A day with all my favorite authors…and then there’s Brooks!

Once more, before I lay my head on a pillow [in my mind, I’m already there] I’m stopping by with some juicy tidbits….

Too many authors and too little time, but I made the rounds and beside stopping by and saying hi to the old favourites, I made some new author discoveries, and I made new friends.

Sabrina Jeffries is truly the best Duchess ever.

Jade Lee can throw a fun-filled bridal shower and a wedding like no one else.

Kieran Kramer is one hot, HOT chick and she has the moves to kill, and energy to burn.

And then there’s Brooks….

This has been a weekend of my firsts, and this is one first I’m filing under ‘Grandma posed with a male model’ memory file. What about you? Have you had a male model encounter [if not in real life, fantasy will do] and who is it? One of you will get a free book (mention your choice from a big pile that is on the pic under the post) in our second RT giveaway. Click on both pics and you can visit Brooks on his website, and you can enlarge the one with the books.* Sorry, US only…