Outlander Ep. 103 – ‘The Way Out’

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The third episode opens up with a flashback of Frank bidding farewell to Claire as she boards a train for the frontlines. I loved that scene in which we get another glimpse into their relationship and add another layer to their characters.  Besides foreshadowing, this scene solidifies Claire as a modern woman as she’s the one heading into action while her husband stays behind, which he’s none too happy about and asks her to promise him that she will return to him.

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

Fast forward to 1743 and Mrs. Fitz as she’s admiring Claire’s skin as she’s drying her off after a cold bath, and while Claire is imagining what would have happened if she confided in the woman [calling her a witch would have been the least of her worries, she concludes] but decides it may not be such a good idea.

Most of her days are spent in the bowls of surgery trying to acclimate herself to her new role of a healer. She seems to enjoy finding which things work and which don’t while trying to apply the 18th century remedies and reconcile them to her 20th century 103 o5knowledge of healing. Her body guards, Rupert and Angus, seem to trust her more and their guarding duty is for the most part boring to both, as well as tiresome since the woman “never sits doon”!

Claire slowly but surely has the folks in and around the castle trust her skills as a healer, but they are still a bit weary of her.  Colum however trusts her fully as he gives himself over to her healing touch and asks her to massage his legs. In the same scene prior to him asking her, we get to know the Laird a bit more as he shows his mettle as a Laird and master as he is having a confrontation with his tailor who assumed that Colum would cover his infirmity by a long frock coat. Poor tailor will never make that mistake again as the Laird schools him!

jamie claire lereeAnd while Claire is somewhat accepting Colum, she is definitely not a fan of Dougal. His remark to her [“It seems that the feral cat we picked up on the road is trying to pull in her claws.”] at the hall didn’t go so well with her!

At the hall she formally introduces herself to young Laoghaire MacKenzie, the chick that was accused by her father of ‘loose behavior’ and had Jamie step in her place to receive the punishment. Claire watches as “Leery” [that’s how you pronounce it, I think] eyes him across the hall and offers herself as a ‘go between’ these two young people. She waives the young Highlander over to join them and makes room for him between herself and Leery, hoping that he’ll get a clue. I was cracking myself up as I recognized the typical male obliviousness! He obviously has eyes only for Claire and is more concentrated on her than on the little blonde to his left, making a remark that he doesn’t even remember her when he was there last. Poor Leery!

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Photo Credit STARZ

Jamie notices that she’s a bit in her cups and asks if she would look at his gunshot wound since it had bothered him for awhile now, so she agrees and they leave in the middle of the entertainments, leaving sunned and baffled Leery holding an empty glass Jamie just finished, asking her to put it away [I'm still shaking my head].

In her surgery now, he admits to have used his discomfort as an excuse thinking to see her safe as she is three sheets to the wind. She admits to have indulged a bit too much. Both feel somewhat awkward but as Claire hits upon a reason why he didn’t ask her to change his bandages in the stables the other day, Jamie admits that even though Old Alec knows he’d been flogged, seeing it would be another thing altogether. He didn’t want to see the pity in the man’s eyes. He doesn’t mind Claire seeing the scars because she even though she is sorry for them, she doesn’t feel pity for him.

Photo credit STARZ

Photo credit STARZ

The next few days see our heroine traipsing around this time with Angus in tow, herb picking with Geillis; trying to convince Mrs. Fitz and her sister to let her tend to Mrs. Fitz’s nephew who it seems is being possessed by the Devil; butting heads with Father Bain as he is performing an exorcism on the boy; witnessing Jamie kiss Leery while making eye contact with her then grinning while continuing on kissing the wee loon [again, men are oblivious creatures and I'm left shaking my head and fist at the dude]!

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

That evening while sitting across each other at the Hall table, Claire just had to tease him with: “Your lips look a little swollen, Jamie. Did you get thumped by a horse?” He knew exactly what she was referring to and tried to play it cool and warn her with a look and his foot over hers, but she kicks him and makes him spill his drink all over Murtagh, excusing himself from the table after that. Murtagh reads the whole situation aright and warns Claire to be careful and not have the boy inadvertently chained to Leery. He believes that Jamie needs a woman and not a child for a wife. Later on she muses that she was jealous of their intimacy because she misses Frank.

jamie leree kissThe next day she’s off with Dougal to visit Geillis at her house and restock her herbs and medicinal stuff for the big event coming up at the castle. They are soon drawn to the noise from the street finding the priest bringing the tanner’s a boy to be judged by the fiscal, Geillis’ husband. He has been caught stealing food and the priest recommends that his hand be cut off. Well, Geillis sees that Claire isn’t so happy about it and convinces her flatulent husband to give the boy a lighter sentence, which he does. One hour and one ear nailed to the pillory.

