Shana Galen and Five Fun Facts from …

Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend

???????????????????????????????????????1. I didn’t come up with the titles for any of the books in the Jewels of the Ton series. After When You Give a Duke a Diamond was titled I knew the other books would have gems in the titles too, but I didn’t know which gem until I’d already written all of If You Give a Rake a Ruby and most of Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend. I had to go back and include the gem in the title in the story.

2. I named the hero’s friend Flynn because Flynn Rider from Tangled is my favorite Disney Tangled Rlynn Riderhero. But then I liked him so much I had to write a story for him too. It will be out in January and is titled The Viscount of Vice.

3. When Lily turns up at the end of If You Give a Rake a Ruby as a spy, I was as surprised as anyone else. I didn’t know she was a spy, and it wasn’t what I was planning for her book. Fortunately, my editor gives me a lot of leeway when I write synopses, since my books are generally nothing like the synopses I turn in.

Multi-Colored-Sapphires[1]4. I had to research sapphires when I was writing this book. I found out that sapphires come in more than just blue. They can be purple and pink and other colors too. I have some pictures of various colored sapphires on my Pinterest board for Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend.

girl sidesaddle5. Lily rides a horse several times in the novel, and I had to research riding habits to make sure she was dressed appropriately. I always find it so amazing that women did everything men did on horseback, but they did it sitting sideways!

Who’s your favorite “supporting actor” in a book, movie or TV show? Does s/he deserve a story of his/her own?

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 If You Give a Rake a Ruby. (U.S./Canada only)

sg saaebf2

‘Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend’

Careful, gentlemen—there’s more to this courtesan than meets the eye

What better disguise for a secret agent than that of a courtesan? Lily Dawson, dubbed the Countess of Charm, is a spy working for the Crown to uncover a traitor.

Andrew Booth-Payne, Earl of Darlington, wants to hate Lily for taking up with his father, but something about Lily intrigues him. When he discovers there is more to her flirtation than greed, he knows he must help her uncover a traitor. Even if that traitor is his own father…

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Shana GalenAuthor Bio: Shana Galen is the bestselling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Booklist says, “Galen expertly entwines espionage-flavored intrigue with sizzling passion,” and RT Bookreviews calls her “a grand mistress of the action/adventure subgenre.” She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston’s inner city. Now she writes full time. She’s happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

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‘Sapphires are an Earl’s Best Friend’ by Shana Galen

sg saaebfSTORY: She Wants Him… She Wants Him Not…

Lily Dawson, dubbed the Countess of Charm by the Prince Regent himself, plays the role of the courtesan flawlessly while her real purpose is spying in the service of the Crown. Her mission now is to seduce a duke to test his true loyalties. She’ll do it, even though the man she really wants is Andrew Booth-Payne, Earl of Darlington—the duke’s son.

Andrew is furious when he finds himself rivaling his father for Lily’s attention. When he uncovers Lily’s mission, Andrew is faced with impossible choices. It seems he is destined to betray either his family, his country, or the longings of his own heart…

REVIEW: Lily Dawson, is known as the Countess of Charm.  She passes herself off as a courtesan when she is truly a spy for the government.  At present, she has been tasked with trying to cozy up to the Duke of Ravenscroft to find if he truly is or isn’t loyal to his country.  The Duke is known to be a hard drinking, old lecher.  He is suspected of being in possession of some rubies that he is using to pay for assassins to kill government spies.  Lily is staying at his home looking for chances to search the place to see if the suspicions are true.  Lily is finding things difficult for she is constantly being thrown together with Andrew Booth-Payne, the Earl of Darlington and son of the Duke of Ravenscroft.  Her growing attraction to him is throwing her off her game.  Knowing that his father is also lusting after Lily makes for some great confrontations and a good story.

This is the third book of Shana Galen’s Jewels of the Ton series and stories of each of its three members.  The first book is “If You Give a Rake a Ruby” which features Fallon, the Marchioness of Mystery.  The second book is “When You Give a Duke a Diamond” which features Juliette, the Duchess of Dalliance.  And now, we have the third book, “Sapphires are an Earl’s Best Friend” which features, Lily, the Countess of Charm.  There you have the three books of the series and I do hope that readers will get a copy of all three of them so you have the whole series and know the entire story.

I loved the book and as always with Shana Galen’s novels, she has once again proven herself to be the master of the romance spy novel.  No one writes them as well.

