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BinBir Gece (One Thousand and One Nights)

STORY:  Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu, a talented architect who works in Binyapı, a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem İnceoğlu is a mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery.

Onur Aksal is a successful businessman and Şehrazat desperately tries to find ways to borrow the money she needs for her son’s very costly surgery, a bone marrow transplant. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, is willing to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him.

Will she accept the offer and how far will she go to save her son’s life? That and many more questions are asked and answered in this riveting love story.

REVIEW: Here in the USA we had “Dynasty” and “Dallas”, but I think this serial was far better than both of those combined. One of my friends knows how much I love to read Romance Novels, so she sent me a link to this Turkish Serial. At this point, I wish she hadn’t. I literally spent a week glued to the Computer screen. This show is made of 90, one and a half hour episodes that spans 3 seasons. Now you do the math! You know how we sometimes do the most stupid things in our life, but are not sure why? That’s me and this show. I got hooked into it so easily.

I mean, this whole show revolves around these two trying to come to terms with a conscious decision they both made to spend one night together. To some, this might not be a problem. I mean we have entered a 21st Century for Heaven’s sake! It’s a one night stand with a rich dude, hopefully a great lover, and plus you get the money to save your kid! Get over it! Oh, and let’s not forget, the rich dude falls in love with you! Can this be any easier? Apparently not as we get to see how hard it is for both of these characters to come to terms with it. To better understand them we slowly get to know both through their family and friends as well as the way they interact with each other.

Scheherazade is a twenty-six year old widow, successful architect, and a mother of a five-year old boy. In order for us to understand this complex woman and why she does things, we need to know that at 12 years of age she loses her mother, at 19 her father and at 24 her husband whom she married against his family’s wishes. To make things even worse, shortly after her husband dies, she finds out that her son might die as he’s diagnosed with Leukemia. Life has not been kind to this woman, and in order for her to cope with everyday life, she pours all her love and attention to her son.

Scenes between the son and the mother are just heartbreaking. I found myself shedding a lot of tears while watching those and plenty of others as well. Also,

we get to understand the reasons behind decision to keep the existence of her son a secret from her superiors. It was an unwritten rule for many companies to pass on hiring women with children in a misguided notion that such employees would devote less time to their work. It was a very common thing in the work environment and she could not risk it. The first time we meet her, she’s late for work and the reason was because she was with her son. Onur, her boss, was not a pleased man and tried to embarrass her in front of her coworkers, even though she was the one to win the bid of their project in Dubai.

Through all three seasons we watch her make her decisions on a lot of issues, based on her past. She just could not bring herself to trust anyone but herself. After the Black Night, as she’d begun to call the night that she sold herself to Onur, she thought herself a whore.  She used that excuse to push him away on many occasions even though she fell in love with him.

And then we meet Onur. What a piece of work our hero turned out to be. It’s been awhile since we met such a complex human specimen. He’s ALL THAT, and more! In his mid thirties, Onur has lived a charmed life, or we think it at the start of the story. We do get to learn a lot about him through his mother, his best friend Karem and various other professional people he gets in contact with. He also lost his father when he was 12 and the way that his father passed shows us a bit about why he doesn’t trust women. His mother adores him and has always been possessive of him and his time. His friend seems always in a competition with him on both professional and personal front. They both fall for Scheherazade and neither is willing to admit the fact, at the beginning.

However, after Onur spends that night with her, he knows that there’s no going back. He knows that he loves her, that the desire he feels for her is not just a passing fancy and that now he must work very hard to show her that love, so he starts courting her. Down the line we finally find out the reason for his jealousy and trust issues in women. Apparently, he caught his betrothed with another man in his bed, in his house, a week before the wedding. From that point on, women were not to be trusted and not to be loved, just used. Until he met Scheherazade.

Through three seasons of this show, we follow their love as it progresses from one night stand into an epic tale of love, betrayal and heartache. We also meet her In-Laws, his Mother, their best friends and their families, coworkers and we get to see many, many scenes of Istanbul and Turkey that I never thought I’d ever see. What a wonderful background Istanbul made!

Kudos to casting directors for casting the parts of Onur and Scheherazade with Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel who I found out married in the second season. Tardu Flordun and Ceyda Düvenci were wonderful as Kerem and Bennu. There are many secondary characters that were so much the part of the story that we loved to hate some, and others just loved. I have to also give credit to the director Kudret Sabanci who was just amazing.  Here are just a few scenes that I’ll never forget:

The scene in which they enter a hotel room on that night is one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen, and we don’t even see them in bed! She enters behind him and as he takes the drink, she just stands still with her head lowered, her eyes glued to the floor. He puts the drink down, walks up to her hardly looking at her, and slowly, ever so slowly he raises his hands and takes her shawl off to reveal the black dress she’s wearing. Again ever so slowly he reaches to the back of her head and slides the pony tail band and reverently touches her hair. WOW! Besides feeling the sexual tension between them, we could feel the shame and the desire.

