RBW/Romance Biggest Winner, Baby!

Here we go, Bookworms. The day has arrived and I’m ready to tackle those pesky extra ponds that sneaked up on me and refuse to leave me be. NO MORE! They’re well on their way down and I for one will NOT miss them! That’s not to say that I won’t be missing my Tiramisu, bread, potatoes and my recently discovered taste for RICE Sushi! But, hey! No pain, no gain, so I’m willing to sacrifice ANYTHING…well almost anything.

Recently an author I admire greatly (Kieran Kramer, I’m looking at you!) has suggested I visit Ashley March’s website ’cause she’s starting something kind-a-kool called ROMANCE BIGGEST WINNER where she’ll have a certain number of authors and readers/reviewers/bloggers come together and try to lose, read here START to live a healthier life by exercising and dieting together. Well, I was NOT about to pass up this opportunity to connect with like minded women, so I contacted Ashley and VOILA! I was in! Oh, how happy I am to be doing this and how happy I am that this young author had the forethought to offer this to some of us. This should be fun and enlightening, encouraging and eye-opening, but what I most look forward to is the accountability. It’s like ‘coming out of the closet’ sort-a-feeling, for me at least.

My first days weigh in was done and I am at 161.4 lbs and I’m committed to loosing 40 lbs by January 5th 2012. I will exercise 1 hour a day which will include warm-up and stretching for about 10 minutes, then Treadmill walk for 30 minutes (speed at 2.5; 2.8; 3.1) and in between 20 minutes of Pilate’s machine and Aerobic’s from Comcast on Demand. I’ve also started a few weeks ago a South Beach Diet that I’m tailoring to me, and if you’d like to know more about that it’s here.

I’ll keep you informed and updated once a week. Like anything in my life, I know that if I put my mind to this I can do it! I’m truly motivated by this group of women and I must admit, by the prizes they’re offering, but most of all I’m pumped up to start living healthy!

Until next week, wish me luck? Oh, and if you have any advice by all means, spill!


3 thoughts on “RBW/Romance Biggest Winner, Baby!”

  1. Congrats on “weighing in” to lose weight! It is a constant struggle, isn’t it? Several years ago, I worked out, watched what I ate (protein is a good thing and starving yourself doesn’t work), and lost 30 pounds. But, then, I got stuck there for 2 years. So, last year, exactly a year ago next week, I did the HCG drops/diet and lost 25 pounds in 40 days. Except for a few pounds, minus and plus, I have maintained that weight loss! If you try the drops, make sure they are authentic. I know an honest health food store owner who makes them for only $57/bottle and not the hyped-up ads of $100. If you want more info, let me know. 🙂

    1. Hey Deb!
      I’m with you on all points. I’m NOT starving myself and I do fall off once-in-awhile, but I’ve been loosing about 2-3 lbs a week so I’m thinking that’s the best way to make sure those lbs stay off!

      As for the pills I’ve sworn off of any. This time, it’s the healthy way or NO WAY!

      Congrats on your loss:) That sounds AWESOME and I’m glad they stayed off!


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