RT Convention

A time to soak and absorb my adventure at RT’s…

Well, 2012 RT Convention is now in the history and my memories of it will always bring a huge smile to my face. My biggest regret is not taking a pic with Grace Burrowes. This awesome woman has so generously offered to share her room with me during the day, shared lunch with, went to some events together, and we kept saying, later we’ll do it, and in the end with all the running around we never did. Now I feel sad for not doing it and I mean to make sure next time I see her, the first thing we’ll do is take a pic together.

Let me tell you, I don’t get easily intimidated, but meeting Lorreta Chase and Victoria Alexander just left me speechless and in tears. Totally a Fan-Girl moment!!

Right now, I’m truly exhausted and need to rest and sort it all in my head before I bring them to you. Soaking in the tub is on my list of must do in the next hour.

Before I head out to do my soaking, I thought to run one more contest and ask y’all which author would you be in awe of meeting? One of you will end up with a book of your choice out of my stash!

18 thoughts on “A time to soak and absorb my adventure at RT’s…”

  1. Welcome back!!! Your exhausted, which means you had an awesome time and didn’t waste it sleeping =) I feel like I just want to call you up and listen to you gushing about your weekend! I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to meet these authors face to face (I would totally squeel if I ever got to meet Karen Marie Moning). So rest, soak in the tub…and then come back and gush so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. What a nice haul of books you have there!!!!! I bet it was so fun! Ive always wanted to go to a readers convention but I never seem to have the time and if I have the time I never have the money! Haha it’s a vicious cycle!

  3. Oh Mel, you’ve really had an awesome couple of days at the RT with some amazing Authors. I’m so glad that you had such fun. I would have been a total fan girl just like you, and I probably would have been so very tongue tied trying to talk to them. There’s a couple of Authors that I’d love to meet, namely Katharine Ashe and Shana Galen. They’re both blonde, beautiful and write fantastic stories.

    Make sure you get plenty of rest now, and then when you’re upto it, you can tell us all about your adventures at the RT in Chicago. 🙂

  4. Rest up you lucky duck, cause then we want to hear all about your adventures. Tight now I would love to hear Monica McCarty speak. I am reading her Highland Guard series, enjoying the fictionalized story, but in awe of how much actual history she fits in to her stories. I’d actually be content to lurk in the back of the room to hear authors speak.

  5. So glad to hear you had a great time! I would be in awe of meeting Mary Balogh! I would be stuttering. She is the first romance author I read! have a good soak! ;D

  6. Lucky u! I can imagine myself running around getting autographs…..There are so many I’d love to meet. Katharine Ashe, Lisa Kleypas, Elise Rome, Shana Galen ….the list goes on & on………..

  7. I’m so glad you had a great time! I remember after I went to the RWA signing a few years ago so sad that I didn’t take more pictures with authors. I was just so shy and I felt like I was bothering everyone. I didn’t even take any swag or anything from them unless I was buying a book from them. I just remember being so in awe of everything and everyone.

    As for who I would be in awe of…pretty much every author that I like. I try to not act like a complete fan-girl but it never works. Last year I met one of my favorite authors and I was spazzing out like crazy that when she came over to my group I turned around because I was worried about freaking her out. Seriously, I become a spaz.

  8. Glad you had such a nice time. I would be in awe of alot of authors but Rachel Gibson, JK Rowling, Jeaniene Forst, Michelle Rowen, and Heather Graham would be my top picks, love all of their books.

  9. Amazing stack of books!

    I’d imagine being starstruck meeting Courtney Milan and Joanne Bourne — I’d probably be incoherent but will try to muster up an “I love your books!” before I pass out in starstruck-ness. ^_^

  10. If I have to pick only one… geez what a task!! Eloisa James would be mine… Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

  11. I would be in awae of meeting Grace Burrowers. She is now my favourite
    regency author. Can i be greedy and have another as I also love Stephanie Laurens
    who got me into reading Regency books when i discovered Devil Cynster and his family

  12. It’s nice that you had such a good time. There are so many, but if I narrow it down, I would like to meet Sherry Thomas, Julie James, Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn.

  13. Welcome back! How wonderful that you had a chance to stay with Grace.
    I love her books and now feel guilty when I say that whenever Sabrina Jeffries even mentions she’s working on a new book I’m already checking out trying to find a release date! I’ve read all but one book in her 5 series and also read both her stories in two different anthologies.

    Talk about not being able to have just one – once you read one of her books the wait for the next one seems to take forever. I love not only her main characters but her secondary characters as well and how nice of her to sometimes has them appear again! Yeah Sabrina!

  14. I’ve loved reading about your great time at RT and seeing all your photos! Can tell you had a great time! My Fan Girl Moment would be for Julia Quinn or Lisa Kleypas and I would also love to meet Elizabeth Boyle, I follow her on twitter and we often have common tweets about our teenagers! LOL And about crocheting!

  15. Waiting to hear of your adventure. Great haul!!! I met Mary Balogh once…stuttered, face blazing…shoved my book at her for a autograph…mumbled something inane about being her biggest fan…backed away bowing.

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