A hero demands his own story by Cindy Gerard

WNR CGDid you ever meet one of those guys who was so compelling, so intriguing, so drop dead gorgeous and who you knew was much more than a pretty face and a flirty smile?  Well, I meet a lot of these guys in my day dreams.  Six of them for the Body Guard series.  Seven for the Black Ops series.  And it was in the 6th book of the Black Ops series (‘With No Remorse’) that Mike – Primetime – Brown showed up all flashing eyes and dazzling smile and irreverent wit.  I was in lust the moment he stepped on the page.  All Mike was supposed to be was an extra player – a vehicle, so to speak – to help me showcase the other guys and help me with a logistical problem.  I needed a pilot who wouldn’t be averse to the possibility of pushing the envelope when it came to international law.  Up stepped Mike.  And freaking blew me away.

I had a feeling then that he’d have his own book someday.  But when he showed up again in ‘Last Man Standing’, all flash and swagger and holy Hannah, heroic as heck, I KNEW I had to figure out his story.LMS CG

And boy, does he have a story.  See, I always figure that any man who shows such a give a damn smile and in your face attitude to the world at large might just have some skeletons in his closet.  Figure he might just have some ghosts that haunt him and some wounds that hurt him that he is determined not to let the rest of the world see.  Turns out I was right.  ‘Killing Time’, book one of my new One-Eyed Jacks series is Mike’s book and I had such a blast writing it.

Mike, I found out, had a secret.  A big one.  One he was ashamed of.  One that kept him hiding out in South America running a semi legit, semi bogus air cargo business, kept him awake a lot of night and got him flat ass drunk one night every year.  The anniversary of the end of life as he’d known it.

For a peek of an excerpt that sets the stage for his book, click HERE.

I think you can see that life as Mike had known it for the past 8 years is about to change – big time.  And I’ll be thrilled if you decide to come along for the ride.

KT CG‘Killing Time’ (One Eyed Jacks #1)

An exciting new series featuring Mike “Primetown” Brown, a character from her popular “Black Ops, Inc.” series.

For the seven years after Operation Slam Dunk went south, Mike Brown got drunk on each anniversary. The eighth year was no different–until he was drugged by a woman and woke up to her questions about what had happened eight years ago in Afghanistan. CIA attorney Eva Salinas has her own theory behind what happened to Mike’s team–which included her husband–in Afghanistan eight years ago, and she’s determined to prove foul play. Though she doesn’t trust him, Mike is the only person she can turn to for help. Under an assumed name, Eva convinces Mike to assemble a new team and go after the traitor who screwed up both their lives. As they track down the rogue who started it all, Eva and Mike discover they can’t live without each other. But can they stay alive while an enemy is still on the loose?

Publisher:  Pocket Books/Publication date:  January 22, 2013

Purchase from: Amazon / B&N / Simon & Shuster

Read an Excerpt

Cindy GerardAUTHOR BIO: The only thing Cindy had in mind when she started writing her first book was finishing it. The issue of actually selling it came much later. Only after she made that life-altering first sale did she realize that one book would never be enough. Now, over 20 books and numerous awards later, Cindy laughingly admits that she can barely remember life before…well, was there life before writing?

Actually, yes there was, and still is. A professional career woman, Cindy is a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services, a position she states is both challenging and rewarding. “Human Services is a front-line, real-life event. Everything about the job is immediate, from serving families in crisis, to assisting staff with difficult situations, to meeting tension-fraught deadlines.”

Cindy’s writing has netted her spots on bestseller lists, numerous RT nominations and awards, the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a National Reader’s Choice Award and two RITA nominations.

Between writing and working full time you wouldn’t think Cindy would have much time for anything else. And while she does find her work and her writing rewarding, there does have to be more. Cindy has more. Much more. She is happily married to the perfect man. Tom’s a cowboy, ladies!

Both Tom and Cindy enjoy gardening and have recently expanded their annual beds into a perennial garden. Cindy says she can hardly wait for spring and the promise of all that reawakening and the colorful blooms.

In addition to the horses, the Gerards have two dogs, Ellie and Boomer, who pretty much get anything they want. Tom and Cindy have one son, Kyle, who, after years of keeping them in suspense, found Eileen, the perfect woman.

Connect with Cindy:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Cindy’s Amazon Page


Cindy is giving away a signed paperback of DEADLY PROMISES ANTHOLOGY (signed by Cindy) to one winner who can tell her who’d they cast in the role of  Mike Brown, the hero of her new series. 


*Grand Prize giveaway info:

Grand Prize drawing of a $25.00 Gift Card (Amazon or B&N) and an autographed copy of KILLING TIME for one lucky winner that follows the tour and leaves a comment at every stop!

To enter the Grand Prize drawing CLICK HERE!

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17 thoughts on “A hero demands his own story by Cindy Gerard

  1. How about Channing Tatum? He’s done really well in a variety of rolls form drama to action to humor.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  2. Someone who can pull off the swagger, the annual anniversary drunk and still be the alpha hero who can get the job done with a heart of gold. Oh and let’s not forget drop-dead gorgeous. None other than Gerard Butler.

    cindersmaria AT gmail DOT com

  3. I am soooo bad with actors’ names. I would have to go with someone I saw recently in a movie and has a movie coming up, Mark Walhburg. He has the body and could have the bad boy look. I’m not totally sold on his personality though. Sue

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