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NDAD LD‘Never Desire a Duke’ by Lily Dalton

BOOK BLURB: A secret from his past holds the key to their future…

A Marriage Beyond Hope

Lady Sophia has long been estranged from her husband, Lord Vane Barwick, the Marquess of Claxton, whose rumored list of amorous conquests includes almost every beautiful woman of the ton. Yet a shocking encounter with him in a crowded ballroom—and a single touch—are all it takes to reawaken her furious passion for him. But how can she trust the man who crushed her dreams and took away the one thing she wanted most?

A Love Beyond Reason

Lord Claxton has never forgiven himself for the youthful mistake that ruined his marriage to Lady Sophia. Now, after nearly a year abroad, the reformed rogue vows to win back the only woman he’s ever truly loved. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove he can be the honorable husband she deserves—and the passionate lover she desires. As the snowdrifts deepen outside their ancestral home, can they rekindle the flame that burned so bright and find a new path to forever?

***   ***   ***

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REVIEW here.


As the carriage rumbled away, Vane pivoted on his heel and returned to the house, only to find the door locked. A blast of wind cut through his coat, chilling his spine.

He gripped the handle. “Sophia.”

“Go away,” she cried, her voice muffled by three inches of wood.

Carved into the spandrels at the upper corners of the door, two cherubs crouched above him, peering down with the most vexatious expressions of mirth. He glared back, which, admittedly, accomplished nothing.

“Please open the door.”

In return she bellowed, “Take. The carriage. And leave.”

“Not until we talk.”

He could only interpret the responsive tangle of unintelligible nonsense as a rejection of his request. Turning, he stared out into the night, clenched fists resting on his hips.

From this elevated vantage point, he could not see even the slightest evidence of Lacenfleet in the vale below. A thickening, frost-laden fog made the darkness impenetrable. Old memories tugged at the corner of his mind, but he commanded himself to the present, returning his gloves to his quickly numbing hands.

For a moment, his spirit wavered. Perhaps, after all, he owned too twisted, too tangled a soul to justify claim to Sophia’s respect and love. Perhaps, as Wolverton had said, his efforts came too late.

As if in answer, a vision came into his mind of Sophia on their wedding day, peering up at him during the service from beneath her headdress of feathers and lace, wearing the most astounding expression of unadulterated joy. Then another from their honeymoon in Scotland. Her eyes vivid green, her hair wet, and her chemise plastered transparent against her nymphlike body, as they’d frolicked near naked in the loch. But best of all, the look of shock on her face the moment they’d realized the visiting parson had just discovered them.

Arriving at his decision, Claxton strode toward the remaining carriage.


Sophia rubbed at the frosted pane and squinted, watching the carriage disappear into the fog and snow. Astonishingly, Claxton had actually done exactly as she demanded, which only made her feel more wretched.

Now she was alone, with only her misery and the very recent memory of finding her husband in Lady Meltenbourne’s arms. Turning from the window, she faced the silent vestibule. There was nothing to do but have a good, miserable cry.

All at once, the emotion she’d held inside all evening crowded her throat, enormous and unstoppable. Hiccuping through tears, she pressed her hand to her mouth and returned to the scene of her recent trauma. Only to freeze on the threshold.

Claxton sat in a chair beside the fire, staring at her over gloved, steepled fingertips, his hat perched on his knee. Ice crystals sparkled on the shoulders of his coat and in his raven’s wing dark hair.

“Hello, darling,” he said, with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

His chest rose and fell as if he’d exerted himself in executing whatever trick it had taken to get inside the locked house and into his present position. If he had sent the carriage off, that left her alone with him for the night. A bubble of hysteria rose up inside her.

“Oh, you.” From a nearby table she snatched a figurine and raised it above her head—

“Don’t.” He stood, a vision of dark wool, flashing blue eyes, and utter calm. “That belonged to my great-grandmother.”

Sophia almost hurled the stated heirloom, just to see if its destruction would cause a break in his dispassionate façade. It was no wonder why he had been chosen by the Crown to represent England’s interests abroad. Everything about him screamed of control. But she returned the figurine to its place. After all, she bore no ill will toward Claxton’s great-grandmother, only Claxton. Finding nothing else within arm’s reach suitable for hurling, she rounded the settee to confront him.

