Book Review

“A Lily Among Thorns” by Rose Lerner

LilyAmongThorns_225STORY: HER SAVIORIt was him. Serena couldn’t breathe. She’d been looking for him for years—the man who’d lifted her out of the dregs of London’s underworld. She remembered that he’d looked like an angel. But either she’d embellished or he’d grown up. Because he didn’t look like an angel now. He looked like a man, solid and broad, and taller than she’d thought. And now he needed her help.

HIS SIREN – Solomon recognized her as soon as they were alone in the dark. He’d not forgotten that night five years ago either. But Serena had changed. She was stronger, fiercely independent and, though it hardly seemed possible, even more beautiful. She was also neck-deep in trouble. Yet he’d help cook a feast for the Prince Regent, take on a ring of spies, love her well into the night—anything to convince her that this time he was here to stay.

REVIEW: Rose Lerner had me at a title of this book. “Like a lily among the thorns, so is my darling among the maidens.” No doubt you’ve heard this quote at least once in your life. It’s from Song of Solomon 2:2 and sets a perfect plot for this love story. Make no mistake; this is one heart pounding, heart wrenching all out heartwarming love story.

Solomon Hathaway’s friends from Cambridge thought it was time he lost his virginity, so they brought him to the best whore house in London. Young Solomon dreaded as much as he anticipated this encounter. Once left alone with a young woman who to his keen eye looked almost pathetic, he couldn’t go through with it and as he’s about to bolt out of the room, he throws to her his whole allowance and heads for the proverbial ‘hills’!

Seven years later, Solomon is in a need of help recovering stolen earrings that belong to his family, and he’s pointed in a direction of Lady Serena, who is known to have been a bed partner of many, but now is an inn owner with a lot of ties to the underworld of London. Solomon needs only one look of her in the dark to realize that in front of him is a beautiful woman and not that pathetic girl from long ago.

Lady Serena made a mistake seven years ago by falling in love with a young footman in her father’s house and by trying to run way with him she sealed her fate and took a hold of the rains of her future by becoming a prostitute. On that long ago, but never forgotten night, when a young man showed her compassion by giving her his purse filled with a lot of money, she makes the decision to become her own person, however flawed.

Seven years later, she remembers it all like it happened the day before and her feelings are confusing her. This woman is not a meek person. She’s strong, fiercely independent and she never wants or needs any man to lord over her. She’s not used to showing her feelings and affections not because she can’t or won’t but because she doesn’t know how. She’s never received hugs or words of love, so once she gets exposed to it, she’s literally in a panic and her physical reaction of being suffocated is something she is unable to control.

No way in hell can you read this love story and not feel for these two. Their HEA is fraught with intrigue, pain, regrets and suffering, but neither was willing to give up on each other until they faced the only enemy that stood in their way-Serena’s fear of losing her self-worth.

Everything in this book was superb, from the writing, the dialogue, and the plot and secondary characters. It all flowed seamlessly with a perfect pace. Speaking of secondary players, I loved them all. From Rene, the French Spy to Sophy, her right hand at the ‘Arms’; from his family to her ‘family’ of misfits! All of them pulled at my heartstrings, especially the secondary love story of two spies. Even that was pulled off with grace and such wonderful care!

If you’re in a mood for a character driven love story full of intrigue, passion and plenty of suspense, I recommend this book with all my heart! Now, I need to get me Ms. Lerner’s first book “In For a Penny”. I have no doubt that I’ll love it as much as this one.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy of provided by NetGalley

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