A time to soak and absorb my adventure at RT’s…

Well, 2012 RT Convention is now in the history and my memories of it will always bring a huge smile to my face. My biggest regret is not taking a pic with Grace Burrowes. This awesome woman has so generously offered to share her room with me during the day, shared lunch with, went to some events together, and we kept saying, later we’ll do it, and in the end with all the running around we never did. Now I feel sad for not doing it and I mean to make sure next time I see her, the first thing we’ll do is take a pic together.

Let me tell you, I don’t get easily intimidated, but meeting Lorreta Chase and Victoria Alexander just left me speechless and in tears. Totally a Fan-Girl moment!!

Right now, I’m truly exhausted and need to rest and sort it all in my head before I bring them to you. Soaking in the tub is on my list of must do in the next hour.

Before I head out to do my soaking, I thought to run one more contest and ask y’all which author would you be in awe of meeting? One of you will end up with a book of your choice out of my stash!