My ‘Hook-a-Book” is…SECRET SANTA!

I love nothing better than reading Christmas stories around Christmas time. I actually go out of my way to make sure my TBR is stocked up. This Christmas I’m recommending this short, sweet, funny and utterly romantic tear-jerker called ‘SECRET SANTA’ by Kristine Cheney.

Holly is a girl after my own heart. She’s bubbly, beautiful, determined and tenacious! For seven years she’s been a part of Ashton Falls Secret Santa Program, and she embraced her ‘task’ with all the enthusiasm and joy she possessed, especially because this particular time of year would remind her of lacking the closeness of her own estranged family.

Marcus is not looking forward to the Holidays nor is he in the mood for anything at all. His life has undergone a very dramatic change in the past few months and solitude is all he wants and welcomes, so finding an intruder on his porch, apparently delivering a gift, was something he isn’t much happy about.

SECRET SANTA was a very heartwarming gift that appealed to every romantic bone in my body!

Ms. Cheney has done such a great job in creating these two lonely souls who through unforeseen circumstances are drawn to each other and are clearly meant to be together. In a short span of time Ms. Cheney has managed to make me laugh out loud when reading of Holly’s deliveries, sighing every time these two just looked at each other, let alone touched! But most of all, Ms. Cheney had me in tears once I found the reasons behind our couple’s loneliness and heartbreak.

Like I said, for such a short story, Ms. Cheney’s managed to deliver a very rich and truly sweet romance that will leave you satisfied, happy and cozy all over!

This one is a Christmas MUST!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kristine Cheney is 39, and is an Arizona native. Now living in Surprise, she has been married 21 years to her high school sweetheart Brett, and is the mother of Taryn, Brett, and Zackary. A young grandmother, she is Grammy to Parker, Ivy, and Evely’nn. A huge labrador lover, she is mom to yellow lab Magnus and to the very naughty (and huge) white Labra-doodle puppy Brody.

Hobbies include writing passionate love stories that involve chivalrous characters, dashing adventure, forked humor, and the ever-true good vs. evil dilemma. Her favorite place to relax is anywhere within close proximity to a beach or wooded lake. A huge history buff, she plans to one day make a trek across the US to get her fill of American wonder (with hubby, labs, and lap top in tow). She loves a good hot cup of coffee with Creme Brulee liquid creamer and sugar. A maestro with a bag of frosting, Wilton cake decorating lessons only fueled her artistic fire. She is pretty darn awesome at crankin’ out a deluxe wedding, baby shower, or themed birthday cake that will make your toes curl.


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