Our Winners are here:

winners b2b

Outlander tie-in paper copy Winner – dholcomb1

Box Set Winners:

peggy QUIDOR – Nancy Sutphin – Evelyn Brix – vero de caro – Brenda Dickson

Dawn Crandall Winner – Bree

Jessica Scott Winner – Martha Lawson

Tiffany Clare Winner – Glenda

Bob Van Laerhove Winners – sharon & Denise Duval


winners b2b

V. K. Sykes winner – bn100 

Kathleen Baldwin winner – Janie McGaugh

Kathy Fischer-Brown winners – Nancy Sutphin; Mary Preston & Kate S.

Collette Cameron winner – sjmn60

Mary Balogh winner [The Proposal] – Cathy Phillips

Mary Balogh winner [The Arrangement] – Joanna Moreno 

giphy-bounce giveaway

Victoria Vane winner – Glenda

Jenny Barden winner – Ann M.

Shana Galen winner – Glenda

Máire Claremont winners – Lori H; dholcomb1; Kim 

Theresa Romain winner – jeannemiro

Joanna Bourne winner – ki pha

giphy-bounce giveaway

Ella Quinn winner – melissakeir

Delilah Marvelle winner – Joanna Moreno

Anne Gracie winner – Suzi Love

b2b Mel’s BDay winner – NancyS.Goodman

Anna Belfrage winner – Terri

Grace Burrowes winner – Glenda

Máire Claremont winner – kimmyl


Cara Elliot winner – Sandy X

Lily Dalton winner – Barbara E

Vicky Dreiling winner – Carrie Evans

Rose Lerner winner – Rosie

Sandy Raven winners of Audio books – ki pha & Cathy P

Sandy Raven winners of eCopy – Mary Preston; Glenda & Linda

Shana Galen winner – Monique D

Cara Elliott winner – Anita H

Amanda Scott winner – jdh2690

Cheryl Bolen winner – Kristine

Ella Quinn winner – Martha Lawson

Cara Elliott winner – Jean

Tanya Anne Crosby winner – Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy

Trudy Brasure winner – Marcia Belloube


Cheryl Bolen winner – Kristine

Danelle Harmon winner – ilionpeach

FOREVER winners:

TrishJ –  ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’

ki pha – ‘A Christmas to Remember’

Susan Gorman –  ‘The Trouble with Christmas’ 

Linda – ‘His for Christmas’

jeannemiro – ‘Twas the Night Before Mischief‘ 

KateS – ‘Once Upon A Highland Christmas’

Caroline Fyffe winner – Virginia H 

Erica Monroe winner – Bonnie


Mel’s Jon Paul book/cover contest winner – ki pha

C C Humphreys winners – jeannemiro & Kristine


Grand Prize Surprise Winner is…

Barbara Elness



Lila DiPasqua winners:

Terri/UNDONE print copy

Jayne Smith any eBook

Mel’s Amanda Scott winner – Rhonda Kirby

Victoria Vane winner – Lexi

Anna Campbell winner – Tonda groetzinger

Saralee Etter winner – Lisa Cooke

Deborah Doucette winner –  Gram

Julianne Lee winner – denise

Maureen Driscoll winners are:

Jeanne Miro w/Mary Jo Putney’s book & Ora w/John Heldt book

Connie’s winner – KR’s eBook ‘The Devil of Clan Sinclair’ – Susan Gorman

Kris Kennedy winner – Donna Durnell

Bethanne Strasser winner – denise

Leah’s winner – VK’s ‘Lost In a Royal Kiss’ eBook- jdh2690

Shana Galen winner – Amy Hart

Erica Monroe winner – eli yanti

Love Me Cowboy winner – bettysunflower

Mel’s FIVE winners from her ‘Taking a Break’ post:

Lexi, Diane Sallans, lizaoconnor, Jane, Glenda M

 Wayne Tripp winner – Manuela

Elise Rome winner – ki pha

Bella Love winner – TrishJ

Barbara Monajem winner – Mo

E. E. Burke winner – Kristine

Nicky Wells winner – Martha Reynolds

Marguerite Kaye winner – Linda

Mia Marlowe winner – Belkis Slazas

Vanessa Kelly winner – Ada

Diana Quincy winner – awesomebooklovers

Ella Quinn winner – Toni Kelly

Melissa McClone winner – JackieW


Sue-Ellen Welfonder winners are:

‘Once Upon a Highland Christmas’ – eBook – Cathy P

 ‘Seduction Of a Highland Warrior’ – signed copy – Janie McGaugh

‘Devil In a Kilt’ – signed copy – Karen C


Donna Cummings winner – oeamis

Priscilla Shay winner – Jean

Marilyn Brant winner – Ora

Jenn LeBlanc winner – ki pha

K E Osborn winner – denise

Katherine Garbera winner –  Veray Carter

Monica Burns winner – Linda

Vicky Dreiling winner – Debra Gruber


Kathy N – Redemption

divavixenqueen – Along Came trouble

Kristine – All Fired Up

Ivana Mitrovich – Entwined

Mary Preston – Unstopable

CateS – Delicious

Jane Lark winner – Eileen Dandashi

Sandra Owens winners: 

Stacy Brutger – The Letter

Bonnie – The Training of a Marquess

Máire Claremont winner – Jeanne Miro

Eileen Dreyer winner – Tin

Caroline Linden winner – Sue Gorman

Delilah Marvelle winner – Lori H

Jo Beverley winner – Manuela

Terri Brisbin winner – Laurie Nueske Weil

Valerie Bowman winner – Eli Yanti

Here are the winners!

Maire Claremont winner:  Barbara Elness


Ella Quinn winner:  karyrader


Victoria Vane winner:  Eileen Dandashi

Here are the winners!

Shana Galen winner:



Anna Campbell winner:

Sharlene Wegner


Jeannie Lin winner:



Sandra Owens winner:

Diane Sallans


Charlotte Hawkins winner :

Mary Preston


Delilah Marvelle’s winners of ROMANCING LADY STONE:

bettysunflower; maybe31; Danielle; denise & Cynthia Young


Caroline Linden’s winner:



Vicky Dreiling winners are:

bookjem & Lori H


Nicola Cornick winner:



Susan Hatler SAVE THE DATE winners:

Sharlene Wegner & Vania Nines


Susan Hatler LOVE AT FIRST DATE winners:

Kristine & Mary Preston



Whoever responded with their snail mail have by now gotten their books. If you haven’t gotten yours, please contact me with a comment on this page and I’ll send you a book from my stash.


22 thoughts on “CONTEST WINNERS

    • Congrats, Darling ;)

      If you don’t have a Kindle, than you can download Kindle for PC from Amazon (it’s free, but I tghink you have to sign up with them, again you don’t need to buy anything in order to be a member). And if you don’t want to do that, then Mo will send it to you via HTML, or a Word doc., I think but she’ll get in touch with you directly some time today and you two can decide.

      Thanks for always stopping by and get ready for Judith James, Joanna Bourney and Ashley March coming up shortly :)


    • From one Mel to another:

      I would love some free romance! I would also love to be interviewed by you. Just went to your blog ;)
      I’ll read your work and review, and if you want to stop by and Guest Blog, well by all means, Mel! November is free and open :)


    • If you’re a subscriber, you’re entered in EVERY giveaway we have automatically. BTW: Grace is coming in November to promote THE VIRTUOSO (Val’s story) and she’ll have a giveaway of it, so if you’re not a subscriber, get there :) Thanks for stopping by in any case :)

    • Hello Brenda,

      By now I think you might have gotten the books, but please let me know :)

      Thanks for getting in touch with me and sorry for the wait.


  1. I won a book from Anna Campbell. I think this is a really great way to introduce authors to their readers. Thank you so much.

  2. I’m not sure if I am the Tonya Tyndall that won or not because the last name is spelled Tindall on your list. If I am I have a kindle but I’m not sure how to receive my book. I have never won anything in my life. If I’m not congrats to everyone else.

    • Hey Tonya!

      That was over a year ago…Have you never got your book?! I know I sent you the email asking for info….but for the life of me I don’t know if you answered or not. Please let me know.


      Mel Melanie Friedman


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