As the girls are drinking port and talking, young Jamie walks in to fetch Claire as her 103 o7escort, Dougal had to go about his business. Geillis wasn’t a happy camper to be interrupted just about as Claire was going to elaborate on her unusual upbringing. Exiting the fiscal’s house Claire asked him about the poor boy sitting in the cold still nailed to the pillory. Jamie told her that the boy’s hour has been up awhile ago and that he is working up his courage to rip himself free. As soon as Claire asks Jamie if his fingers are strong, he’s on to her and they’re off helping the poor bugger get free. Claire supposedly faints, distracting the crowd while Jamie rips the nail out.

Feeling she may trust Jamie, she asks him for one more favor. Can he take her to The Black Kirk, the place that everyone says is possessed by the demons. Jamie takes her there and reminisces about his own childhood and tells her more about his upbringing, his education, saying that despite it, he still is a born and bred Highlander who does not like to tempt fate or demons.

“I smell the vapors of hell on you,” -Father Bain ["HA! That's only Fiscal's farting fumes" is what she should have told him!]

“I smell the vapors of hell on you,” -Father Bain
["HA! That's only Fiscal's farting fumes" is what she should have told him!]

He also mentions a plant boys used to eat, wood garlic, which when shown, Claire deduces that it’s not wood garlic but a Lily of the Valley and was brought over to Scotland by the Prussian monks [which she mistakenly calls german!] but people obviously didn’t know that this plant was poisonous and that young Thomas had probably ingested it. Claire makes a concoction of belladonna, an antidote and goes to visit the boy one more time. She finds the boy on a death’s door with a priest over him praying but convinces Mrs. Fitz to let her administer the concoction, and as the boy is revived and saved, Father Bain promises her that God will have the last word and leaves.


Later on while she keeps company with Jamie at the stables, he tells her that Mrs. Fitz called her a miracle worker and Colum is taking all the credit for keeping her on as a healer. Claire’s plan of doing her job well has backfired and she feels stuck at the castle with no way out.103 o3

She feels that people are now watching her even more and is lured out of her quarters only by Colum’s wine that would promise oblivion, and is drawn in by Jamie to join him at the hall as he translates for her a Gaelic folk song. The lyrics and the sound is haunting as she listens of a woman who touched the highest stone on the hill and was taken to another land, bided there awhile, made friends and lovers, then went back to the stones, touched them again and went back to the man who she left behind. Claire’s sadness was replaced by hope as she saw herself in her eye’s mind doing the same, watching Frank greets her at the stones. With renewed hope, she tells us and herself: “I must escape Castle Leoch and get back to the stones or die trying.”

103 o2

@grahammctavish and @ETCanada @showcasedotca on Twitter Today!


gmct ol@grahammctavish had a treat for his Hobbit and Outlander fans today as he put his fingers to the test and answered as many questions as he could get to. Here is only a small part that b2b caught and is bringing it to all of you! Enjoy this extremely talented man! 

Get those ?’s ready ….Rhenish at the ready….


Is McTavish even your real name?  


Absolutely and proud of it!

Do you have a family or clan tartan?

Yes, McTavish and my Grandmother was a Graham.

What is your clan motto?

Non Oblitus

Best thing about being Dougal?

Being entrusted with bringing him to life

Do you have fun playing a dwarf? 

Yes, a lot of fun, with some great people.

Do you like playing bad guys or good guys better?

All bad guys should have some good

What is the most demanding part of filming Outlander?

Getting a Latte up a mountain…

Best part about dwalin’s costume/make up?


What have you enjoyed the most at Outlander-Set?


Is that actual wine or is the Rhenish on set just pink fizzy juice?

Gary insists it’s real

Describe Peter Jackson in one word


Has whiskey ever gotten you into trouble?

Too often….

Is there a place you’ve never been but that you really want to visit?

South America

Would you let Fili & Kili ‘babysit’ your daughter?


Same here for me and DH. Besides whisky, what’s a drink you favor?

Gin, tequila, rum, IPA, Wine etc

Who has the most retakes/bloopers?

