Jon Paul & Kieran Kramer fans! Vote for ‘Say Yes to the Duke’ cover!

Pose 1This contest is just too good to be true! We, the fans of this duo of unbelievably talented artists, Kieran Kramer & Jon Paul, are invited to take part in choosing a cover for Kieran’s next book ['Say Yes to the Duke' Book 3 in the House of Brady series, out in August] from THREE poses done by Jon Paul.

This contest is run by Heroes & Heartbreakers website and it’s on their FB page. You canPose 2 stop by their page [LIKE them while you're there, won't you?], from now ’till Thursday at 5 p.m. ET and cast your vote for 1 of 3 possible poses for the hero and heroine by “LIKING” your favorite pose: The image/pose with the most “likes” on Facebook* after 5 p.m. ET that day is the pose that will end up on the final cover!

Once the contest is over and the winning cover chosen, it will be revealed on H&H. How cool is that?!

Head on over to Facebook now to check out the images and to cast your vote for your favorite pose!

*Don’t forget! YOU MUST “LIKE” THE PICTURE of your choice! Just commenting ain’t enough!

**The art for all 3 poses, including the image used at the top of this post, is courtesy of Jon Paul,

***b2b will giveaway Kieran Kramer’s ‘Say Yes to the Duke’ to one lucky winner that jumps over and comments on H&H’s FB page and comes back and tell us which pose they voted for and why! US Giveaway only!

Here’s my favorite and the reason I voted for it is the dreamy look in both of their eyes…oh, and those booty cheeks on the hero are nothing to sneeze at!

Pose 3

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35 thoughts on “Jon Paul & Kieran Kramer fans! Vote for ‘Say Yes to the Duke’ cover!

  1. I voted for #3 but I also love #2. It was a hard choice. Just love the heroine with her hair flowing down. It’s much more sexy. Now, I cannot WAIT to get the book. Three cheers for Kieran Kramer!! :-)

    Connie Fischer

  2. I like number three because I like imagining he at least has a happy trail and a bit of chest hair for the heroine to run her fingers through, which he doesn’t in the first two. :D I can see, it’s possible you agree. ;)

  3. I voted for the 3rd also, but any of the covers will be beautiful! Jon Paul does such romantic cover art, and Kieran’s books are excellent. I own them all to date!

  4. I was torn between #2 & #3 because I really liked them both. However I chose #2 because I liked seeing more of her dress which is a beautiful color. I also like seeing more of his face. Like I said though there was things I liked with both :)
    lorih824 @ yahoo dot com

  5. My editor and the St. Martin’s art department are absolutely going to LOVE how enthusiastic y’all are being! Thanks for voting!! And Melanie, thanks so much for talking about it here on your blog!!! You ROCK!!!

    • KIERAN!

      Love you woman! And as for Jon Paul?! OMG! His covers are pure poetry in motion….*sigh*. All of these would be equally awesome, but #3….love that one…..


  6. Hi Melanie! I agree with you, I voted #3, loved the look between them, their chemistry just made this cover sizzle….I’d say yes to this Duke any day!

    voted under Joy Gifford

  7. LOVE their work! I am so torn between the second one (nice shot of his chest and shoulder)…or the ass shot that just makes you want to reach out and grab some. Naughty thoughts? Oh so so many going on in this imagination.

  8. I voted for #2 (the middle one) because I liked their facial expressions better in that one – #3 would be my second choice (I like her hair down)

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