April Showers bring May…Kindle!

Hello bookworms!

Spring has sprung and we here at bookworm2bookworm are in the mood to celebrate!

Spring is the season for romance and we want to know your most romantic memory.  Tell us about a wedding you went to that brought tears to your eyes, or a kiss stolen in the moonlight, or a love letter sent or received!  We love it all!  And we want to hear it!

To celebrate your fond memories, we will be giving away a kindle to one lucky reader (with a power adapter and a lighted leather cover – because who wants to win a prize they need to buy stuff to use?)

To enter (you must do all three) simply: ‘like’ us on our Facebook page, sign up to follow our fun filled blog, and leave a comment with your romantic story by the end of the day on April 30th.  All new and old followers are eligible to win, but only if they share their stories!

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*Open to US residents only (sorry, international bookworms). 

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15 comments on “April Showers bring May…Kindle!

  1. Who ever knew that Tupperware could also bring you a love for a lifetime? That’s how I met my husband of 42 years! I was driving several of my friends from work when a car started following us and they stayed besides us until we arrived at a friend’s Tupperware Party! The car was full of sailors from a local Navy Base who were attached to a Squadron during Vietnam. My friends started to talk to them and I went into the Tupperware party!

    That week-end they met up with us again at a party given by another of our friends. I didn’t even know my friends had invited them! One of them was a little more withdrawn then the others and not as out-going but we ended up talking by the end of the evening.

    We found out we were both from the Northeast and since we were in Florida at the time talked about the snow that we weren’t missing!

    I had gone to college in Arizona to get away from the winter weather and then moved to Florida. He had joined the Navy and been all over the world before being stationed in Florida. We had nothing in common and everything in common!

    We married less than a year later and celebrated our 42nd anniversary this year.

    When our boys were toddlers a recession hit much like today and we had a mortgage to pay. I needed a job but one where I could be home with our sons during the day. Tupperware was the answer! I got to make my own schedule and always be there for my sons. My husband had joined the Reserves when he finished his service in the Navy so I always had to also plan around his time on Active Duty. Tupperware to the rescue!

    I thought I loved my husband when we got married but over the years I have realized he was a gift that was given to me. When I was working he loved being with our boys. When his friends would complain that he was babysitting and couldn’t join him he would calming explain that he wasn’t babysitting – he was being a father!

    Thru the good times and the bad he has been there not only for me but for our sons and now our grandsons and grandaughters. He helped start the local Soccer League and has supported many organizations in the community giving not only his time but his expertise by building a monument in the local town with a friend supplying all the materials and labor.

    One of the best gifts he has ever given me is that ability to be myself and loving me even if I can be annoying at times!

    He’s not a big “gift giver” and many years go by with no special typical gifts being given, I’ve never received jewelry or expensvie things as a gift but he has unconditionally given me his love and support and somehow always knows when I need a break and would take care of our boys and let me read or visit a friend.

    And somehow he always knows that the best time to bring home flowers not because it’s a special day or a birthday but just to say without words that after all these years that I’m the most important part of his life!

    • You already know I like you and think your great but I also “Like bookworm2bookworm, follow you and like you on Facebook. I’m was already a great friend but just not very good at following directions!

  2. My husband and I got engaged late July of 1996. On the 2nd of August, he left to go to Poland for a month for work, it was heart wrenching to be seperated after just getting engaged. He called me once he was in a hotel room over there and let me know he’d made it and that he missed me. (Their phone system limited our calls to 15 minutes, and that included a 10 sec msg from the operator that time was up). While he was gone I went to my job everyday and he called every night, really it was like 2am when the phone rang.

    The first Friday he was gone, I was at work and in walks a man with a beautiful vase of a dozen red roses. It was for me! And it had a hand written card from my fiance. I was so shocked and felt so loved. When we spoke on the phone that night, I thanked him and he said he had gone to the florist before he left and filled out the card. =)

    A week later, I was at work again and in walks the same man with a dozen yellow roses! I started crying, because I knew they were for me! It contained another hand written card. A week later, I got a dozen pink roses. The week after that it was a mix of colors! Each time I had a hand written card!