We’ve all had our fair share!

Can really drink the boys under the table (or off the couch)


Thoroughly enjoying Will there be more of these adventures? 

Watch this space

How long is a day of filming?

It varies. Longest was 17hours on the Hobbit one day…

Which is scarier to run from? Smaug or Mark Hadlow? 

Mark is a VERY fast runner,….

Any acting plans after filming this season of Outlander? Or just R&R?

Announcement soon…

What’s your favorite part of the day?

The sound of a cork popping…

I always forgot to ask you WHAT you like to draw??


How much, if any, Gaelic did you know before Outlander?

I owe it all 2

have u ever been injured on set?

A few stitches here and there but nothing too bad, touch wood.

Hi. what is the strangest thing a role required u to do?

If I told you you wouldn’t believe me!

Can I call you Scottish Santa?

Depends if you’ve been naughty or nice….

I would love to continue but time to rest my fingers. Hope U enjoyed it, and hope you enjoy the show!…. .

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

@Outlander_Starz & @lotteverbeek1 on Twitter Today!

lotte verbeek

@lotteverbeek1 had a treat for her fans today as she tried to answer as many questions as she could get to. Here is only a small part that b2b caught and is bringing it to all of you! Enjoy getting to know the actress and the character!

Hi everyone! lets :-)

What inspires you about Gellis?

Great question! she is just always full of surprises, even for me :-)

How many languages do you speak?

5 Dutch, English, French, Italian, German. Oh and outlandish makes it 6 :-)

What is your favorite characteristic of Geillis?

Can i pick 2? Playfulness and Passion

Which episode are you currently filming?

I am wrapped! but they just started the last block (= 2 eps)

Do you relate to your chr in anyway?

Relate to geillis in a lot of ways. though she prolly goes a bit further and crosses more lines than i do!

Is it hard to think “Dutch” at times? You must mainly be speaking/thinking in English…

I am rarely aware of switching languages, have been doing foreign films since i graduated, 6 years ago!

What’s next for you until Outlander season 2 begins production? Theater, movie, vacation?

Am so lucky!! already shot another film and two more to come. jay!

What was your favorite costume to wear?

Let’s see. there was ‘the monkey jacket’ ‘the moth’, ‘the raven’… cant choose!!

Did you get to collaborate with Terry for your costumes?

Absolutely! she is amazing caus i am just as stubborn as like to wear things my own way :-O)

What historical person would you like to have a drink with?

Jeanne d’Arc

If you were a real witch, what would you use your power for?

I would fly. potentially on a broom.

Does it take a long time to put on your Geilis costumes? Are they very heavy? They look like they are…

There is a team to help us get dressed but the wearing we have to do ourselves. jeans are more comfy..

What characteristics do you share/differ with Dougal and Geillis?

Passion, drive, belief for sure. am personally less lethal though :-)

Thanks everyone for all the support for greeting, meeting you in the chat! watch ep 3 tom!!!!

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Photo Credit STARZ



Outlander Ep. 102 – ‘Castle Leoch’

cl 102

Recap: I was pleasantly surprised that the second episode picked up right at the end of the first, Claire’s arrival at Castle Leoch.

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

Stablemaster Old Alec greets Dougal

Stablemaster Old Alec greets Dougal

After two days and nights on the back of a horse and in the company of the rough man, our Claire is now pretty sure she’s going to need someone’s help if she’s to get back to those stones, and so she needs to ‘bide’ her time, keep a low profile [YEAH!] and draft someone to aid her …maybe.

The audience is taken to the bosom of the Castle Leoch as much as Rupert and Murtagh are to Mrs. Fitz’s. We get a glimpse of many characters that will in some way touch our heroine, among those are the Laird Colum MacKenzie and his wife Leticia; Old Alec, the stablemaster; Geillis Duncan, herbalist that befriends Claire; little Hamish, the heir of Colum MacKenzie. And of course, the woman who runs the show, from top to bottom, Mistress Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Fitz as she likes to be called.

From that first moment that Mrs. Fitz spots Claire, we know this woman is warm,

Laird Colum Mackenzie

Laird Colum MacKenzie

affectionate and don’t take ‘shite’ from no one. A formidable woman who our heroine is better off to heed, yet our Claire is one strong female as well and stands her proud self erect while the older dame casts a suspicious look at her, having Jamie introduce them and explaining how they ‘acquired’ her.

