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“Star Crossed Seduction” by Jenny Brown

STORY: Lovers or Enemies? Captain Miles Trevelyan, on leave from active service in India, is heading out for a night on the town when he rescues a beautiful pickpocket from arrest. She’s the perfect choice for a few days of dalliance–beautiful, cunning, and completely disposable.

But Temperance has no intention of becoming the plaything of a man who wears the uniform of the solders who murdered her lover. Disarming Trev with a kiss, she escapes. But her sultry kiss opens the two Scorpio adversaries to an obsessive attraction that neither can elude–or possibly survive.

REVIEW: This is my first book by Jenny Brown, so I had no expectations. I read the blurb on netGalley, and thought it intriguing. I’ve never read a romance story that incorporated the Astrology, so I went for it. Let me just state that after reading it, I’m putting her début book and the first in her Lords of the Seventh House series, ‘Lord Lightning’ on my Wish List and as soon as I get it, it’ll go on top of my TBR pile.

This story is so much more than just a romance. The blurb above is only the beginning of this beautifully crafted and executed, heartwarming and heart wrenching love story.  The author has taken the time and care in developing, dare I say giving birth, to two characters that literally jump off the pages with life.

I was impressed with its realistic portrayal of humanity of Trev and Tem. The emotions, doubts, second guessing and confusion of their feelings for each other were too real and heartfelt. This is one hundred percent character driven story that will grab you from that first paragraph where she introduces us to this young soldier that’s not just lonely, but lost and in search of something that even he doesn’t quite know what it is. As he meets and rescues Temperance Smith, his heart battles his mind over the fact that she gave him something no one ever did-the feeling of coming home.

The scene in the alley, when Tem runs away from him, and he’s left all alone and humiliated is so raw that brought me to tears. I literally felt his pain and humiliation.

The scene after they’re together for the first time is heartbreaking and very emotional. The depth and scope of these two characters made them very human and their road to each other became important to me. That, my Bookworms, is a rare talent in a writer and it’s meant to be savored to the fullest! The combination of a fast pace, a believable and intriguing plot with twists and turns kept the story moving for me and at no pint did I ever find myself bored. As a matter a fact, I wished it was longer!

Ms. Brown welcome to my Keeper shelf. I have no doubt you’ll be there for quite a while!

*ARC supplied by Harper Collins (Avon) via netGalley for an honest review.

5 thoughts on ““Star Crossed Seduction” by Jenny Brown”

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    1. Chris, you ROCK! I used to do the same, volunteer with the school where my kids went, but now they’re all grown up. Now I do it once a year w/my church in the summer for VBS (I’m the lady with the babies and toddlers baby sitting while their parents teach classes).

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    2. Chris, I LOVE that you do all that local volunteering! And goodness knows our schools need all the volunteers they can get. How nice that you can donate time to your children’s schools.

      And you do stuff for your town, too?? That’s terrific.

      I always say to myself when I’m feeling out of sorts–go volunteer. I meet interesting people that way and feel good about supporting a cause.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

      Kieran Kramer :>)

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