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…as Time Goes By….

WE ARE ONE YEAR OLD! How cool is DAT?! We ‘huffed’ and ‘puffed’ and this ‘choo-choo’ left the Station last year and it’s still slowly huffing and puffing…

Along the way, it picked Krissie, and who knows in the future someone else might want to join us on this ride! The more the merrier!

It took one review, one blog chick and the ‘bulb’ went up in my head! Could I, would I, and the most scariest question of them all: Will anyone want to read what I have to say?

Guess what?! One year later, 49-followers later and 27, 401 hits later… someone’s coming over to read our blog!  So, to all of you that stop by, comment or not, THANK YOU for peeking in and please come back ANYTIME!

I had so many ideas in my head about how I would like to celebrate this first year, and for some reason none ‘felt’ just right. And than it hit me! I posed a question to myself. How did I start reading Romance? The answer was so simple. ZORA JAJIC! I dare you to pronounce her name! She’s my best friend and many, many years ago, she gave me a book to read. It was ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and I was hooked, lined and sunk!

Are you ready to be ‘hooked’ ?

To celebrate our first year, I’ve decided to invite some of the very famous, best-selling authors as well as those that are just ‘wetting’ their toes into the romance world of writing. They will be stopping by every day throughout the month of November and they will be telling you about BOOKS that they would like to HOOK you, either to their work, or someone else’s. Now, keep in mind, some of those books might be old, and I say, BRING IT ON! There is NOTHING better to a BOOKWORM then a musty old book 🙂

So, sit back… relax… get some tea or coffee… hot chocolate too… and come join us in the discussion. Tell us all about how and who ‘hooked’ you to the romance land…What book did you give away to ‘hook’ someone, and if you haven’t done that, then which book are you going to giveaway to your friend and why? If you are like us, I know that ‘book talk’ is easy, so come on over and join the party…Who knows? You just might get ‘hooked’ all over again!

Before we get to celebrating in earnest, I thought we should salute those authors that are sadly not with us any more. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss passed away in 2007, but I still re-read her books. Elizabeth Thornton left us in 2010, but her work will be with me forever. Arnette Lamb has been gone awhile, but her stories still keep me entertained.

Today, let us remember all those that left their work to keep us warm, make us smile and cry, but always, always got us through to the next ‘chapter’ of our life.

Tell us about the author you’ll be remembering today…

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… I’ll pass my ‘treasures’.

Tomorrow we’ll start with Anna Campbell, then continue the celebration with Katharine Ash, Vanessa Kelly, Joanna Bourne, Shana Galen, Kristan Higgins, Candice Hern, Cara Elliott, Kieran Kramer, Eileen Dreyer, Rose Lerner and many, many more authors will pop in and out, so get ready to SALUTE those that have been there for us in sorrow and happiness. They truly are the heroes and heroines and deserve to be celebrated!

Now, where’s my drink?! CHEERS!


22 thoughts on “…as Time Goes By….”

    1. MO!

      How are you feeling?! I’m a bit better, but this cough is driving me bonkers! Thanks for your wonderful words and encourigment! Can’t wait for your blurb and a ‘hook’ 🙂

  1. The writer i would like to salute who IMHO left wonderful Prose is the fabolous Dorothy Dunnett who died in 2001. She has lots of fans who love her Lymond Chronicles and House Of Nccolo Series.

    1. I’ve heard of Dorothy Dunnett, but I never read any of her work, and I’m so glad you stopped by today to share with us. I’m making sure that in my replies I include some links so we could share in the knowlidge of these grate authors 🙂

      Be sure to come back this whole month, someone just might recomend her 🙂

    1. DANI!

      hello Chick! Thanks for stopping by and I was very happy to ‘hook’ up with you and your blog too! Who hooked you on romance, Chick? SPILL!

  2. Congrats on the anniv, here’s toasting to more 🙂 Wonderful authors won’t be forgotten since they leave behind such works that bring us readers pleasure over & over again for years & years.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary! Here’s to being around for many years to come. There is one author who only wrote four tradition regencies that I absolutely adored – Sheila Simonson. She has moved onto mysteries, and I am very sad that I have blown through her 4 regencies and won’t be seeing anymore of her romance work.

  4. Congratulations!!! I’m so delighted to be part of your celebration. I love the form, and am looking forward to seeing who hooked my fellow authors. I’m not giving mine away yet, don’t worry. But I would like to say that today I remember the great, inimitable Georgette Heyer, who is the matriarch of our genre. I was so lucky, because i finally read her in my 30s after writing for a while, and it was such a delight. Because it was like reading the geneology of romance. And few people did it as well.

    1. Eileen,
      You are so funny! No matter where I ‘see’ you, you crack me the hell up!
      You’re delighted? Well, then I’m tickeled pink! I’m so looking forward to it too. The ‘hooks’ and ‘blurbs’ are pouring in, and as soon as you have yours send it to me 🙂

      You know, I never read Georgette Heyer and one day I’m just gonna have to do it, because I hear so many awesome stories about her work 🙂

      Thanks for peeking in today and I’ll see you tomorrow when I start with my recomendation! CAN NOT wait for yours 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary! I’ve given away a ton of my favorite romances. Anna Campbell, Kate Noble, Joanna Bourne, Sherry Thomas… and a whole bunch of others. I love to share the best of the best.

    Happy blogging!


    1. Hello Anna,

      I know what you mean! I love giving them away myself and then ‘talking’ book talk! You just mentioned the author I will salute and giveaway tomorrow…so come back and see who it will be. BTW: Today’s treasures to be given away were : one book each from :Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Elsabeth Thornton, and Arnette Lamb, so good luck in the giveaway. At the end of the week we will be doing a drawing for a LOT of books!

  6. Yo Mel,
    Happy Blog Birthday!!!!!
    You have a great thing going here…you’re posts are always so full of personality I always feel I’m just sitting beside you, sharing a drink and a laugh. 🙂
    Johanna Lindsey was the author who hooked me as an older teenager. I remember spending the night with her more than once. 🙂 From there, I’ve certainly branched out, but I have to give her credit with being the first. 🙂
    Hugs, Misty

    1. Yo-Yo-Yo Misty!

      WHAT UP, Chick!

      Thanks a bunch! Coming from you, Babe…means so much! I could so use a drink today! When people ask me about my blog, I always tell them it’s like my home…small and cozy 🙂 and ALWAYS very, very friendly 🙂

      Hugs back!

      BTW: Saw your FB pic…W O W! HOT!!!

  7. Kathleen Woodiwiss all the way! The Flame and the Flower was the first romance novel I bought from a sales rack in a dollar store 14 years ago! And I was totally hooked from the first chapter! I still have that very book along with all the rest of Kathleen Woodiwiss’s books. I was so incredibly sad the day that she died. What a legacy she left.

    1. OMG!

      Krissie! I loved F&F! I gave away my KEW’s a long time ago 😦 but I do have a few left over still 🙂

      I’m sad she’s no longer with us, but in reality, she sort-of is, right?!

  8. Late comment here, just catching up, but my first book was by Kathleen Woodiwiss – I think it was Flame & the Flower. Read romances for a little while then stopped. Took them up again in the late 80s and have been reading them since.

    I enjoy reading your blog!

  9. Congratulations on the blog. I just discovered it with your Joanna Bourne giveaway.

    My first book was Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Publishers don’t release lengthy, plot-driven historicals like this anymore. Everything seems to be about 300 pages.

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