After insisting to Mrs. Fitz that Jamie needs tending and that she’s capable of doing it, all three head into the castle, at which point Claire is reminded of her visit to its ruins with her Frank.

Mrs. Fitz finds some decent lodgings for Claire and leaves her and Jamie alone by the fireplace so she can tend him properly. Both we and Claire get to see the deep, ugly scars spanning from one end of his back to the other.

jammf 111

He tells her they are from a few floggings administered to him by the Redcoats. As she asks him the crimes he committed, he recounts a few and tells her of the first flogging done by Captain Jack Randall.

His father was at a funeral, he in the fields, and Redcoats came that day to ‘collect their levy’. He heard screams coming from the house, ran to see what was happening and found his sister Jenny fighting off the Redcoats. He doesn’t hesitate to help her, telling her to run into the house, and taking on the two guys, only to be stopped by the casual, low-voiced Captain Randall, holding a gun to his sister’s head.

"You need not be scared of me, nor anyone else here. As long as I'm with you." "When you're not with me?" "Just never forget that you're English in a place where that's not a pretty thing to be." - Jamie

“You need not be scare’t of me, nor anyone else here. As long as I’m with you.” – Jamie

He surrenders to them and asks the Captain to let his sister be. Randall is intrigued by the fact that this is his sister and compliments her on her beauty then very calmly wipes her dirty face with his saliva and suggests that he’d like to “take a closer look”, ripping her bodice open, exposing her naked breasts. The man shows he’s one son of a bitch even more by having his men hold Jamie and lifting his head to look at her!


He then proceeds to whip him until he’s all sweaty and thirsty from all that ‘hard work’ of whipping a tied man. He asks Jenny if he should continue or is she ready to offer him “better entertainment”, at which point Jamie orders her not to do it even if she has to watch them cut his throat. She finches as Captain Randall reaches for his knife, approaches Jamie and …knocks him out. He then tries to excuse his sisters compliance with the evil Captain by telling Claire why she chose to join him in the house, and how he ended up in the back of the cart with the chickens, who were not the best of company on the way to Fort William.


As Jamie comments on her kindness, gentle touch and that her husband’s a lucky man, her thoughts flashback to Frank and what he might think of her disappearance, which brings her to tears. Jamie asks her to tell him what’s distressing her and she tells him, prompting him to offer her some comfort her by holding her. Both are a bit surprised by their connection; his compassion and her confusion add to the awkward moment of quick separation and a hasty exit, but not before he tells her not to be ‘scairt’ of him or anyone else in the Castle, as long as he’s with her, yet when she asks him what happens when he’s not around, he tells her to remember that she’s English in a place where that’s not so popular.

Clair Hair

Clair Hair

The next morning Claire is woken from a deep sleep by Mrs. Fitz, who brings her some porridge and tries to get her ready to be presented to the Laird of Castle Leoch. It was so poignant watching this scene where she sheds all her 20th off for the 18th Century. A look on Mrs. Fitz’s face was priceless as she is confronted with Claire’s bra which she explains as a ‘French’ fashion.

"It's a brassiere ... ... from France." - Claire

“It’s a brassiere … … from France.” – Claire

Murtagh escorts Claire to a meeting with Colum, and she is now sure of the century but not the year, so she does some quick look-about Colum’s quarters, trying to find anything that would help her find out the year she apparently ‘fell into’. A letter dated 1743 on his desk helps her greatly when it comes to Colum’s gentle interrogation. As they sit and talk, she tells him who she is [using the knowledge Frank once imparted about interrogations], so she sticks as much as she can to the truth, telling him she’s a widow from Oxfordshire, on her way to see distant relatives in France.

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

She was robbed by brigands, and then attacked by Captain Randall. Colum isn’t buying her story and tries to point some facts about the Captain, but our Claire stands her ground and veers the conversation to the arranging her transport to Inverness as soon as possible, which it seems is only five days away. In the meantime, he offers her his hospitality and she accepts it, leaving him and heading out for some fresh air and trying to hold onto her sanity, I believe. She spots Dougal jovially sword playing with some boys and especially the one red-headed boy, picking him up and twirling him around. She is comforted to believe that ‘this alien world’ may not be so much alien after all.

