Book Review

“Under the Same Sky” by Genevieve Graham

WOW!  I don’t know where to start to say how much I loved this book!  UNDER THE SAME SKY is absolutely amazing.  I have read that people believe it is EPIC and I thoroughly agree with that assessment.

The writing is superb and I never would have believed that it was a debut novel if I hadn’t been told.  The characters are vivid, alive in a way that I rarely see in a book.  From the first sentence of the first chapter I was hooked.

UNDER THE SAME SKY has the feel of a movie, the writing is that superb.  The way the story flows and is told, the way I felt like I was right there, inside the book for every moment from the very first sentence.

This book has depth, substance and character and I felt so many different emotions while I was reading, I cannot even name them all.  It is not a typical romance, and yet it is a stunning story of two lovers and all the pain, hurt, turmoil, joy and happiness imaginable.

It is a strong love, a fierce love, a love fraught with obstacles and many beautiful moments.

A love that spans space, time and country.  Andrew and Maggie are wonderful characters, with an amazing story to tell.  I fell in love with their story, with the idea that a love like theirs could span countries and planes and still make everything alright.

Outstanding work by Genevieve Graham.  Stunning, beautiful, EPIC.

UNDER THE SAME SKY will not soon be forgotten and will be going on my keeper shelf to be re-read as many times as I can manage.

Review by Kristal

3 thoughts on ““Under the Same Sky” by Genevieve Graham”

  1. Larisa, thanks! Im so happy everyone is loving this great book!! Maybe you will win a copy, I hope you left a comment on the interview so you can get one! Happy reading! 🙂

  2. I’ve read my friend review and I like the book. I love the story and I wish I can have it my own, but I lived in a non english language country ( I am in the netherlands) , not even in the American Book Center in my town, that not easy to get the book..not even in UK…sigh!!!

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