‘Lord of Devil Isle’ by Mia Marlowe/Connie Mason

BOOK BLURB: Is Eve Upshall jumping from the frying pan into the fire when she lets a half-naked stranger pull her from the stormy sea? Captain Nicholas Scott is a rogue who takes advantage of every situation, whether it’s salvaging priceless loot or seducing a proper lady. And he makes it very clear he plans to take advantage of his new find in the most delicious way possible.

Eve’s whole future depends on everyone believing she is the soul of propriety. But with Nick refusing to transport her to her prospective bridegroom, and the balmy Bermuda nights whispering of unimaginable pleasures, how can any woman resist the lure of the … Lord of Devil Isle.


“Nicholas reached over to brush an errant lock off Eve’s cheek, but she shied like a whipped pup.

“Easy, lass,” he said, as he tucked the strand behind her ear. Her cheek was soft, but lightly grained with salt from her time in the sea. “Check your bearings. You’re safe now.”

Nicholas opened his sea trunk and pulled out a dry shirt. He thought about offering her one, but she’d been given an opportunity to find dry clothes and dismissed it. Besides, she was now thoroughly engulfed in his heavy oilskin coat. Pity. He’d have enjoyed the show till the muslin dried.

“I’m deeply grateful for your assistance this night, and in truth, I’ve never seen such a reckless display of courage. Nevertheless,” she said primly, “you owe me an apology, Captain.”

“Indeed? For what offense?”

Her cheeks flamed. “For kissing me without permission.”

He laughed. “That was hardly a kiss, lass. It just seemed a shame to waste a pair of lips at the time.”

He considered her for a moment. Fashion favored a little pink bow of a mouth, but this wench’s red lips were a wide, full ribbon, slanting sensually across her oval face.

Nick decided little pink bows were overrated.

He leaned forward, bracing himself on the arms of her chair. “Now this,” he said simply, “is a kiss.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but it only made his job easier. He slanted his lips over hers, capturing her with ease. She was rigid with surprise at first, but he expected that. He also fully expected the way her mouth softened under his in the next heartbeat. Her lips were dusted with sea salt, but he slid his tongue past them to search out the honey inside.

Damn, she was sweet. She made some noises, but they didn’t sound like the usual moans of pleasure he coaxed from his mistress. He tried to tease her tongue into chasing his back into his mouth, but she played coy.

Her hands found his chest, raking her nails across his skin.

Encouraged, he deepened the kiss.

And then the little minx grasped a few of the dark hairs that whorled around his nipples and yanked them out!

“Ow!” He jerked away from her, rubbing his chest.

“The next time you force something into my mouth without my permission, I will bite it off,” she promised with an evil glare.”


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8 thoughts on “‘Lord of Devil Isle’ by Mia Marlowe/Connie Mason

  1. Thanks for the excerpt! I love the sound of this book – didn’t realize it was already out. I am an email subscriber and like you on Facebook.

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  2. Sounds like a fun read.The heroine seems like a spunky character (my fav type). Love the line “shame to waste a pair of lips”!

    • OMG! Wasn’t that an AWESOME line?! My DH keeps telling me…you can write this! And when I read lines like that, I’m saying NO WAY, NO HOW can my mind work like that!

    • You know, Leah, before last year I never read either of them, and then I was asked to review SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER for RRAH and I was blown away, so I went out and bought some more from Mia. I just got done with How To Distract a Duchess, How To Please a Pirate, How To Vex a Viscount and will review all three shortly. All were fun and very entertaining.

  3. Can I pick this one to “push”? I love this writing duo, just love their books! And though I haven’t read Lord of Devil Isle it is in my TBR list and I can’t wait to get to it.
    Besides, Bermuda…hot man named Nick…live saving…*dreamy sigh*!

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