“It’s true that Captain Randall has a certain reputation. But he is an officer. A gentleman. And you’re saying that a man bearing the king’s commission decided to rape a stray lady traveler that he came upon int he woods for no good reason?”  – Laird Colum MacKenzie


“Is there ever a good reason for rape, Master MacKenzie?” – Claire

That night she joins the people of the castle for their evening meal in the hall and is greeted with stares from many, and offered a prominent seat between the brothers, Colum and Dougal. Colum’s wife Letitia, seated to his right, is introduced to her and they converse a bit and while Colum is always ready with her wine refill, she tries to find out where might Mr. Mactavish be.

Dougal tells them all that he has him at the stables, taking care of the horses and outside the castle walls. Colum questions that decision for only a minute but complies with Dougal’s decision, and at the same time continues the questioning of Claire.

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

She welcomes the distraction of the young red-headed boy she saw earlier in the day with Dougal and introduces herself, at which point Leticia asks the boy to give her his name, Hamish he says, and Claire assumes he’s Dougal’s son, and tells him she saw him play with his father, reminding Dougal of the incident. Well, you could hear a feather drop in that hall after that little exchange! The boy is a bit confused and tells her he’s the son and heir of Colum Mackenzie …and as our heroine is just about to pass out from all that wine, she thinks retreat is the best course of action. The permission is granted by the great Laird and off she goes on her wobbly feet, but still holding her head high.

The following day, Claire is pointed by Mrs. Fitz into Jamie’s direction, by the stables and she’s off to feed and re-bandage the young man. We see that she has acquired a ‘shadow’ [Rupert is the 'eyes' of the 'head' of Dougal and is now watching her closely].

" ...I trust you ..." - Jamie

” …I trust you …” – Jamie

She smiles as she spots Jamie training a horse and she tells him why she’s there, so they hide from the rain under the roof of the open stable to have a bite of food. Jamie decides to trust her and let’s her know why his uncles from his mother’s side, Colum and Dougal, have him hid in the stables [a good price on his head for murder that he didn't commit but was responsible for]. He also tells her his surname is not Mactavish, but never divulges what is.

As they finish the meal, she heads back but stops to talk to Dougal’s ‘eyes’ and Rupert admits to watching her at his orders, telling her she better be happy Angus isn’t following her! Her decision to face Dougal might have been smart at the time, but the man has no gumption telling her that he believes her to be English spy and threatens to have her as long as she’s with them. Well, what’s a woman to do?! She tells him to have fun next four days as she’ll be leaving on a Saturday with the tinker! Take that and smoke it, Dougal! The man is shocked at that information and she can tell, so she drives that point right in. It looks like he doesn’t ‘ken’ his brothers mind!

To kill the time, Mrs. Fitz has her working in her gardens, gathering herbs and vegetables for the kitchen and that’s where she meets Geillis Duncan, a very interesting village woman that’s into herbs as much as Claire. They hit it off and are later seen in the hall of the castle as the Laird dispenses his justice among his people, with Dougal standing to his right.

Photo Credit STARZ "They say I'm a witch." - Geillis Duncan

Photo Credit STARZ
“They say I’m a witch.” – Geillis Duncan

One of those that are seeking his counsel and punishment, is a father for his wayward daughter. In steps Jamie volunteering to take the punishment for her, choosing fists and not the straps and Rupert is the one doling out the punishment. Before Rupert starts beating the crap out of Jamie, Murtagh warns him that his Uncle Dougal is up to something and to be careful. Well, needles to say Rupert gets on with the business of punishment, but is always looking at Dougal for the sign’s to stop, which doesn’t come until the blood is drawn from Jamies eye. Poor Claire is ready to rush in and help the poor lad but Geillis stops her from interfering and takes her to him as he leaves the hall.


While tending to his wounds yet again, she is curious about why he did it, did he know her? Jamie tells her that he’s seen her around but never talked to her and the reason for doing it is simple. It would be harder for the girl to get over the shame of being punishment in front of everyone, while he’s only bruised a bit.

Happy to leave ....

Happy to leave ….

Mrs. Fitz steps in the kitchen [the girl Laoghaire’s (Leree) grandmother], bringing Jamie some concoction for pain. As Claire finishes tending him, she tells him to he’ll be taking off his bandages by himself as she’ll be leaving tomorrow with a tinker. Even though this comes as a surprise to Jamie he wishes her a safe journeys and that’s when Claire spots Laoghaire hovering by the kitchen door obviously wanting to speak to him alone, she bids him goodbye and retreats to her rooms.

Saturday arrives and we see Mrs. Fitz and Claire running down the steps to meet the

Assailed with memories and faced with the Laird's decision that she is 'invited' to stay on as a healer ....