The scene in which Onur proposes marriage to her takes place in a very posh, upscale restaurant that he bought out for the evening and had it decorated all in white, with soft lighting and a classical three-piece orchestra playing in the background. He knows that she’s skittish and so the approach he takes is that of honesty as he says this:

“You know better than I the story of Shah Sheharyar where he says ‘Friend, do not trust women’ . It takes Scheherazade Thousand and One Night to tell Shah Sheharyar  her stories and at the end she saves herself as well as all the women. Together we spent one night, but that one night is for me longer than thousand and one. Scheherazade, I know if I spent thousand and one nights on my knees and begged your forgiveness, I would never atone for it in my heart. Every night that I’m alone I think of only one thing: How can I erase that night from your memory. Will You Marry Me? Please, do not hurry with your answer. I am afraid that it would be No. In order to get the answer that my heart wants to hear, I will be patient. For you to say Yes, I will wait thousand and One Night because I love you. I have never said those words with fire that burns within my heart. You have entered my soul, I feel you all around me, and you are the very breath I take. I wondered for a while what gift of my affection I can offer to you. No precious jewels could ever show you how much I love you, how much I suffer for the deep hurt I brought you, and  how sorry I am for hurting you. You deserve the best that this world can offer. Everything. So I gift you with a piece of my childhood.”

With that he takes out of his pocket a small warned out toy of a horse and slowly pushes it toward her. She looks at it for a while and you can see it in her eyes that she’s battling herself as to what she should do and say. She never takes the horse, but tells him that she thinks it’s too soon, she needs time and to his relief she does not say No.

Every scene, and there are many, in which Onur reads the “Thousand and One Night” is a gift to us. I’ll be hearing his voice in my dreams, and seeing him ride his horse, Shah Sheharyar. It is the most impressive and soothing voice I’ve heard in a long time. The music played a major role in this series. It was beautiful and very haunting.

There’s also a scene where he just about had enough with her running away from him, so he arranges to have a business meeting where her presence is important, so after the meeting she can’t start her jeep and he offers her a ride and she acceppts. In the car they have a minor disagreement, and he abruptly stops the car and forces her to get out of it, then proceeds to drag her into the forest and pours his heart out, YET AGAIN!

“You’re right, Scheherazade. Totaly!I will NEVER forget that night! Every time I look at you, I remember the night I fell in love with you! That night brought me one more thing, and that is a lifetime of jealousy! Towards Everyone! That wil NEVER change!If ever we get back together, we WILL fight over it! Not because I don’t trust you, but because I don’t think I deserve you! I’ll be always scared to lose you! That is WHO I am! I am a man who NEVER trusted women before that night. I am a man changed by love from that night! If you can tell me you don’t love that man, then take the car keys and go!”

She does not take the keys and they stand there in the pouring rain in the middle of the forest and kiss!

The scene at the end of the series, where Scheherazade is set to wed another, and is asked the question “Will you….” And she just sits there so quiet, so afraid that once she answers it, it would be too late. You can feel her doubts…and then HE walks in, saying nothing, just solemnly looking straight at her, making her turn and then we all see what she sees. Onur, flanked on both sides and holding hands with their children, little Kaan (her son) and Lilliput (his daughter who finds him after nine years).

The look he gives her, the words really would have been too much. Onur is daring her to say Yes, daring her to deny the love and their family that only he can give her. WOW! Cried crocodile tears!

These are only a handful of scenes that have made a lasting impression on me, but there are too many to go into, least of all THE scene in which she asks him for money and he makes her an offer she really had  no choice but to take. These actors were chosen so well and did an outstanding job in conveying to us the pain they both were in, the love, the desire, the chemistry was undeniable.

BRAVO! Bravo to all. Even though this was a love story of Onur and Scheherazade, we know it took a “village” to bring us this story and we know this was an ensemble show. As far as I know it was aired in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.  I watched it with Serbian Subtitles and I tried to find out if it was available in English, but could not find it.

Basic Information:

Binbir Gece (“Thousand and one nights“) is a Turkish television series starring:  Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar Korel, Tardu Flordun and Ceyda Düvenci; Director: Kudret Sabanci; Screen Writer: Mehmet Bilal, Murat Lutfu, Yildiz Tunc, Ethem Yekta; Episodes: 90; Broadcast Network: Kanal D; Broadcast Period: November 7, 2006 – May 12, 2009; Production Company: TMC Film. It won a 34th Golden Butterfly Awards for Best Actress (Berguzar Korel), Best Actor (Halit Ergenc) and Best Drama (Binbir Gece). To catch Berguzar Korel: Endless Song (Bitmeyen Sarki) or Halit Ergenc: Zerda (Zerda), Aliye (Aliye), Magnificient Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil).

Sample the music, the scenery of Istanbul, and the chemistry of  Onur and Scheherazade:



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38 thoughts on “BinBir Gece (One Thousand and One Nights)”

  1. I am big “Bin bir gece” fan, I think it’s a marvelous film. I like the actors, Berguzar and Halit, their talent and their big love that I wish endless.

