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‘Masques of Gold’ by Roberta Gellis

STORY: London’s colorful marketplaces proclaimed the city’s splendor and wealth–a golden prize disputed between King John’s devouring greed…and the warrior barons who challenged his throne. From the flames of the bitter struggle came the men and women who dared to forge their own unique destinies…
Lissa de Flael
Willful, bold and beautiful, she as a burgher’s daughter, married and widowed in a nobleman’s cynical conspiracy of power. Yet her independent heart remained untouched–until one man fired her senses in a single glorious night of desire…

Sir Justin FitzAilwin
Wellborn and feared, the warden of London’s peace in a ruthless age of war, he waged a desperate private struggle for Lissa’s love–his life, his hope, his destiny.

Their joining was a shining, embattled alliance, menaced by an unseen enemy, yet fated by the passion that stirred deep within their souls.

REVIEW: I can’t believe I never read this author! Where was I for the past twenty-so years? Well, I’m really glad that Roberta Gellis has decided to publish her back list in ebook format as I’m sure to stock up on some exceptional reads. If I am to ‘abandon’ my regency world, the book better be good, and this one was excellent!

This is a historical romance and mystery all wrapped up in one fascinating tale of pageantry in the 13th Century England during King John’s reign. Lissa de Flael’s goldsmith husband, Peter de Flael has been murdered and Sir Justin is assigned to investigate the crime.

The author clearly knows her craft and her research into this era has paid off as she paints us a picture of this long gone era filled with equal measure of merchants, barons and royalty of Medieval England.

From the first page to the last, the author never fails in holding my attention while I slowly become embroiled into the intrigue and mystery of the very interesting and engaging plot, but what fascinates the most is this authors prose and historical detail which brings the Medieval Age to life. Ms. Gellis leaves nothing to chance and revels in her telling of this era and its inhabitants; its daily routine; its politics and the overall workings of the society our hero and heroine come from and belong to.

If you’re in a mood for character driven, suspense filled love story with medieval setting, I highly recommend this story. It truly will take your breath away!

ARC provided by NetGalley.


10 thoughts on “‘Masques of Gold’ by Roberta Gellis”

  1. I’m ashamed to say this…..I started reading 19 years ago. I was never a reader outside of what we had to read in school but a friend brought me The Wolf and the Dove and got me hooked! I went on a romance rampage, LOL! Went to the used book store and would spend like crazy each payday so I have tons of historicals in my TBR piles and Masques of Gold is one of them. After this post I am going to go hunt for it and put it in the pile I have set aside to read now. I’m ashamed that I’ve let it lay there this long.

  2. Hi Mealnie!
    When I read the post and checked on Amazon I was amazed to discover I had never read any of Roberta’s books as well! Fortunately I did find out that many of her books are available for my Kindle and quite a that one is only $1.45 and 8 are$1.49. (Marquess of Gold is $5.38 – I don’t know how much it is on Sourcebooks).

    All her books that I “checked out” sound wonderful and I’ll definately be picking some up! Thanks for introducing for introducing me and all the other lovers of historical romance to Roberta!

      1. Mel –
        Maybe I can convince my husband to go out to Wyoming to work for a few weeks so I can have some time on the computer at home! Only get to grab a few minutes here and there when I have a break at work! I’m been having a few of those “too much to do” and “not enough time to have fun” weeks.

  3. I adore books in this time period. And I guess I was hanging out with you these past years because I haven’t heard of this author before either. Great review, I am off to check out her backlist!

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