Jon Paul Ferrara Interview with Vince August

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Hello my bookworms! Today I thought to take a break from featuring authors and feature someone you all know I have a weakness for and that is Jon Paul Ferrara and his awesome, amazing and soul reaching cover art.

If you read romance novels, then you’ve heard of him and if you didn’t I am 100 % sure that you’ve at least once bought one of the books for which he did the cover art. There’s no way in Hell that you can look at one of his art covers and not be deeply moved and touched by them. They in themselves are just too powerful…too real…at times overwhelming.

The man himself is a very, VERY private person and last year I had the privilege to ‘meet’ him [albeit only on Facebook] and through many of our conversations, I have now come to respect him as much as his work. What an awesome human being he is!

To me, he was a mystery, but thanks to Mr. Vince August and his interview, that has changed and I can finally put a face and a voice to the artist I came to admire very much. I really hope you watch this short two-part very fun and informative interview.

Before you do, here is Jon Paul in his own words about how he came to do the interview.

“Vince August is a very good friend of mine from way back. One of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He approached me awhile back with the concept of doing an interview about my artwork and a little look behind the scenes of the process of how a book covers are done.

I am a very private person and very seldom do interviews, especially where video is involved. Well, needles to say, Vince talked me into it, thinking it would be a good idea for people to see how passionate I am about my work and get a behind the scenes look of my work environment and the process of cover art.

It turned out, I had a lot of fun doing the interview, as you can see in the video. He made me very comfortable and that put me at ease by the way he handled  the thing, and to be honest, it really didn’t even feel like an interview. It felt like we were just two friends hanging out.

I also recently did another interview before Vince August and that was for a Canadian TV art program which has already aired in Canada this past fall. Doing both, I can say that I really had a good time…

I hope to sell my art in print form and I have several other ideas I have in mind… hopeful the first item will be out before Christmas.

The other day Facebook disabled or deleted my Fan Page for no reason that I am aware of. I never promoted, sold or ran any contest on my Facebook Fan Page or did anything that would offend anybody. I posted my artwork. Period. After building up a fan base for several years and over 5000 of you loyal fans, as of yesterday, I have no Fan Page! I actually was going to release something in the next two weeks until FB knocked my fan page off and that kind of put an obstacle in the road that might hold up my plans.

Hopefully if the day comes when FB decides to re-enlist my Fan Page again or I decide to create a new one, I will post it and share it with you guys.

I am working on a whole new series of books for my publishers that I will be posting soon… though wouldn’t be able to release any info just yet out of respect to my publishers…in the meantime, I hope you watch and enjoy the interview…



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To ONE of you Jon Paul will send a piece of his art signed!

To TWO of you b2b will send one book each of one of the books he did cover art for.

All you need do is tell us what does the book cover art means to you? How important is it when deciding to buy the book? Which one of Jon Paul’s cover art books is your favorite?

Won’t you join our celebration by:

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24 thoughts on “Jon Paul Ferrara Interview with Vince August

  1. I always stunned with a beautiful cover so art mean amazing for me and I always wonder how great tallent God created to human :)

    All above pics are so lovely, like it so much

    Sad can’t enjoy this great prize because I’m international reader. All the best :)

    • Thanks for stopping by Hon! Sorry about this being just US but you can catch my other posts that are International, k?

      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

  2. I’m always stunned at just how beautiful his covers are. So pretty. Way too hard to pick a favorite.

    I am a cover whore. I admit it. For me, it all boils down to the cover. It’s the first thing that pulls me in and if I don’t like a cover it’s really hard for me to pick up a book.

    • LOL! Me too! I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to his website! I have a lot of books from his work!

      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

  3. I’m a total fan! I love Jon Paul’s covers and I am rather pissed about FB deleting his page, it often made my day. I hope it comes back. :( Thanks for the interview! Fascinating

  4. Jon Paul’s amazing covers have captured the readers attenion and brought so many new authors into our must be read list. He is an artist beyond compare.
    I met him through my favorite model CJ Hollenbach. The cover he made with CJ for Her Master and Commander by Karen Hawkins is my favorite

  5. Hi Melanie –
    After I finished reading your post I wanted to find out more about Jon Paul and I found two of his sites that aren’t to be missed.

