Book Review

“A Scandalous Proposition” by Wendy Soliman

STORY: When a beautiful woman bursts into Lord Adam Fitzroy’s room at an inn seeking refuge, he assists her. His curiosity is piqued when he later spots her entering the local house of ill repute. The next day he is shocked when his mother introduces the woman as her new paid companion. His mother adores Florentina, so Adam agrees to keep her nightly activities a secret…on one condition: she must spend one wicked night with him.

Florentina Grantley is both scandalized and intrigued at the prospect, but she worries that the dashing war hero will quickly discern her lack of experience. True, she’s no innocent—but she’s a widow, not a whore. Yet she can’t explain the true reason behind her alliance with the brothel’s madam, or the danger she faces if exposed.

As their initial tryst grows into something deeper, the stakes become higher. What will Adam do when he discovers Florentina’s deception?

REVIEW: Major Lord Adam Fitzroy is a soldier, traveling home on leave from his post. He is travel weary, and stops at an Inn. As he is about to partake of a meal that he’s in no mood to eat, a woman bursts in on him and he chooses to hide her under the tablecloth, and once she’s out of danger, he offers to escort her to the place of her destination. Unbeknownst to him, the Lady he helps is his mother’s companion and she’s being pursued by an unsavory character.

Florentina Grantley is not who she represents herself to be, and before long she regrets not telling the handsome hero her true identity. But to do that, she needs to trust him, and that doesn’t come easy to Tina. In order to evade her pursuer, she grants Adam permission to escort her to safety, but not quite home. And that’s when all the misunderstanding starts.

Throw in Phillipa, Adams sister-in-law (his one time love) now married to his ailing brother the Duke, and you have even more entanglements.

I liked both Tina and Adam, I hated Phillipa and the Duke was an arrogant and weak man who let a woman walk all over him.

I’m a bit torn about this book. While I liked it, or liked three-quarters of it at least, I also found myself not liking parts of it. For awhile I thought two different writers were writing it. For example, if I liked the first chapter, by the second I would feel like something’s off, not ringing true to the characters I was introduced to. Some scenes were so heartwarming and so well written, and then some just felt stilted and awkward, while some were just unnecessary.

In the end, the plot kept moving the story along, despite the ‘voice’ straying, and since most of the story ‘felt’ right, I will recommend the read. In the spirit of fairness to Ms. Soliman, I am unfamiliar with her work, and to that end I’ll seek out her other stories to ‘get the feel’ for her prose.

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