‘The Hero Sandwich’ by Karyn Gerrard and Gayl Taylor

BOOK BLURB:  A wild night of meaningless sex is all best friends Connie Hollingsway and Nicci Sullivan have in mind when they approach a beyond handsome, younger man in the Cougar Cave bar. They soon realize they have taken on more than they bargained for.

Barrett Michaels just found out he was cut from the Double A baseball team he played for. To drown his sorrows and ease his pain, he goes to the Cougar Cave looking for a one-night stand with an experienced, older woman. Imagine his surprise when not one, but two women suggest a night of mind-blowing sensual pleasure with no strings attached.
Can three lonely people keep pain, bitterness, and grief at bay or will emotional fireworks tear down the walls surrounding their hearts?


“As far as Connie Hollingsway was concerned, she’d just found the meat filling for her hero sandwich. She cast a quick glance to her best friend, Nicole Sullivan, and amended her statement to our hero sandwich.

Bass from inane techno music reverberated off the wood-paneled walls of the club called the Cougar Cave that she and Nicci were at tonight. Connie’s gaze slid back to the man sitting alone in a booth directly across from them and further down the wall. The man, in a word, was perfect. Ascertaining his age was difficult under the flashing strobe lights, plus he sat directly underneath a neon sign for Budweiser, which cast a reddish glow over a stunningly rugged, handsome face. The layered and tousled hair looked as if he had just rolled out of bed. Milk chocolate would be the way she’d describe the color. Like all young guys, he had a scruff of facial hair, but Connie’s keen eye could make out the sexy cleft in his perfectly shaped chin. There were six empty beer bottles in front of him, and he’d just waved his arm to the waiter for more. A sly smile curved about Connie’s mouth. If man-meat was drunk enough, he may be open and willing to consider her suggestion. Leaning toward Nicci to talk about her idea, the words died in her throat when man-meat stood, shook off his leather jacket, and hung it on the coat rack attached to the back of the bench seat. He was taller than she first imagined, a few inches over six feet to be sure. A skin tight black T-shirt hugged every valley and plane of his powerful physique. Man-meat was cut, chiseled, honed, and sharpened into hardened precision, enough to rival those marble statues of Greek gods. The T-shirt, tucked into a pair of incredibly tight blue jeans, showed his torso to sculpted perfection. Fabric strained across rock hard thighs, a muscular ass and—Connie’s held breath whooshed out in a moan—showed off his impressive package to perfection.

She had to get a closer look.

While his build and his aura evoked a certain maturity, there were no telltale lines fanning out from the eyes to show he may be in his thirties, nor were there heavily cut lines around his mouth. Damn, how young was he? Who cared? He was getting drunk at the Cougar Cave so naturally the man would be interested in an older woman.

Wonder how he would feel about two women?”


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Karyn Gerrard’s Christmas Memories

I’m very excited to welcome this new author, to me at least. I only read two of her books, ‘Timeless Heart’ and ‘Christmas Memories’, and both I loved very much and hope you’ll give her writing a looksy. If you’d like to find out more about Karyn, click on the cover of her latest book or her pic, and you’ll visit her blog or her website!

Here she is to tell you more about her Christmas memories.

Thanks so much for having me here today Melanie!

Over three hot, muggy nights in July with the AC going full tilt, I wrote a Christmas short story.

A handful of e-publishers had submission calls out for Christmas so I wanted to see if I could cobble together a short story under 10,000 words. I never attempted a short story before.

Where to begin?

I started thinking about what I liked about Christmas, and how certain music,TV shows and movies can trigger Christmas memories. The light bulb came on and I started to write!

My hero as always is a bit of a tortured soul. He has past Christmas memories he would like to forget.

He accepts an invitation to spend Christmas at a wilderness lodge with some other guys. He hopes to play poker and let Christmas pass unobtrusively. He didn’t count on my heroine, Karin Kellegher!

I started to think, what is my favorite Christmas music? Even though I love hard-driving rock, I don’t like rock or pop in my Xmas music. (The lone exception, John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over).

The Christmas music I prefer is easy listening, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Andy Williams to name a few. If I were to choose one album, it would be THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING by Glen Campbell. No, it is not country, Glen croons on this album to rival Sinatra. It was released by Capitol Records in 1968 and has been out of print for years. The MP3’s are available on Amazon. (I remember when Glen had his own variety show! I think I just aged myself. I was a very small child!)

My dad was Xmas shopping in ’69 when he heard the album being played in the department store. He liked it so much he bought it and Glen has been a part of our Christmases ever since. My parents still have the album and my two siblings and I made CD’s from the album complete with hiss, pops and scratches. We all love it and it evokes such wonderful memories every time I listen to it. I mention this album in my short story and when it is played it pulls the hero into Christmas memories of his past.

So what other Christmas theme brings back those warm, fuzzy memories? The next thing on my list was 1966 cartoon of Dr. Seuss ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’ I haven’t missed a Christmas watching this in decades, I love this!

Thanks to DVD’s, I can pop it in anytime and watch it UNCUT and relive all those Christmas memories.

In my story, my hero Jimmy can recite the Grinch right along with Boris Karloff and in doing so, charms the woolen socks right off my heroine.

I never fail to get a lump in my throat when the Grinch carves the roast beast. It seems when it comes to Christmas, I am a total softie. I am a firm believer in tradition, love to decorate and cook the big-ass turkey dinner. Christmas is also when the hubs and I fell in love. Awwww. To me, it’s magical and I treasure all my Christmas memories.

So my question is this, do you have any favorite Christmas music, movies or TV shows that bring back any warm, sentimental Christmas memories? Let me know! I have a PDF copy of CHRISTMAS MEMORIES from Silver Publishing up for grabs!

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings or whatever! Cheers :)

‘Christmas Memories’ by Karyn Gerrard

STORY: Jimmy is at the top of his game, but his life is empty. Karin has resigned herself to a Christmas alone in her wilderness lodge. A spur-of-the-moment holiday trip brings Jimmy to her doorstep on Christmas Eve. Will these new Christmas memories be enough to heal a painful past?

REVIEW: The short blurb above doesn’t do this short e-novella justice at all. Karyn Gerrard managed to pen such a touching story that will have you cry by the time you reach the HEA, and then wish for more!

Jimmy Doyle is a thirty-six year old actor/male model who is determined to ban Christmas this year and every year from now on. The reason behind it is very personal and haunting, not to mention painful to a point that just thinking of Christmas would have him in cold sweat trying to outrun the feeling of guilt.

When the chance, to literally ‘run away’ from the memories and all the ‘bullshit’ Christmas Season is bringing,  presents itself via a buddy’s invitation to an ‘all male card marathon’ getaway, he jumps at a chance to get himself ‘lost’ for a few days of male companionship.

Karin Kellegher runs the large lodge surrounded by smaller individual chalets with her father, who this Christmas will be spending with his brother at Vermilion Bay. She was glad of it and of the prospect of getting some extra money from the group of men that were about to arrive for their ‘male bonding’ weekend getaway.

Her Christmas Tradition of getting cozied up with her favorite music and movies of the season is something she was really looking forward to, so Jimmy Doyle and his ‘baggage’ was something she never expected to deal with, yet once she met the guy, she couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

‘Christmas Memories’ is one of those stories that in no time will be bringing to mind your own Christmas memories, and with that some tears at them and at the story itself.

The author has deftly managed to cram up a lifetime of happy and sad memories in this short story, which is heartbreaking as much as uplifting. The love story within was tender yet sensual, heartwarming and romantic. Just perfect for this time of the year!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend you read it this holiday season. It will have you thinking of your own Christmases past and hoping for good Christmas to come.