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‘The Earl with the Secret Tattoo’ by Kieran Kramer

TEWAST KKSTORY: Lady Eleanor Gibbs is shocked when she stumbles upon a tattooed London gentleman involved in an illicit embrace. Five years ago, a masked man bearing that same tattoo saved her and the six children of the Marquess and Marchioness of Brady from a band of thieves. Now, Ellie’s “hero”—better known as the notorious Earl of Tumbridge—appears to be no more than a common cad.

When this master of seduction and corrupter of virtue dares to sabotage her marital opportunities, it’s more than Ellie can bear. What Ellie does not yet understand is that the inked scoundrel has a reason for ruining her chances for love: He wants her all to himself…

REVIEW: All of you know how much I love this author and this story was good, but alas too damn short. These two in my opinion deserved their story told in full length novel.

For the first quarter of the book I felt as if dropped in the middle of the story, and despite authors best intentions to keep me informed, I did find myself a bit lost.

By the half mark, I had it all in hand and found the story easier to follow thus I enjoyed it more.
Hero and heroine were compelling, plot interesting and dialogue entertaining. I loved the back and forth as well as the chemistry of Eleanor and James the most, yet in the end, because of the shortness of it, everything suffered as it felt a bit rushed.

I truly hope the author decides to rewrite this story and give is much more of it. I’d buy it and read it.


8 thoughts on “‘The Earl with the Secret Tattoo’ by Kieran Kramer”

  1. I absolutely love Kieran Kramer’s novels and find her to be delightful lady as well. Looking forward to reading more and more of her novels.

  2. Ora, this is connected with Kieran’s House of Brady series that started with Loving Lady Marcia, which was also a great book! I loved the Impossible Bachelor series & will read anything by Kieran!

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