    1. i am in love with these actors Halit and Berguzar wish them all the best in their life and really wants both of them to stay together i want this 1001 nights complete CD wants to buy on line any one please help me my email id is will be thank full

    2. “We have entered the 21st century, a one night stand with a rich dude, hopefully a good lover, plus money to save your kid.” By that estimation we are all prostitutes, only the price changes. Sherazat’s consent was coerced because she was desperate for financial help. She was treated like an object that could be bought for a certain price. She rightfully turns onur down and I am not sure if I would ever marry someone like that.

  2. Do you know where can the show be found w/english subtitles? I know it’s popular in Europe, and watch it with subtitles in my language (Serbian or Croatian), but I would like some of my friends in Canada to watch it, but can’t fin it with english subs.

    1. Dear Sandra,
      I dont know if exist an english sutitle for Binbir gece, I will chek. If your friends know hungarian language, there is a site with this film, but one loose the marvelous voices of the main actors.

  3. I never watch soap operas but I got drawn into this one.Pity there were no Enlish subtitles! It was so very entertaining and annoying all at the same time. Why, why one may ask did they not try a story-script based on Cinderalla rather that 1001 nights! Onur was such a misogynist as was Kerim! As for Ali Kemal, well what can would say other than poor, poor Fisson! While Scheherazade, was a hardened coquette-a complete pain in the posterior to the very end! Oh novelty, the most potent of all attractions,is also the most the perishable, or so they say, anyway!

    Balzac would have had a field day with this one! But all in all it was excellent, a throroughly enjoyable watch!

  4. hello! i am so desperate to watch this series. has anyone found a site to watch it with subtittles in english or at least english summeries of the episodes? pls, can anyone help me???

  5. anyone know where I could fine Turkish subtitles for the show? I can’t always catch all the turkish. Appreciate the article/recommendation by the way!

  6. hi,
    i have watched the youtube videos of some scenes but couldnt understand much without english subtitles. in the last episode, why was sherezaad marrying another man? i mean, i saw a video of onur and her wedding celebrations so when/why did they get divorced!

    1. Hey John!

      They divorced because she didn’t trust him [his ex-girlfriend came back and set him up]. I’m so sorry they don’t have this w/English subs 😦

      Before I found them in Serbian, I watched it in Turkish and just assumed the dialogue 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


      1. hey thanks alot! i really like the story, really unfortunate for me that the series is not dubbed.or subtitled in english!

      2. urdu! there is a local channel here that shows translated completely in urdu,really good dubbing. thats how we saw fatmagul, ask i mamnu, kuzey guney and now the historical drama starring onur of binbir gece as sultan sulaiman!

  7. Plz plz at least a site with other languages or turkish summary. In any language !!!!!
    We can then translate that to english. Thx

  8. I`m from Chile, S.A. a local TV broadcast,name ” Megavision” is showing “A thousand and one night “. Here is just a loud scream, is beating all other channel at prime time TV
    Me and most of my friends just love it.
    They changed the language from Turk to Spanish.So if you can understand spanish you may look for this TV cannel signal.

  9. Hello!
    I’m from Chile. I watch this soapopera on tv. I like it very much, they beat all the other tv programs. No one can win them!!
    Thank you.

  10. Hey, I’m from Brazil and currently, this serie is being shown here in brazilian TV. I’m enjoying and liking it so much, and plus, this novel is so addictive. Do you girls agree with me? xD

    I have a question, I found a short video in youtube which a woman (Eda) shoots Kerem. =( OMG, does someone know if he really dies? Oh noooo, if he dies, everything will lose the gracefulness. Kerem is my favorite character in this serie. 😥 He’s so spectacular and a charming man. :3

  11. I love love this show! I started watching it on Youtube n then it came to NY Spanish TV. It was dubbed in Chile to the Spanish. It’s still playing in NY n when I miss it I look for the Youtube videos.
    I wish I could find this with English subtitles. I know plenty of people that would love to watch it but speak only English. I’m hoping that at least I’ll be able to find it with the dubbing in Spanish. I want this is my collection.
    I wonder if the Mexicans or Colombians will buy the rights to this story. Those 2 countries make the best Spanish telenovelas. Who knows, maybe USA will. They bought the rights for “Ugly Betty” from Colombia’s “Betty la Fea” n Mexico is notorious for making “refritos” (refried) that’s when they take a story n change it a bit n remake it to fit the USA consumers. I would love it. Off course I don’t think they will be so lucky to find 2 actors with the chemistry that Onur/Halit & Sherazade/Bergozar have. The entire ensemble is excellent. Yes, kudos to the entire country of Turkey. One of the best ever made:-)

  12. For those who like me love, love, love this series… Series 1 (of three) it’s on Netflix now, dubbed in Spanish and with English and Spanish subtitles!!!

  13. Can someone please answer: does Ali end up with Cancel, do Bennu and Karem get married, do Onur and Shaharazad end up together. Does Fasun the miserable mean wife die.

  14. I love this series, its the best! I can’t find the 2nd season episodes in English ANYWHERE. Please nelp me. I only can watch 43 episodes.

  15. Wow, you saw mutual sexual tension and consent in the hotel scene? Not what I saw! I see a despicable man who treated a woman as a prostitute. Not even a willing prostitute. I love the Turkish dramas madly but their treatment of women is sometimes unbearable.

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