Assailed with memories and faced with the Laird’s decision that she is ‘invited’ to stay on as a healer ….

tinker and as soon as they bid their farewells, BOOM! Dougal stops by the cart and tells her that Colum would like to talk to her and points her back to the castle. She soon realizes where he’s taking her and is very apprehensive about it, feeling that something is up but not knowing what; she is left with no choice but to follow Dougal into the room only two days ago her husband made love to her in.

Meeting Colum in that room did nothing but bring memories of her and Frank, and she really tries very hard to hold her own and demand to be let go after learning that Colum changed his mind and decided to keep her as long as it takes for him to make sure her secrets are not going to hurt his family and his clan. She is devastated as she can’t help but, once left alone in the dark apothecary, break into sobs.

...lonely and alone she breaks into sobs ...

…lonely and alone she breaks into sobs …

Bookworms, am I the only one that’s totally immersed into the Outlander World? Are you watching it? What do you think about it so far?

The above photo’s are my favorite moments [among many]. Tell me which one was yours?

CREDITS: Written for television by: Ronald B. Moore

Directed by:  John Dahl

Starring: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Duncan Lacroix, Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Lotte Verbeek, Nell Hudson, Annette Badland

@Outlander_Starz & @Heughan on Twitter Today!

shSam Heughan had a treat for his fans today as he tried to answer as many questions as he could get to. Here is only a small part that b2b caught and is bringing it to all of you! We only thought to give you some of the questions and answers that were not answered [asked] before, so enjoy getting to know this young man as he’s not going anywhere any time soon! Especially now that the OUTLANDER has been renewed for its second season!

@Outlander_Starz sent a Tweet yesterday:

Tweet questions to @Heughan TOMORROW using #AskOutlander. You might want to ask him how Jamie’s shoulder is feeling!

Sam responded today getting us all in a ‘lather’!

@Heughan TODAY 1pmET/6pmBST Can’t wait to speak to you all. “Gasta!”


His second Tweet was a pic of:

@TobiasMenzies and @ginger_jasper deep in rehearsal. pic.twitter.com/7VDUAikgxL

Actor Tobias Menzies rehearsing [photo taken by Sam Heughan]

Actor Tobias Menzies rehearsing [photo taken by Sam Heughan]

As an actor how do you prepare for scenes like Wentworth? Do you find them difficult? 

We’ve just been rehearsing those scenes. We have a wonderful script and great director but it’s a good challenge.


Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

Cats, dogs, or hedgehogs?

All together? Eugh.

Scared by fame?

Hmm, maybe losing anonymity..?

What is your natural hair color?

I’m soooooooo blonde


Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

If you weren’t an actor, what would you choose as a profession?

Chef… Barman!

Best pub you’ve ever been to?

Oh, one underground in Texas. Or one on walls of Dubrovnik city. Hmm, One on beach in Brazil

Have you ever broken any bones in real life?

Maybe my nose when I was young. Nothing since…

How many times did you have to film that scene where you jumped off the horse in the first episode?

We maybe did 4/5 takes of that part of scene. No more than usual.


Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

What would your perfect day be like?

Ahh, starts with breakfast in bed and buckets of coffee….

Do you watch Game Of Thrones?

Love the Hound. Sat with Rory on flight to San Diego!

If all the whisky was gone what would be your next beverage of choice?

What you buying? #anythingWet

Have your fans recognized you on the street yet (non-Outlander appearances)?

Recently in NYC. So lovely!


Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

What is your favorite fairy tale?

One about the Giants that threw rocks, that became the scottish islands….

Jamie can’t sing. Can you?

Makes two of us

You’re a child of the 80s like me, what TV shows, cartoons, movies, etc were your favorite?

Crystal Maze. Thundercats.

What do you like most about film vs stage?

Stage is magical. Where I started. Transports audience somewhere else without leaving seat.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Trek. Firefly. Deep Space. Battlestar.


Photo taken by Matt Roberts

Photo taken by Matt Roberts

What luxury will you buy with your #Outlander wages?

I bought a car…! And a record player.

What has been the funniest scene to film thus far?

The intimate scenes aren’t funny but are rather “strange/Surreal”…. Lots of people in the room!!!

Someone’s probably asked already, A) do u prefer cats or dogs? B) Boxers or Briefs?

Cats and @ginger_jasper . B….Neither.

What was your reaction for Outlander Season 2? I’m very happy for this!! Congrats!!!

