Beta Reading Service

(Not to be confused with Copy Editing Service, which I do NOT provide here)

You should know this before ordering: I am an avid reader with no degree in English Literature nor do I have any formal education in the field. However, what I do have is a keen eye for detail.

This service also includes aside of reading the manuscript and general feedback: typos, punctuation, poor grammar, redundancy, and consistency as well as finding plot holes.

Please, note and specify the time you require the manuscript back.

In addition to the payment (which is to be received with the copy of the book), should this book be sold in a traditional format, I require 2 copies of the finished print book (1 copy to keep for myself and 1 to giveaway on my blog after my review of completed work).

Cost of Service:

Hard ARC Copy: $1.50 per page (+$5.00 Return Shipping)

Digital Copy: $1.75 per page

Thank you for the opportunity.

Melanie Friedman

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