“Don’t call me your darling,” she raged, barely able to contain the impulse to leap on him and pummel him with her fists. Even now, the scent of Lady Meltenbourne’s perfume clung to him. It clouded her nostrils, driving her toward the most uncontrolled madness. “You forfeited the right long ago. Why are you even here?”

He muttered something that sounded like “because of Scotland.”

“What did you say?” Sophia demanded.

“I said, because I’m a deuced selfish bastard,” he growled.

“How did you even get inside?” She glared up from beneath the brim of her velvet cap, which she still wore, in addition to her redingote and gloves.

He smiled rather like a wolf, stripping the gloves from his hands, which unnerved her further because it indicated his intention to stay. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

 ***   ***   ***

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Shana Galen

AUTHOR INFO: Shana Galen is the bestselling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Booklist says “Galen expertly entwines espionage-flavored intrigue with sizzling passion,” and RT Bookreviews calls her “a grand mistress of the action/adventure subgenre.”

She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston’s inner city. Now she writes full time. She’s happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

Shana loves to hear from readers: visit her Website or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter.

Behind the Scenes: Winn and Elinor from True Spies

TS SGHi, I’m Shana Galen, and I write fast-paced, adventurous Regency romances. My latest is the follow-up to Lord and Lady Spy, and I’m here with Winn and Elinor to talk more about the book. Let’s start with Elinor. Elinor, you’re a mom of two girls. How do you find the time to plan Society functions, attend soirees—all the duties required of a baroness—and still spend time with your husband and kids?

Elinor: As you know, Shana, it has not been easy. The girls are older now and do not need me as much as they did when they were young. I miss that, actually. Winn travels quite a bit, and I find myself rather lonely and seeking a bit of adventure.

Winn: Is that why you’re contemplating an affair?

Elinor: I have no idea what you are referring to, my lord.

Shana: Baron Keating, you have a few secrets of your own. What’s it like being a spy for the Barbican group.

Winn: I’m rather tired of it, if the truth be known. I’d like to spend more time at home. I feel as though I looked around and my wife and my children have all changed and moved on without me.

Shana: That can happen even in my time when men become too wrapped up in work.

Winn: In my defense, I was out there saving the country from the diabolical plan of one of the most sadistic criminal underlords ever known. It was rather important work.

Elinor: And can you believe he kept that from me? I feel like I don’t even know him. We’re virtual strangers.

Winn: I can remedy that. Give me a half hour in your bed chamber, madam. We can very quickly become reacquainted.

Shana: Right, so let’s chat about something else. Readers have been asking about Adrian and Sophia from Lord and Lady Spy.

Winn: Wolf and Saint. They’re some of the best spies in the Barbican group, but they’ve retired.

Shana: Didn’t you meet with Wolf about the case mentioned in True Spies?

Winn: I might have met with him about…something.

Elinor: And I consulted with Sophia. She’s lovely.

Shana: I think the one thing many readers want to know is whether Sophia is indeed pregnant. Can you answer that?

Elinor: Shana, that’s simply not an appropriate topic for mixed company. Your readers will have to read the book to discover that (or a review with a spoiler).

Shana: I wanted to mention this book is based on the film True Lies. Elinor, at one point you have to perform a strip tease. Do you think you measure up to Jamie Lee Curtis’s performance in the film?

Winn: I haven’t seen the film—what is a film?—but personally, I was impressed.

Elinor: No comment.

Shana: Last question. Do you think there’s a chance for the two of you to reconcile? It seems there’s a pretty big chasm separating you.

Elinor: No. I think we must go on living separate lives. I don’t love Winn any more.

Winn: I don’t accept that response. She does still love me, and before the end of the book, I’ll win her back.

Shana: Thanks both of you. I wish you a wonderful happily ever after!

Melanie, thanks for hosting us. Readers, are there any movies you think would make good inspiration for a book? One reader who comments will win a copy of Lord and Lady Spy (U.S. and Canadian residents).

Warning! This agent’s secret identity—and his heart—have been compromised!

Winslow, an elite spy in Regency England, has managed to keep his identity secret from everyone—including his beloved wife Elinor. But his success with these covert affairs has taken a toll on their marriage, leaving Elinor to entertain the idea of a secret liaison with a rakish spy.

She believes she will finally have the danger and excitement her marriage has never afforded her—until things get too dangerous, and she ends up being kidnapped. In this world of intrigue, Elinor discovers that no one is who they seem to be—not even her own husband.


