Fan2Author Interview with…Máire Claremont!

Maire Claremontb2bMelanie: Hello Máire and welcome to b2b! I’m so happy you’re here! The buzz about ‘The Dark Lady’ is great! How exited are you with ‘The Dark Lady’ coming out?  I can’t even imagine the feelings you’re going through! The only closest I can compare it to is sending my kids off to the Kindergarten and hoping they’ll do good without me there to guide them….

Máire Claremont: Oh my!!!! I am totally over the moon. The release has been so exciting. I can barely believe it is all real. And yes, it is a bit like sending your baby into the world and hoping that no one bullies it.

b2bMelanie: Before I start with my interview, won’t you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about yourself and your début novel?

Máire: Well, I am a bit of a gypsy soul! I love to move. I’ve lived all over the US and the British Isles and Ireland. I have an M.A. in Drama and adore film and live theaters. My début is a bit on the different side. Very dark, focusing on a heroine escaping the insane asylum.

b2bMelanie: Máire, I am such a sucker for a tortured hero, and in ‘Dark Lady’ I had two-for-one. Both Eva and Ian traveled some rough road to their HEA and you made them work for it!

I found the story truly unique and exciting to read. You had me on pins and needles all through out! What made you choose this premise?

Máire: You know the premise was completely unmeditated. It came to me as I tried to go to sleep one night. The story literally came to me in the dark and I had to get up and start writing.

b2bMelanie: I must say that the many scenes you wrote just tugged at my heart-strings… How hard of a time did you have going so deep into the psyche of your Ian and Eva? I wondered if the intimate and sensual scenes came easier than those of Ian and Eva’s personal suffering. By the way, who did you model Eva and Ian after?

Máire: Oh thank you!!!!!!! Sometimes it was very tough, mining their grief and walking their paths with them. I loved writing the intimate scenes because it was a chance for them to be happy amidst their sorrows but it was also really natural to write the darker scenes as they were so true to character. Eva and Ian aren’t mirrored off anyone or anything. They are completely unique to me.

b2bMelanie: I think Cover Art is almost as much important as the content of the novels, but I find that not many publishers are acknowledging the artists or the models, and as an avid reader I love all aspects of the novel I’m about to read.

Tell me about the cover art for this book. It is stunning. This woman looks just like what I pictured Eva to be.

Máire: I got SO SO lucky!!! Jon Paul was the designer. Signet just really went to town on giving me the most beautiful cover. I sent them some images and we had a cover conference about the feel. Wait until you see Lady in Red’s cover!!!

b2bMelanie: You sure did! Jon Paul is such a sweetheart, not goona even attempt to hide my adoration for the man!

Maire Claremont The DarkLady Book Tour

Let’s talk titles…How hard is it to ‘name’ your ‘baby’? Have you gone through more than one and can you tell us what they were? 

Máire: The Dark Lady was ALWAYS the title. I was so lucky. It came to me. It’s a reference to Shakespeare’s Dark Lady sonnets. And my editor loved it and it never had to change.

b2bMelanie: Do you let someone read your work during your writing process? Who’s the lucky person and why? Or do you wait ‘till it’s finished, then you let someone read it…and who?

Máire: Oh yes! Delilah Marvelle author extraordinaire reads everything I write! Lacey Kaye also often looks and my amazing agent Helen Breitweiser!

b2bMelanie: OMG! The Delightful Ms. M. sure is lucky! I can’t tell you how lucky I was to meet her last year. Adore her!

We all have favorite books, authors… How about you? Are you willing to fess-up?

Máire: Elizabeth Hoyt is my very favorite historical writer right now with Delilah Marvelle making a very close second. They both write amazingly detailed deep books.

b2bMelanie: Totally with you on that one!

What’s on your TBR right now?

Máire: Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt and Forever A Lord by Delilah Marvelle.

b2bMelanie: I don’t have Hoyt’s, but now must get it. As for Delilah’s book, I read it as soon as I got my special ARC copy and loved it!

Now, that ends up our ‘professional’ portion of this interview. Are you ready to get personal? Or are you going to chicken out on me?

Máire: Do I look like a Chicken?!? LOL.

b2bMelanie: HAHAHA!…Let’s get Personal:

So, tell us something personal about yourself that you’d like us to know…anything that makes you comfortable…or not…like how many times did you fall in love?

What’s your favorite meal of the day (food)? Flannels or Silk? Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite spot in the house? Cats or Dogs? Champagne or Beer?  Your favorite time of the year? What are your fears? Your joys?

Máire: Oh Wow! I am almost never in love! I think that’s why I love romance. I can fall in love whenever I want!

M favorite meal is dinner. I adore Indian food! Chicken tikka Masala?? nom nom om.

I’m flannels all the way because they are the best to write in!

My favorite spot in the house is. . . the bed. I even write in it. :D

I adore cats!! Always have. I love their snobbiness.

I’m a total Champagne girl. I adore bubbles!

My favorite time of year is Fall. I love the transition and the turning of the leaves! Such a gorgeous time of year!

Fears?? Failure of course or rejection. The nice thing is with all the writing, I’ve had to face my fears. And the more you face those fears, the stronger you become.

I do cook and actually like it unless I’m cooking just for me.

My joys??? Traveling!!! I could travel all year long and never get tired of living out of my suitcase! In fact, that’s my goal, to be able to travel ALL the time.

b2bMelanie: Máire, thanks for ‘coming over to play’! I wish you a long and ‘muse’ filled writing life. It has been a pleasure and much fun to host you and get to know you.

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