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Caroline Linden’s gift to all her fans of ‘The Truth About the Duke’

‘Blame It on Bath’  is a second book by Caroline Linden in her ‘The Truth About the Duke’ (available now at your nearest, dearest local bookstore or Amazon and B & N) series and for my review of it, please check Romantic Crush Junkies eZine. You all know how much I love this series, so I hounded Ms. Linden for some ‘inside’ info on Charlie’s (the Duke of Durham-or not!?) story, and she was so gracious to send us all an excerpt that didn’t make it in a book. Without further ado, feast your hungry eyes on it!

I hope you all enjoy this deleted scene from The Way to a Duke’s Heart’. It takes place right after Charlie, the eldest son, learned his father’s secret past and needed to vent to someone about it, as well as search for a clear idea of what to do. I really liked it, because I really wanted to put Rhys (from I LOVE THE EARL) in the book, but in the end I had to cut it. So I am gifting it to all of you bookworms in hopes that you’ll will enjoy it.

~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~

 “After a fortnight Charlie finally went to Dowling House, home of his aunt and uncle. He was a frequent visitor here, contrary to what his father might have thought of his familial affections. Aunt Margaret was everything his father was not, and a great deal like his mother had been. From the moment she discovered him living alone in London, Margaret had opened her door and her arms to him, and she never once scolded him over anything to do with his father. By now Charlie supposed he cared more for Aunt Margaret than he did for anyone.

This time, though, instead of coming to trading wit and gossip with his aunt, he asked for his uncle. Family lore held that Dowling and Durham had once butted heads, quite hard; they had never been more than cordial to each other, and when Aunt Margaret visited Lastings, she came alone, with just her son Philip. Charlie needed someone who would understand the rage he felt at his father, and someone who would never reveal his feelings to another soul. Although no one had ever told him why, he sensed his uncle was that person.

Dowling already knew the entire story. ‘I heard,’ he said simply, when Charlie stepped into his study. ‘A damnable secret to keep from his own sons.’

His shoulders slumped in relief. ‘A damnable pity he died before we could tell him that.’

Dowling smiled wryly. ‘I daresay it wouldn’t have given you as much satisfaction as you think.’

‘No? I would still have liked the chance.’

His uncle waved one hand as Charlie prowled about the room. ‘Sit, Charles. Stewing in anger won’t help. The very worst thing you could do is spend your energy hating him.’

‘How could he?’ Charlie dropped into a chair and plowed his hands through his hair. ‘How? First to make such a foolish match, then to think no one would ever discover it, then to marry my poor mother knowing damned well it might be a bigamous match—’

‘Durham never learned anything but the hard way,’ replied his uncle. He leaned back in his chair, his mane of iron-gray hair glinting in the sun. ‘But when he did admit a mistake, it was usually with some degree of humility.’

‘Humility? Durham?’ He gave a bitter laugh. ‘How odd to hear those two words spoken together.’

‘I never said he came to it quickly or easily.’

‘Or ever,’ muttered Charlie.

‘I expect he did, at the end. Whatever else he might have been, your father was not a fool. The real question is, what are you going to do now?’

He sighed. ‘Edward engaged a solicitor, to attempt to secure the title before the scandal grows too big. Gerard’s gone off to Somerset in pursuit of the blackmailer who stirred up this trouble.’

‘What are you going to do?’ repeated his uncle. ‘You’re Durham, not either one of your brothers.’

He hesitated a long moment. ‘What can I do?’ he finally asked, evasively. ‘Edward and Gerard have it well in hand.’

Dowling sat forward, his expression serious. ‘Don’t keep up that pose with me, young man. I’ve seen how you conduct yourself—the shocking escapades to kindle Durham’s temper, the decent things you do when no one’s looking. It may have amused you to outrage your father, but that’s done with. He’s gone, and you answer only to yourself now. A dukedom is a great honor, but also a great responsibility.’

‘So I’ve been told,’ he said under his breath.

‘Your father would fight for it.’ Dowling gave him a probing look. ‘Do you mean to give it up just to spite him?’

Charlie glared at his uncle. Put that way, of course he wouldn’t. ‘Thank you for your counsel.’

Dowling grinned. ‘My pleasure, Charlie.’


19 thoughts on “Caroline Linden’s gift to all her fans of ‘The Truth About the Duke’”

  1. Well hello Caroline, thanks for taking the time out from your book tour to visit us today. I enjoyed the deleted excerpt that you gave us the privilege of reading. Of course, I’d now love to read your book “Blame It On Bath” as it is the kind of book that I adore reading. I love the cover and the color of her dress is gorgeous.

    Thank you to Mel for sponsoring this giveaway.

  2. Oh, thank you for the deleted excerpt… It must be difficult to have to cut whole swaths of dialog and characterizations from you work.. I can totally visualize the scene from your writing…
    And thanks for not only stopping by, but giving us a chance to win your work!

  3. Great excerpt. This sounds like a really good read:)
    I love getting lost in stories like these. I am looking forward to reading it.
    Thank you for the great giveaway and sharing with us!

  4. Great excerpt. I look forward to reading the whole story. Congrats on the release Caroline. I adore the purple dress on the cover, one of my favorite colors, green is the other.

  5. Hi Caroline, Now I have both books on my wish list. lol Can’t wait to read both. I loved the excerpt. It must hurt when you have to cut great things from your books when you have worked so hard to write them. I love the cover. Thanks for stopping by to chat and share with us.

  6. I so want to read this book. Obviously, I need to start with the first one. I can’t imagine how hard it is to cut dialogue out of your book. This one is really intriguing.

  7. Hello Caroline! Thanks for coming to play with us today! The excerpt is fabulous, the cover of Blame it On Bath is fabulous, the other books sound fabulous! Im going to have to have myself a “Caroline Linden weekend” to get all caught up!

  8. if that’s what hit the cutting room floor, i look forward to what was allowed to stay in 🙂 congrats on the release

  9. This is a new author for me and would love to win and read this book. I love to read and always looking for new books and authors to read, and definately adding to my must read list.

  10. Hi all! I was so swamped yesterday I never got a chance to drop in and say thanks to Mel for having me on the blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed the scene–it cost a little tear or two to delete it, but hopefully the book is OK without it. I just really wanted to get Rhys in the book…

    I hope everyone who tries the series likes it!

  11. I haven’t read Caroline Linden’s books yet, but I’d love to read one – then I’ll probably be hooked!

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