Book Review

‘Snowbound Wedding Wishes’ Anthology

STORY: Three Regency Christmases to remember…

An Earl Beneath the Mistletoe by Louise Allen

Hugo, Earl of Burnham, hates Christmas! Snowbound in widow Emilia Weston’s cozy alehouse, with her young twins, he’s surrounded by festive preparations. Hugo’s cynical heart is in danger of being melted…. How much longer can he avoid the mistletoe?

Twelfth Night Proposal by Lucy Ashford

Leaving London to claim his newly inherited estate, Theo Dalbury finds remote Derbyshire as foreign to him as his feelings for country girl Jenna. Christmas evokes painful memories for him, but Jenna is bringing out his festive spirit…and will give him a yuletide that he’ll never forget!

Christmas at Oakhurst Manor by Joanna Fulford

Vivien Hastings is looking forward to a quiet Christmas at Oakhurst Manor, until she realizes she’ll be sharing it with Max Calderwood. It’s been years since he broke her heart, but one hot glance from his cool gray eyes shows her that she’s just as vulnerable to him as she ever was….

REVIEW: An Earl Beneath the Mistletoe by Louise Allen

I loved this story of a hardened soldier Hugo, Earl of Burnham, who’s not so fond of Christmas. He gets snowbound in a small and cozy alehouse, owned by a widow Emilia Weston who is living there with her two little boys.

Hugo and Emilia turns out had much in common and by the end of the story we’ve been charmed by the little hamlet as much as with Emilia’s twins.

For a short story, this was well written, sweet and tender. All the characters were well-rounded and very likable.  Loved it!

Twelfth Night Proposal by Lucy Ashford

I must admit that this story left me …cold. There were many reasons for it, but the most important one is that Theo and Jenna never really ‘took’.

It felt like the author couldn’t make up her mind about who this girl was. She started off by a girl wearing men’s clothing, yet didn’t pretend to be a boy; she goes from being strong to being meek; cold then hot toward Theo.  Both characters felt a bit bland and I blame the dialogue that was too stilted and predictable. But what disappointed the most, was the love-making scene…Just couldn’t buy it. Too rushed and really not necessary.  Everything was rushed, therefore characterization and plot suffered.

I failed to connect with this story which in the end I thought could have been better told.

Christmas at Oakhurst Manor by Joanna Fulford

This story was actually very fun. The heroine, Vivien Hastings was one strong and well-developed character for a short story. As a matter affect, I got a kick out of all the characters in this story.

Max Calderwood, the hero who ten years ago broke Vivian’s heart, gets a second chance with her now as they meet by chance at their host’s Christmas party.

Another well written, sweet, funny and delightful story of ‘the one that got away’. I’d say this one’s a ‘grown up’ love story of true love that survives distance, forced marriage and trust issues both Max and Vivian face before they accept each other as the people they became after their separation. Loved it!

I bought the book.


6 thoughts on “‘Snowbound Wedding Wishes’ Anthology”

  1. I like the sound of Joanna Fulford’s short, and a nice way of putting it ‘grown up’. Sounds like you found a perfect book to sit in a snowbank with =) Maybe I should try it, *looking around* yup got the snow now I just need to pick up the book!

  2. Would someone please pass me a tissue? I’ve been drooling over wanting to read this novel for awhile now. Please, Santa! Leave a copy for me!

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