To Purchase True Spies:

Barnes and Noble

Shana GalenABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shana Galen is the author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals, including the Lord and Lady Spy Series, the Jewels of the Ton Series, as well as the Sons of the Revolution Trilogy. A former English teacher in Houston’s inner city, Shana now writes full time, and is working on more regency romance novels! She’s happily married to the Ultimate Sportsfan and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making. Shana loves to hear from readers: visit her website, or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter.

‘True Spies’ by Shana Galen

TS SGSTORY: He’s weary of deception…

Baron Winslow Keating is honor-bound to finish one last mission as an elite spy for the Barbican group even though he just wants to go home and be with his family. But after years of secrecy and absence, his daughters hardly know him and his wife has given up on him. . .

She wants to try a little intrigue . . .

Elinor has had enough of domestic boredom. She contemplates an affair with a rakish spy, only to discover a world of intrigue and treachery that she never knew existed. Even more shocking, her neglectful husband is suddenly very attentive – quite the jealous type – and apparently there is much more to him than she ever knew . . .

REVIEW: With ‘True Spies’ Ms. Galen continues her Lord and Lady Spy series that I really loved.

The character of Elinor was so well-developed that I could feel her emotions as she’s torn about her feelings toward her husband who it seems that he doesn’t care for her.
I found it very hard to like the hero. It took me more that half the book to start warming up to the guy!
His affection for Elinor wasn’t in evidence as much as was his love for his work and that bothered me all through the read.

‘True Spies’ is a romance between two mature people with children, obligations and a life that has forced both characters to take stock of themselves and their future.

Shana Galen does it again and gives us fast paced, adventure filled, well written romance about a couple trying to rediscover each other all over again. I’ve come to love the dialogue this author created.

It’s sharp, witty, clever, mature and never fails to touch my heart or tickle my funny bone. It’s brilliant!
I swear I can recommend it on dialogue alone, but I must say she plotted this one well too, so if you like a good, solid plot, than you just have to get it.


EXTRA REVIEW: ‘Spy Wore Blue’ by Shana Galen

SWB SGSTORY: Blue is the best of the best. A top agent for the elite Barbican group, he’s on the trail of an assassin targeting his fellow spies. Blue’s search leads him to Naples, Italy and the Teatro di San Carlo, where a string of suspicious events makes him believe he may have found his man. Unfortunately, he’s also found a woman—his long-neglected wife.

A brilliant opera singer…

Helena Giles is beautiful, talented, and furious. She taught Blue how to be a master of disguise, and to thank her, he disappeared. When they married, he promised to give up his work for the Barbican group. He gave Helena up instead. Now Blue is back, and he wants a place in the theater and in her bed. Helena doesn’t believe, as the rest of the theater’s cast, that the murders have anything to do with a theater phantom, but she isn’t ready to believe Blue’s theories either.

A dangerous passion…

It’s soon clear the real object of the theater phantom is Blue. And when Helena catches a glimpse of the assassin called Reaper, she becomes a target herself. In Reaper, Blue is finally pitted against his match, and in Helena, he finds a passion he thought he thought impossible. But can this chameleon be true to himself when love is the most dangerous sport of all?

MINI REVIEW: The above blurb just about tells you the story, so I’ll just skip the retelling of it and go straight to the point.

I know I’m not the only one out there that wished, I mean REALLY wished, this story was a full book. I thought Blue deserved it!

Regardless of my wishes, I’ll admit I liked it a lot. It packed a punch in its short format, and you’ll find a bit of everything in it; mystery, suspense, and passion between two very intriguing characters.
And speaking of characters, these two were ON FIRE! Holy smokes! These two were burning up the pages of my Kindle! LOVED IT!

Melanie for b2b

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‘When You Give a Duke a Diamond’ by Shana Galen

BOOK BLURB: He had a perfectly orderly life…

William, the sixth Duke of Pelham, enjoys his punctual, securely structured life. Orderly and predictable—that’s the way he likes it. But he’s in the public eye, and the scandal sheets will make up anything to sell papers. When the gossip papers link him to Juliette, one of the most beautiful and celebrated courtesans in London, chaos doesn’t begin to describe what happens next…Until she came along…

Juliette is nicknamed the Duchess of Dalliance and has the cream of the nobility at her beck and call. It’s disruptive to have the duke who is the biggest catch on the Marriage Mart scaring her other suitors away. Then she discovers William’s darkest secret and decides what he needs in his life is the kind of excitement only she can provide…


“You’re coming with me,” he told her. “I don’t know what’s frightening you, but you can explain in my coach.”