    He had ordered roses for every week he was going to be gone and had sat at the florist and filled out a card for each week, And the cards were not just “I love you”, every available space on that little card had words written on it.
    I loved getting those roses every week and we spoke on the phone every night at 2am (um, $2000 phone bill…thankfully paid by the company). Sixteen years later, I still have everyone of those little cards~!

  3. well here goes my story on my wedding day when my groom carried me away from the circle he fell on my train of my gown and protected me neither one of us got hurt cause my wedding was video taped so in away i considered it romantic and loving and thing was i never even knew we hit the ground. so this is funny romantic and etc so now today as i sit and watch my weddding over and i see this part i laugh angelwolfmystic@yahoo.com

  4. I don’t do facebook, so I won’t enter but Happy Spring anyway! Love is in the air, some sweet stories posted here already. Always fun to read a love story, isn’t that why we are all so addicted to romance? I must say my wedding was the most romantic memory for me. We were married in the Big Horn mountains, split log benches, a stone altar (that my uncles decorated with lupens that were blooming), and pine trees all around. It was perfect, even the two minute rain shower that came right before we started. See, love story, just thinking about it and I am getting misty eyed.

  5. I am signed up, LIKED, and here is my romantic story. I met my husband on a common stairway between our places of business. We always seemed to be taking the stairs at the same time and one day, when I opened the door, there was a bouquet of silver roses with a card that simply said “I want you.”

  6. My most romantic story was a man I met during the Olympics when they were in my home town. He was at the building where I was a manager of one of the retail shops. I noticed him cause lets face it he was very good looking. He and his friends kept coming up with reason to shop jewelry. It was pretty funny. After a few hours he built up the nerve to ask me out. That week of the Olympics was the best of my life. He took me to a Movie I was really wanting to go to. All through the movie as much as we tried to watch it he watched me. Of course we were being goofy and I would throw a piece of popcorn at him and tell him to pay attention. Finally he took the popcorn away from me and as we were walking out he dumped the whole bucket on my head. I was laughing so hard. Later He took me out to dinner and while we were sitting there he said that French was the only language that he could use to really say what he wanted to say to me. I told him I didn’t speak french and he asked permission to say it in that language anyway. I still have no idea what he said but the way he said it and the way he looked at me still makes me blush and get the warm fuzzies going through me. After dinner we were walking to the car and he really grabbed me and started dancing with me. Right there. It was so much of a fairy tale I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.
    The man could also kiss. Wow… He could kiss….
    I didn’t continue the relationship with him. I was so worried he was too good to be true. and I guess I made it that way. I still think of him. No man can compared to him.
    I did spend a year of my life searching hard for him and I still look for him on facebook and other social media. But it is a fear I will find him.
    Never will I forget that week. Every 4 years when the Olympics comes around I miss him the most.
    I wish I could remember everything Michael did with me that week. Some of it I have forgotten. But I will never forget him.

  7. I like you on facebook – maureen carol
    I subscribe to your blog
    I would say to me it is always the little things that seem romantic to me like the time before we were married and my husband would buy me flowers or when the kids were little and my husband always insisted I drive the newer car.

  8. I have subscribed to your blog and like you on facebook. My most romantic memory is when he proposed to me on the Staten Island ferry at dusk ( Manhatten was all lit up), he waited until the ferry was in front of the Statue of Liberty. We had dinner a Mama Leones. He had wanted to propose on top of the World Trade Center but the observation deck was closed that day due to the windy conditions. We’re celebrating our 25th anniversay this year. <3

  9. I subscribed to the blog at librarypat AT comcast Dot net.

    Facebook follower, Patricia Barraclough.