    One is which includes a blog from 2009 and great pictures and the other is where you’ll find lots of his cover art – not to be missed!

    Two of my favorites cover’s by Jon Paul are from books recently released. One I think of “The Girl in the Blue Dress” is Sophie Barnes cover for There’s something About Mary and the other is one that caught my eye immediately when I first saw it – let’s call it The “Richness of Red” – The Scottish Witch by Cathy Maxwell. I already loved both authors and with Jon Paul’s covers they’ll be flying off the shelves so if you haven’t already picked up copies of them don’t wait – get them now before their gone! That way you’ll not only have two wonderful books to read you can also start a collage and frame and hang in your favorite reading nook!

  6. I really enjoyed watching the videos as he opens up about his craft and talks about those who inspired him. Cover art has captured my heart many a times. Jon Paul’s work is amazing and I’m so happy that you showcased him here. My favorite he has done is a medieval black and grey piece. I’m not sure if it ever made it to a cover but it’s so beautiful. The detail makes my heart yearn to be in that drawing. I want to own that dress and the sword. :)

    What a very generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance at winning one of his pieces and the chance at winning one of the books his work graces the cover of.

    • Leah, I was so glad he relented and agreed to do it! Now I need to go back and see which piece you’re talking about!!!

      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

  7. What? The Facebook page is gone :( it always made me happy to see his covers in my feed when I signed it. The covers are so beautiful, colorful and full of life. You can feel the emotion coming out of them. I can’t really choose a favorite but I’m pretty sure Paul has done the covers for majority of the books I own lol

  8. What fun video interviews! Thanks for sharing those.

    I fell in love with Jon’s work before I knew who he was. A book cover will make me buy a book without even picking it up to look at the back blurb. And I have done that many times when his work is the cover. Flawless by Carrie Lofty was one such book, love that cover.
    He is able to capture fierce emotion in the characters, like you are looking at a frozen piece of time in the book. The feelings of yearing, passion, love, and power are so strong you just can’t help but want to hold that in your hands. And now learning that he portrays that from just a little bit written about the storyline and characters? Amazing.

    For so long I have thought that I would love to have a “cover” done of me and my husband. I never got a good wedding picture of us, one that I could get in a large print. And I have always thought that this would be a fun substitute…though my husband would most likely argue he needed to have some weapons or something to man it up. =)

    • Lexi, as always, you crack me up with your comments! You know what? You should enlarge one of JP’s covers and ‘super impose’ yourselves :D


      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

      • *smacking head* Genius idea! Hahaha, or maybe just find one of my favorite pictures with a blonde and say it is me. hehe!

        I really need to get on Facebook, I canceled my account when I didn’t go there for a year. But everything is on there now, I am sorta bucking the system and trying to hold onto the good old days.

  9. Those painting by Jon Paul are gorgeous! For me, book covers are my first hint about the style of the book – is it a romance, historical, contemporary, paranormal? Those covers shown let you know at first glance that they are historical romance and certainly catch my eye.

    • Diane, me too! Last year we were traveling and stopped by to get some groceries, and when I saw this cover [no it wasn't JP's] but it was someone else, and I opened the book to see if they mentioned the artist. They never did!!! That kind of pissed me off! Why are the publishers not giving these men & women credit inside the covers?

      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

  10. Cover Art is an eye catcher, without it I wouldn’t even look at a certain book. So it is very important. If it is really appealing it is also part of the decision making whether to buy and/or read a book. Unlike others I don’t mind too much that sometimes the pictured H/H are not as they are described in the book as I am not too much focused on the way the characters look like. I don’t care if his face is chiseled, aristocratic or otherwise or if she is tall, small, slim or voluptuous. I had heard of Jon Paul before but had not really paid attention but now I will certainly visit his webside to have a look. I might even have some books with his art work on them. ;-)

    • EXACTLY! THANK YOU! Now if we could get the publishers [not all, but at least 90% of them] to give credit to these talented few, that would be awesome!

      BTW: Jon Paul lost his fan base when out of the blue FB took down his Fan Page. He now has to start over…Let’s show him how much we love him & his art! PLEASE go to FB and LIKE his page! Thanks!

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