“I’m not…” But she looked over her shoulder and seemed to reconsider. “Very well. You do realize, Your Grace”—somehow she made the title sound like an epithet—“that your actions tonight only confirm the rumors about us and incite new ones.”

Reluctantly, Pelham looked over his own shoulder. A crowd of onlookers was watching them, most of them murmuring and whispering behind their hands. He scowled at them, and several scurried away. Others took a step back.

“I’ll squash any further rumors,” Pelham said between clenched teeth.

“Wonderful,” she muttered.

He signaled to his coachman, and his carriage was beside them in mere moments. A footman opened the door and handed the duchess up. He was right beside her. Once inside, he closed the curtains and instructed his coachman to wait.

He turned his attention to the woman across from him and tried not to stare. The color was high in her cheeks, and her eyes were bright. He did not think it possible, but she was even lovelier than when he’d first seen her tonight.

His gaze—completely of its own accord—flicked to her mouth. She’d rouged it, because it was far too perfectly red to be natural. It reminded him of some exotic fruit, and he desperately wanted to sample it. One kiss…

He tightened his hands on his knees. What was wrong with him? He couldn’t kiss her. She wasn’t an acceptable kissing partner in the least. She was a courtesan—a whore. She seduced men for money, and he was falling under her spell.

She narrowed her icy blue eyes at him. “Why are you looking at me like that?”


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Behind the Scenes with Bastien and Raeven from Shana Galen’s ‘The Rogue Pirate’s Bride’

First of all, I want to say thanks so much to Melanie for inviting me back to b2b. It’s always a pleasure! Last time I blogged, I let Sophia from Lord and Lady Spy do most of the talking. This time I thought I’d bring Bastien and Raeven from The Rogue Pirate’s Bride. If anyone knows what was going on behind-the-scenes, it’s these two.

Shana: So, who wants to go first?

Raeven: I will.

Bastien: Shocking. You’re usually so meek and mild.

Raeven: No one was speaking to you, pirate.

Bastien: How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a privateer.

Shana: Imagine living with this day in and day out!

Raeven: Day in and day out? It took you forever to write our book. At one point, you didn’t write for three months.

Shana: Raeven, I had a baby in the middle of the book. I was too busy and tired to write. I still turned the book in on time.

Bastien: Then why didn’t it come out as scheduled, and why am I now a rogue pirate? I object to this title most strenuously.

Shana: I’m sorry, Bastien. Basically, what happened was the book was scheduled to release in April 2011 as The Making of a Rogue.

Bastien: Which fit perfectly with the titles of my brothers’ books, The Making of a Duchess and The Making of a Gentleman.

Shana: Right. The cover was similar too. But then my publisher decided to go bolder and to do something completely different, something similar to the cover for Lord and Lady Spy, which everyone loved.

Raeven: Why didn’t I get to be a spy? That sounds exciting.

Shana: Anyway, we had to push the publication back and the cover was changed as well as the title. Nothing inside the cover changed. It’s still the same book.

Bastien: Except now I’m labeled a pirate.

Raeven: You are a pirate. And let’s talk about ships and sailing, Shana. What were all those XXes about? Half the time I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing or where I was going.

Shana: Raeven, I told you not to mention that.

Bastien: The woman cannot keep secrets.

Shana: Since the secret is out…I’ve always wanted to write a pirate—I mean, privateer—book, and so when I got this opportunity I jumped at it. Except when I started writing, I realized I didn’t know very much about ships or sailing or pirates.

Bastien: Or privateers. There is a difference.

Shana: Right. But I had a newborn baby and not much time to research, so I thought I would do it later. I put XX everywhere I needed to look something up.

Raeven: That explains why I skulk along the XX and shimmy down the XX.

Bastien: I kind of like the sound of that.

Shana: I finally realized I couldn’t write the book that way and I had to ask my dad for help.

Raeven: Oh, I hate that.

Shana: My dad is a bit more understanding than yours, Raeven. Of course, he’s not a British Admiral, and I never ran off with a pirate.

Raeven: He’s a privateer, Shana.

Shana: Anyway, my dad knows a lot about ships and sailing, so he loaned me some books and worked with me on the shipboard scenes and that was how I did a lot of research. Anything else?