    My husband and I met our junior year of high school when we sat next to each other in chemistry class. Nothing romantic, just friends. I was one of the guys with he and several others. He moved at the end of the school year as did several others (their dads were assigned to the local Air Force Base) and I wrote to the all. We exchanged letters a few times a year through college and when I went overseas in the Peace Corps. I extended my P C assignment and was given 30 days leave to come home. I came home over Christmas of 1970. I stopped at an air base in California to visit my cousin and her husband and recover a bit from jet lag before heading home to northern NY. He was stationed at the same base as my cousin’s husband and I had written him I’d be there 3 days or so. He came over to my cousin’s for dinner the first night and took us all out to dinner the next. We visited a little on the third day before I flew home. 31/2 weeks later,he stopped at my parent’s on his way to his new assignment in Maine. We visited for the afternoon and he left. I went back to the Philippines a few days later. He wrote a bit more frequently after that and even sent me a Valentine card, but not really a romantic one. I will admit that I liked seeing him again after all those years and was thinking we might see each other sometime in the future when I finished my tour. He didn’t wait that long. Friends of his parents were transfered to Clark AFB in the Philippines. He wrote me saying he was coming to visit them and I invited them to the town fiesta in May. He and the couple (our parent’s age) came and stayed for a few days for the festivities. I took a few days off to show them some of the sights in the area. When we were at his friends home, he proposed.

    To this day, I find it hard to believe that after not seeing each other for 7 years, that it took only 4 visits, none of them dates, to convince him he wanted to marry me. Even more amazing, was he would come halfway around the world to ask me. The poor guy didn’t even get an answer until I got back to the States. Obviously the answer was yes. We have 3 wonderful children, two darling grandchildren, and will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in June. I am so glad he was so sure of his feelings. I would never have been brave enough to lay my heart on the line like that.

    Thanks for prompting this trip down memory lane. It reminded me just how lucky I am.

  10. My husband is my romantic story. My twin brother and he were frinds, so we knew one another, but finally got close our Sophomore year of high school. We were in the same math class and he was soo shy and quiet, I liked him right away. He, however, had a crush on one of my friends. So I spend most that year trying to hook them up. I gave him my phone number on a small slip of paper as the year ended, in case he needed anything. The next year, he told me it never worked out with my friend, she would never answer him and stood him up. We went in a group to our homecoming game/danced and spend the whole night talking and dancing. I took him and his brother home that night and got a hug and kiss on the cheek. Two days later was my birthday and he got me a beautiful snow globe and stuffed animal. And then we were dating!! Seven years strong this year, and we are celebrating our two year wedding annaversiary this August!! And to top it off, he still has that little slip of paper in his wallet that has my phone number from high school on it :)

    Thanks for letting everyone share! Its so sweet to read all the romantic stories.

  11. I dont have a romantic story. Hope i can still enter. I grew up with very strict parents and im only 21 and i havent really dated. Kinda just waiting. Im shy and i dont want to jump right out there. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Its very much appreciated! ;) Thank you!!
    Facebook- Shadow Kohler
    Email subscriber

  12. I met the love of my life at the age of 15. He sat behind me in Spanish class and would throw paper at me while trying to fix me up with his best friend.
    I finally asked him to my Bday party and told him it was him I was interested in. We slow danced the night away, and I fell in love that night.

    Unfortunately a few months later my parents decided to move a few ttthousand miles away.

  13. (Sorry lost rest of what I typed)
    We did the long distance thing. I took the bus back for prom.I wore the prettiest pink dress and he sang ‘Lady in pink’ to me that night.He also surprised me with ZZTop concert tickets ( come on that’s romantic, right?)for my 16th B -day.
    We ended up graduating HS and loosing touch for 10 years. I went back to my childhood home to visit and contacted his sister. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was divorced (sorry, I’m not promoting divorce). She had him call me…we talked for hours like time had stood still.

    We met for coffee and spent more hours chatting. I have spent the last few years visiting when I can and have hopes of a future together.

    I believe in love at first sight and second chances :)

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