Fan2Author Interview with…Kate Noble!

Kristal: Hello Kate!  Thank you for visiting with us on our blog!  We are so excited to have you here with us!

Kate Noble: Thank you for having me!

K: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  Maybe give us a little back ground into your decision to become a writer?  Maybe tell us a childhood dream or two that helped you see out your dreams?

KN: I have always been in love with a good story.  When I was a kid I would devour books, movies, television, plays.  My dream job as a child was to become a Disney animator.  I ended up going to school to study filmmaking, and but I found I gravitated to writing the scripts, as opposed to being behind the camera.  Thus a love of writing was borne.  It’s a little round about, in terms of becoming a novelist, but I got there eventually.

K: I see that you mainly write historical romance.  And I literally gobble up the historicals, they fascinate me.  I’m not sure that I could ever have the creative ability to tell a 300 page story about my fascination, but you do it so well!  How did you come to love that era?  Does it take a lot of research to see your stories come to life?

KN: When I started reading romance novels as a teen, I gobbled up historicals, in particular Amanda Quick.  And when I read Pride and Prejudice, my conversion to a historical lover was complete.  So, it was natural that when I started writing novels, they would be in this genre I adored.

One of the reasons I love the Regency is the rules of the era.  Dancing with someone told the world you were interested in them, the way a lady held her fan could tell you whether or not she liked you.  And taking a lady’s hand was tantamount to an engagement.  Nobody did wanting like the Regency did.

Yes, research is a huge part of the job – after all, research is what creates the place and time the story lives in, and gives it its atmosphere.  But you can’t let yourself get swallowed by it.  When it comes down to it, I’m writing about people, and their relationships.

K: Any favorite movies or books or even music that inspires your work?  I know that I need complete silence to even open a book, but I’m sure there is quite the process to get the juices flowing when writing an entire novel!

KN: Yes, there are movies and music that inspire my work, but it varies with every book.  For instance, I consider If I Fall to have been heavily influenced by the Indiana Jones films and by The Princess Bride.  But my previous novels had their own influences.

As for music, I will usually create a playlist of songs that speak to the plot, the characters, an emotion or any particular scene in the story.  And I’ll listen to that playlist over and over again.  It can be modern music – I’ve put Coldplay and Linkin Park on If I Fall’s playlist – or it can be music from the Regency Era.  For instance, in the book I’m currently working on, Beethoven’s No. 23 piano sonata plays a prominent role – thus, I listen to it almost daily.

K: Have you done any traveling lately?  We’d love to hear about any book tours or just leisurely vacations you’d like to tell us about?

KN: The most recent traveling I did was to Peru.  My boyfriend and I went to Machu Picchu, and it was a truly wonderful, beautiful trip – in fact, I think I’m going to have to write a Peruvian hero in one of my books!

K: What is next for you?  Can you tell us about your new book If I Fall that released in April??

KN: I’m so pleased with fans’ reactions to If I Fall!  Everyone who read Follow My Lead wanted Sarah Forrester to get a story of her own – she was rather cruelly hurt when we last saw her, having her heart broken by the duke she was supposed to marry.  Now, to survive socially, and to protect her vulnerable heart, she has transformed herself into the Golden Lady – the most sought after young woman of the ton, the light of every party.  The only person who can see through this shiny, brittle façade is Sarah’s childhood friend Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher, who has recently returned to London from years at sea.

Jack will do anything to bring back the happy, kind Sarah he once knew – even something as ridiculous as dressing up as her childhood hero, the anonymous British spy the Blue Raven – to wake up the real Sarah.  Unfortunately, the real Blue Raven doesn’t find Jack’s disguise nearly as clever.  But he does need his help in finding a killer, one that might just target Sarah next.

I also have a special e-novella out now too!  It’s called The Dress of the Season, and it’s such a happy little story, about second chances and seeing someone with new eyes. Harris Dane, Viscount Osterley, orders a very fine and scandalously cut dress to be made for a certain lady he wishes to woo. While with the dress designer, he also orders a pair of gloves to be sent to his ward, Miss Felicity Grove, to wish her well for the new Season. But when Felicity accidentally receives the dress, along with Osterley’s affectionate note, it sets into motion a tale of scandalous misunderstandings and love in the last place you look.

K: Any book recommendations for us?  What have you been reading in your spare time?  Im sure we would all love some recommendations for some beach reading!

KN: What spare time?!  All kidding aside, I find it very difficult to read while I’m working on a book, but I do manage to sneak a book in here and there.  The most recent book I read and loved was Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas.   I’ve always loved Lisa Kleypas’s historicals and I’m just now discovering her Texas-set contemporaries.  It’s fantastic!

K: Thank you so much for stopping by and answering some questions for us!!

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