Bastien: Mel probably wants to know where you got the idea for the book. People always ask you that.

Shana: Oh, good point, Bastien. In one of the earlier books I make a vague reference to the Harcourt brothers playing pirate. I say something along the lines of Bastien was always Captain Cutlass. That fit because I knew Bastien was the adventurous one of the three.

Bastien: Of course.

Shana: I sort of inadvertently set it up so this book had to be about a Captain Cutlass. And what better opponent for a pirate than an admiral’s daughter?

Raeven: Especially if that pirate killed the admiral’s daughter’s fiancé.

Bastien: He attacked me.

Raeven: Likely story. Everyone knows pirates lie.

Shana: So, Melanie, that’s a bit of the behind-the-scenes for The Rogue Pirate’s Bride. One thing is certain, my September 2012 book, which begins a new series about three glamorous Regency courtesans called The Three Diamonds, will not have any pirates. In fact, there isn’t even any water in When You Give a Duke a Diamond. Well, except for that one bathtub scene…

Have you ever gotten yourself into a sticky situation like mine (partway through the book I realized I didn’t know what I was doing!)? How did it turn out? I’m offering a chance to win one of two copies of The Rogue Pirate’s Bride to U.S. and Canadian residents who comment! I’ll check back later and join the discussion.

Melanie here! Thanks so much for stopping by Shana, Raeven and Bastien! It was most enlightening to host you all.

Bookworms, I swear you’ll have your sea legs long after you’re done reading this sea adventure filled with drama, humor and action galore!

To read a long excerpt from the novel, click on the cover; to learn more about the author, click on her photo and to buy this MUST have book, click on the titles.

‘The Rogue Pirate’s Bride’ by Shana Galen

STORY: Revenge should be sweet, but it may cost him everything…

Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood…

Forgiveness is unthinkable but it may be her only hope…

British Admiral’s daughter Raeven Russell believes Bastien responsible for her fiancé’s death. But once the fiery beauty crosses swords with Bastien, she’s not so sure she really wants him to change his wicked ways…

REVIEW: FINALY! I’ve waited for this book it seems for EVAH! By now y’all know how much I love this author’s work and as much as I was looking forward to this story, once I found out they were changing the title (I will ALWAYS refer to this novel as THE MAKING OF A ROGUE) and then the cover (which is not consistent to the series), I was getting anxiety attacks in regards to the content. See, this is what happens to someone like me who takes her ROMANCE reading to a whole new level. And for that, I give Shana Galen full credit. If she didn’t write her characters so well, I doubt my feelings would be engaged at all.

Well, I should not have fretted at all, although there is one itty-bitty thing that I would have preferred, and that is the Prologue. The other two books in the series, ‘The Making of a Duchess’ and ‘The Making of a Gentleman’, both start with the Prologue of the faithful night as peasants break in and I hoped this one would be as well because I wanted to find out how Bastien got away. So this is one more thing that ‘they’ changed, and changing these three things in the middle of the series (or in this case at the end of it) aggravated me to no end. However, after reading the story, I’m now past it and let me tell you my thoughts on this wonderful end to this series.

If you’ve never read The Son’s of Revolution and this is your first book in it, S.T.O.P. Do not read it…YET. Please, please find the other two and read them in order. You will be glad you did. This third installment can stand alone, but it shouldn’t. This is a series that you’ll enjoy so much more once you read Julian and Armand’s stories.

Sebastien Harcourt, Marquis of de Valere has survived that night, but scars he carries are not on the outside but rather buried deep inside his heart. He is certain that he’s lost his whole family to the fire and to survive he needs to be far away from France and boarding a ship he heads out to sea.

Raeven Russell is an Admiral’s daughter with vengeance in her heart. She aims to avenge the death of her fiancé who, it was reported, has been killed by Captain Cutlass and she is more than ready to face the bastard pirate. Nothing and no one will stand in her way when she spots him in a local tavern and challenges him to a sword fight.

Bastien, now known only as Captain Cutlass, is taken aback by a challenge of this young ‘man’ who wants to cut him to pieces, and fighting ‘him’ isn’t what he’s looking for. He has much more urgent business to attend to, like finding Jourdain, the pirate who killed the man who taught him everything he knows about ships and sailing. He’s been on his trail for a while now and he knows that he won’t rest until he gets his revenge.

