PUSH-a-BOOK celebration kick-off with…ME!

No, no, no! I didn’t write the books I’m going to push, but I sure read them!

I know, I know! It’s not time yet, but I just can’t wait! Sabrina Jeffries will be here in couple of days to ‘officially’ kick the celebration off, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement and thought to try to tell you why I’d like to push these… yep, you heard me right! I want you to read THESE  books. I loved the whole damn series!

Reading any book series makes me feel like I am watching [read following/stalking] some great families and characters that these talented authors keep gifting me with. This year I’ve read a few and while I did get to review some of the books, there were some that I missed. Here are those books…

First, if you haven’t read Pamela Clare, than you need to start with this series…The MacKinnon’s Rangers Trilogy. The first one is ‘Surrender, then we have the second one Untamedand the third one was the one that actually made me buy the other two, ‘Defiant.

A few months ago I caught the making of the book trailer for ‘Defiant’ and it so reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies, ‘The Last Of the Mohicans’ with Daniel Day Lewis, that I was sure all three of these would satisfy my craving for a a story that would take me into the world of these men and the time of the French and Indian War here in the United States. Boy was I ever satisfied!

Pamela Clare did an outstanding job painting this time in history for me that it really felt like I was watching a movie. Each story was unique despite the common thread of the enemy who threatened all the brothers. Reading these stories I couldn’t help but notice the painstaking research that author did and I appreciated it as much as the work poured into creating these three men, each character finely drawn and three-dimensional. Every story is filled with heart stopping action, dialogue that at times will have you sigh and laugh all at once and because of the shear talent of the author, she manages to pace every story to perfection. Now, if you haven’t read them yet, get thee to your nearest book store, or better yet, just click on the covers and buy them from Amazon!

Here’s the overview of the series from the authors website:

The MacKinnon’s Rangers Trilogy is set during the conflict known in the United States as the French and Indian War — the war made famous by the film Last of the Mohicans, which starred Daniel Day Lewis. The rest of the world knows this conflict as the Seven Year’s War. As a writer, I’ve always been drawn to pre-Revolutionary American history because of the conflict inherent during this time — human beings against a vast, untamed wilderness, European cultures in conflict with each other and with Native inhabitants. Conflict is, after all, what gives rise to good stories.

The trilogy tells the stories of three brothers — Iain, Morgan and Connor MacKinnon — transplanted Highlanders who came to North America as boys when their father was exiled from Scotland. Raised on the frontier, they know several Indian tongues and count themselves kin to the Mahican Indians of Stockbridge. Having learned how to track, fight, and hunt from their Mahican friends, they’re at home in the wilderness. And this is where their troubles began…

When war breaks out, Lord William Wentworth, grandson of His Majesty King George II, coerces the brothers into fighting for the Crown not as Redcoats, but as Rangers – men whose style of fighting is modeled more after Indian than European warfare.

My research for this series of novels centered around Major Robert Rogers, who is credited with turning the Ranger Corps into one of the most successful military organizations in American history. These men, hardened by frontier life and capable of feats that would be difficult for modern soldiers to duplicate, were the Special Forces of their day. Rogers created the Rules of Ranging that are still, in updated form, utilized by U.S. Army Rangers, a testament to Major Rogers’ genius.

Rogers and his Rangers were stationed at Fort Edward on an island in the middle of the Hudson River south of the doomed Fort William Henry. In my books, Fort Edward and Rogers have been brushed aside and replaced with Fort Elizabeth and MacKinnon’s Rangers. Apart from that, I’ve done my best to be historically accurate to the smallest detail, from the items a Ranger carried in his tumpline pack to the rules that guided him in battle.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit Fort Edward and Rogers Island and to stand where the real Rangers stood. I’ve also visited Fort Ticonderoga, called Fort Carillon by the French, where Major Rogers’ powder horn, and many other Ranger artifacts, are on exhibit. Walking in their footsteps, and visiting the sites of real battles, has only further fueled my imagination.

Each book in the trilogy tells the story of one MacKinnon brother, with the characters repeating from book to book, including the Rangers themselves, a bunch of hearty Scots and stubborn Irish who’ve won my heart. As each brother struggles to win and protect the woman he loves, I explore the history of what is arguably the most significant war in American history, a war that has been called “The War the Made America.”

And now, here’s the reason for me starting to read Pamela Clare books……

For our giveaway today, I would love to know what you think of the book series? Do you like them or not? Why?

We’ll be giving away THREE copies [one each] to THREE of you!