Delighted! Thank you. We are all so happy!

Thank to everyone who followed #AskOutlander Sorry could reply to all. And I was late… Enjoy episode 2, saturday on @Outlander_Starz



august 9

As an avid reader and self proclaimed bookworm, I have had the pleasure to read ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon as soon as the book came out in 1991 [I'm a proud owner of a First Edition/First Print], and consequently each book that followed.

photo trak @#I know that many, including the author, are offended by categorizing this piece of literature as a romance novel, and while personally I believe that this falls under multiple genres, if this book was placed in the Fantasy or Historical Fiction isle in 1991, I would have not stumbled into it. I, therefore, was lucky to find it in my favorite aisle of a book store: Romance Novel aisle.

To say that I’m a fan of the books is to put it mildly. My love for the world and characters that Diana Gabaldon created goes way deeper than that. I consider myself a passionate [do not EVER refer to me as a 'RABID fan'! I'm NOT a dog, and I do not bite!] lover of all things Outlander and try to follow and connect with like-minded people when I can. They give me an outlet to freely share my enthusiasm for the books, author and the characters that have become real to me.

Most of us can associate a certain world event with where we were when it Sam Heughanhappened, such as the first walk on the moon [I received my first real kiss that night, gazing at that moon], the assassination of JFK or the WTC attack on our country, and on July 13, 2013 as the casting of Sam Heughan as James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser was announced, I can remember exactly where I was and what my thoughts were. I sat at my desk and Diana’s FB feed came through with a picture of a guy pointing at his head. On a closer look, I realized that this young man was to play a role which fans of the books have prayed for over twenty years. The first thought entering my mind was, how cute! He is, and the second was how perfect for the part he was. And when they finally got around to casting Claire Randell, a starring role went to Caitriona Balfe, and no matter that I knew nothing of this woman, I knew she had the perfect look for that character. The reason for me believing so much in this series rests on only one man.

ustv-ronald-d-mooreMy fears and doubts about how good the adaptation of a much loved books would be, were gone as soon as I found out who the show runner is. All my tummy butterflies were gone the name Ron D. Moore was uttered. I knew without a doubt that he would take every care with casting the right people, finding the perfect locations, make sure that the piece was as authentic as he could possible make it and that’s when I relaxed and decided to just enjoy the ride he was offering. It helped to caitriona balfeknow that he was the man that brought to my husband and me a show that we could both love and watch together [Battlestar Galactica]. You may think that happens often, but it actually does not. My hubby loves Bad Santa and I hate it. I love Notebook and he hates that movie. Titanic is loved by us both, though, so there is still hope for both of us yet!

Tonight at 11 PM Central time, my year-long wait to see what I thought would never be, is over and the first episode of OUTLANDER series based on the book by the same name by Diana Gabaldon, titled appropriately ‘Sassenach’, will be broadcast for FREE on STARZ website, On Demand and on STARZ YouTube channel.

My emotions are all over the road today and none have to do with fear of ‘if the show can live up to my expectations’ because I have not set any for it. I adore the books and I have no doubt in my mind that the show will stand on its own feet and only enhance the books I love so much. No. My heart is so full of love toward the people associated with this project that physically I feel a bit ill with excitement, anticipation and gratitude. After all, I’ve followed, lurked and vociferously cheered every site, group, and contact of the show.

I keep telling my friends that are filled with fear that the series will not live up to the books they are in love with; that Jamie that they have in their head will not be what they envisioned; that the whole thing will be cheesy and cheapened by ‘all the gratuitous sex’ scenes, to relax, take a deep breath and let go of the books. Lock them in your heart for only 16 weeks and give this show a chance. If you don’t like it, guess what? It’s okay. For every one person that doesn’t like it, there will be HUNDREDS that do.

A fan of the books or not, I think you should give this show a try. It is for FREE so you really have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Like I said, I’ve glimpsed a few scenes here and there, and for my bookworms that appreciate a good, solid story filled with three-dimensional characters and plenty of adventure set in historical Scotland [think men in kilts, LOTS OF MEN!], I highly recommend you tune in and give it a go! I will and I’ll make sure to let you know if my trust in Mr. Moore has paid off.



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Happy 4th of July!

The best part of my 4th of July is watching the fireworks with my hubby…from our backyard into the golf course across from our home ….

No, they’re not as impressive as the video above, but they are beautiful …

Connie and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

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