What a shock he’s in for to find out that the ‘boy’ is no boy but a young woman! And here’s where we’re off on an adventure along our impetuous heroine.

This ending was bittersweet for me as I said goodbye to Harcourt’s (until the next re-read only). Ms. Galen delivers high sea drama, humor and action, so well that you better bring your sea legs along for this adventure!

You’ll root for these two as they pursue the enemy while facing their individual vendettas and help each other heal. Together they’ll face her father, English Navy, nasty pirates, their past and the de Valere family.

This is a wonderfully entertaining, fast pacing conclusion to the Sons of the Revolution series that had me laughing out loud and shedding a tear or two. Harcourt men, Julian, Armand and Bastien stole my heart and I thank Ms. Galen for bringing them all to life! Highly recommend it; not to be missed and always to be re-read!

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‘The Sons of the Revolution’ by Shana Galen

The first in a trilogy of three brothers struggling to reconnect and restore their noble heritage in the aftermath of the French Revolution, each losing his heart along the way.

Twelve years after fleeing their burning château, Julien Harcourt, Duc de Valère, searches for his lost twin brothers. His frequent travels between England and France at a time when the exiled Napoleon is reported to be marshalling his troops raises the suspicions of English authorities who set secret operative Sarah Smith on his trail. A risky game of cat and mouse leads the two from the ballrooms of London to the prisons of Paris and into a fragile love that neither dares to hope for.

A very dangerous attraction…

Julian Harcourt, duc de Valere, is more than willing to marry the lovely young lady his mother has chosen. Little does he know, she’s been sent to prove him a spy and a traitor.

And an even more dangerous secret…

Sarah Smith’s mission is to find out whether the Duc’s trips to the Continent are as innocent as he claims, but the way he looks at her is far from innocent…

Their risky game of cat and mouse propels them from the ballrooms of London to the prisons of Paris, and into a fragile love that may not survive their deceptions.

Twelve years in a French prison have left the once dashing Armand Harcourt, Comte de Valère a hollow shell of his former self. Though safely back on English soil, Armand remains locked in a prison of his mind, unable to interact with the glittering social world that was his rightful place. When his family hires the beautiful and determined Felicity Bennett to teach Armand, he is shaken by the onslaught of desire Felicity awakens in him. As Felicity slowly helps reclaim Armand, their passion begins to blossom into a transcendent love capable of healing the scars of both their pasts.

Twelve years in prison has stripped him of his humanity…

Armand, Comte de Valère has lost the ability to interact with polite society, until his family hires him a beautiful tutor, and he starts to come alive again…

Saving him is her only chance to escape a terrible fate…

Felicity Bennett vows she’ll do whatever it takes to help Armand fight back the demons that have held him captive for so long…

With Felicity’s help, Armand begins to heal, until a buried secret threatens to destroy their growing passion…

The Marquis de Valère escaped certain death in the French Revolution and is now an infamous privateer. Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood…

Revenge should be sweet, but it may cost him everything…

The Marquis de Valère escaped certain death in the French Revolution and is now an infamous privateer. Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood…

Forgiveness is unthinkable, but it may be her only hope…

British Admiral’s daughter Raeven Russell believes Bastien responsible for her fiancé’s death. But once the fiery beauty crosses swords with Bastien, she’s not so sure she really wants him to change his wicked ways… 

I am in the middle of re-reading the first two books of this series and I had to stop and tell you how much I love  them. Bastien’s story (previously titled ‘The Making of a Rogue’ and in my mind it will always be THAT title and THIS cover) is coming out next month on February 7th and I needed to get into the story, ergo my immersion into the series.

I would ask you to please click on the book covers and read some of the excerpts of each book and let me know what you think of it.

I thought each book was so well written and in spite of the setting and plots, all had managed to be amusing, witty and fun as well. All three books cover the period of the French Revolution (1789-1799) in France and Georgian Era (1801) in England and the author did an awesome job taking us through such a turbulent time in history.

If you haven’t read Shana Galen lately or at all, I think it’s time you picked up one of her books. She can make you cry in one paragraph, and by next she just might have you in stitches-laughing! Not many authors can do that.

She went all out in creating a wonderful series full of intrigue and sensual and romantic love scenes. The dialogue in each story is full of charm and wit, and the pace in all three flows perfectly. This is one of the best series I’ve read and just thought to share :)

Now, back to the second book….