Won’t you join our celebration by:

1) Telling us which ‘Book’ would you like to ‘Push’ and why…

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All three are required for a TRIPLE chance to win in the Grand Giveaway!

However, if you’re already a follower and our FB buddy, all you need do is…COMMENT on the upcoming posts and you’re all set to go.

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15 thoughts on “PUSH-a-BOOK celebration kick-off with…ME!

  1. I’ve only read Defiant (I know starting at the end of the series) but enjoyed it & have since added Untamed to by TBR pile. I’d push Joanna Bourne’s books, they are all great.

  2. I haven’t read this series but it sure did get my reading attention! They all look so good. Am I the only one that feels anxiety because I have so many books on my wish list that I want desperately to read and it just continues to grow? Sigh…..

    Mel, The Last Of The Mohicans was filmed about 10 minutes away from me. The fort was built up at the lake and the lake scenes and some of the woods and field scenes were filmed here. The waterfall scenes were filmed at Chimney Rock about 45 minutes away. The only thing that wasn’t real was when they went behind the waterfall. There isn’t a place like that at the falls. When they’re canoeing across the lake, the mountains in the background are where I go hiking. It was a big TaDo here when they filmed. There was a debate on keeping the fort and using the place as a tourist attraction but they ended up tearing it down after filming. It was basically just built out of plywood and would have become a safety concern over the years. Would have taken too much upkeep was they’re reasoning for not doing that. The Hunger Games was filmed about 15 minutes from me in the other direction. The town actually is there and used to be populated. Now it’s a ghost town but has seen traffic since the filming.

    This is going to be such a fun month here! I may have to get on Xanax to cope with the anxiety as my wishlist grows. ;)

  3. I’ve only read 1 Pamela Clare book – Sweet Release; & absolutely loved it. I’ve been on the look out for her other books ever since. This series is in my wishlist; would love to win a copy! Yeah, the trailer definitely caught my attention!

    I’d recommend any book of Lisa Kleypas’.
    I’m a blog subscriber (via email) & FB fan.

  4. Hi Melanie!

    I love Pamela’s books and how lucky for someone to be able to get all three so they can red them all in order!

    I think the “push” should be for Kieran Kramer starting with When Harry Met Molly! Since it was her debut book it would give a “new” to her reader to get even more enjoyment out of all her books that followed. I originally had picked up a copy of Harry Met Molly because of it’s cover and title (after all who didn’t love watching the famous scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally) and Kieran also brought the funny side of romance into he story to as your reading it you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry when reading this book.

    • Jeanne,

      Three winners (one book each) LOL! I want to ‘push’ you guys into finding the other ones and ‘hook’ you to this awesome author ;D

      Love KK! She can write so well and such fun and entertaining stories that make me giggle all the way through…

  5. I’ve got Surrender in my TBR pile and am holding it til I get the other two (I love to read a series back-to-back).
    I would push Monica McCarty’s books – I started with her Highland Guard Series, The 6th book ‘The Recruit’ just released and there are supposed to be at least nine in the series. While waiting I went back & read her MacLean trilogy & Campbell trilogy (but it’s really a set of six with connections).
    Anybody who loves Highlander’s, Scottish history, will love Monica’s books!

  6. I have loved the covers on this series, but I haven’t picked them up yet. I know I know, I need to. A great series to push, maybe it will push me over the edge and get me to go pick them up! Then I could be the one pushing them on my friends! =)

  7. Pamela is a new author for me. I have not read any Native American stories before, but these look good.
    I love series that use the same characters throughout the series. i love when they introduce new characters also. I also love when they give the secondary characters their own stories. I love to see everyone have their own Happily Ever After. I love to be able to follow along with the story and see the main character or characters grow.
    Thanks for another great book recommendation.

    • oops forgot the book to push. I will have to say that one of my favorite series is Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress series. I will have to push One Foot In the Grave. I love Cat & Bones. I love the characters they have added to the series. I love that she has did spin-off series for the characters also. My other favorite character besides Cat & Bones is Vlad Tepesh. I am so glad he got his own book and can’t wait for the next one to come out. I hope he gets his HEA.

      Already like on facebook and subscribed to blog.

      • Chris!

        Good luck and thanks for stopping by! I need to check out those books you’re talking about…


  8. I am interested in the French & Indian time period also – as a matter of fact, I’m sure the 18th century residents of my home were pretty familiar with the local tribe :)

    I’ve had these books on my wish list but never seemed to get around to reading them. You’ve piqued my interest again so now I’m going to make a point of getting to them sooner rather than later :)

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