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‘Forever and a Day’ by Delilah Marvelle

Georgia Emily Milton is one awesome heroine! I just loved her enthusiasm and straight forward manner. She was one strong and formidable female.

The life she led in Five Points, one of the slums of New York in 1830 America, was not easy for our heroine. But then, nothing ever came easy for this young and beautiful, but poor widow.
She was picked out of a coal bin as a teenager by her beloved Raymond who already was a father of two boys. After his death, she gets a hold of a dream of owning her own property out west, in Ohio and she’s determined to save every penny, nickel and dime to do what her Raymond taught her she had a right to want: the universe.
A dream she never dreamt, and is no dream at all but a reality was the one in which she meets an attractive and wealthy man who she thinks can only see her as a “one night commodity”.
This man approaches her and she finds him attractive, but the voice inside is telling her, he’s not for her and he never could or would be. However, our hero would not be deterred, and slowly he gets her to smile and they both start flirting with each other and out of the blue a kid steps in and nabs Georgia’s reticule. As both give chaise after the thief, our hero is waylaid and knocked unconscious by an omnibus.
Georgia is filled with guilt as she later finds out that the man is now suffering from memory loss and the only name he remembers and wants to be called is-Robinson Crusoe.
As she and the doctor that’s treating him are trying to find who he is, she has no choice but to take him home to her tenement apartment.
She’s aware that even with his memory loss, this man will be like a fish out of water in her world at Five Points,
I loved the scene in the hospital, in which she ‘prepares’ his clothes and ‘repairs’ his appearance for ‘her neighborhood’.
‘Robinson’ felt very protective of this young woman who selflessly gave him protection and security, when he felt most vulnerable and lost. His attraction to her was instantaneous, but he tried very hard to act a gentleman and he might have made it, if our heroine hadn’t been one force of nature! One more thing I loved from the first scene to the last was the dialogue between the two! It made me laugh out loud and cry!
Ms. Marvelle gave me a romance that was scorching hot, yet tender. The attraction and the chemistry between the two sizzled and the love scenes were very sensual and steamy.  She also took me on a journey from the slums of America to the high society of London and I enjoyed every minute of it!
I am thrilled to give this book my five quills and I’ll never forget this story that takes two people who can’t be more different in every way, yet their love and passion for each other was limitless and able to bridge every obstacle thrown their way.
Are you ready for a heart wrenching, nail-biting, funny and unbelievably passionate love story? If you are, grab yourself a copy and enjoy ‘Forever and a Day’.
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2 thoughts on “‘Forever and a Day’ by Delilah Marvelle”

  1. Having short term memory loss since a car wreck in 1999, I have a soft spot in my heart for this book. Delilah Marvelle has done a great job describing the feelings and situations a person with memory issues encounters. Thanks DM, you know I appreciate your work!!

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