barnes was going for and the title is a given. She tried to give me a contemporary take of the historical regency era story and the titles of her books are the first indication of her attempt. You know, something like what Kieran Kramer is doing with great success, I might add. Alas, Ms. Barnes is in my opinion, not even close to achieving her goal.

That said, I must say that the writing has potential, but the people around her [read EDITORS] should have taken their job more seriously and helped her iron out a story that had good bones by correcting her lack of knowledge about history, dialogue and plotting.

The author attempted to cram everything from adventure, romance and intrigue with a fast pace and in quick succession, so that what should have been a light regency romp came out silly and bland attempt at regency romp.

Despite it, I did like her characterization of the main players and that is the only reason I will give this author another chance by reading a second book in this series. I fervently pray she hired some new editors though.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.


7 thoughts on “‘Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure’ by Sophie Barnes”

    1. Hey Connie!

      So glad you liked it. I had a lot of problems with it but will not give up on Sophie. I just went to my Kindle and saw that I have the other two in this series and frankly am now looking forward to reading them both. I truly want to like them….BTW Which one’s did you read?

  1. Can you please forgive my bitterness for a moment? But it kills me when professionally published books have problems like that. And it does sound like an editor fell asleep on the job.

    1. Oh Mo, you’re forgiven!

      Before I read this many books, and frankly was oblivious as to how many villagers takes to build a book, inconsistancies like the ones I found in this book would have not bothered me too much and I would have never gone back to reading the author. However, now I look at it much differently, and because of her writing [which was good] I will read two more in this series just to prove to myself more than anyone else that she got better [or that someone made sure they did their job!].

  2. I really liked Sophie’s first book, How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, so I bought this whole new series & plan on reading the books all in a row. I am looking forward to it! Thanks for the review & hope you like the next book better.

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